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Scheme how to get to the base

Airlines flying to the country 

  • Aeroflot
  • S7 Airlines
  • Armavia
  • UTair
  • Aerosvit Airlines
  • Austrian Airlines
  • Czech Airlines
  • Air France
  • LOT
  • Belavia
  • etc.
  • Transfer from the place of arrival: Yes
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    Accomodation and Catering

    Kind of accommodation 

  • Hunting lodge
  • 3 star Hotel
  • 4 Star Hotel
  • 5 Star Hotel
  • Language

    Russian, English

    Additional information

    We do believe that in order to work efficiently and effectively the staff of any business should focus on their professional tasks and not engage in organizing events, printing, production of support materials, etc…

    These should be done by professionals in this field – more effectively and with less cost and effort!

    We started in 1996 with organizing international conferences for UNESCO Chair in Life Sciences
    Consecutive successfully organized events (mostly conferences, congresses, seminars, round tables, etc…) with minimum facilities were permanently adding up to our expertise and skill.
    The long lasting cooperation based on trust and integrity with the facilities’ suppliers (during the recent years we have been organizing around 10-20 events per month) brought us to the position when we obtained special treatment in terms of costs and services
    Welcoming mostly foreign scientists and having as one of our goals their exposure to local culture and heritage, as well as taking full care of their leisure during their stay in Armenia, eventually grew us into experts in the field of corporate tourism…


    • Market leader in event planning!
    • The benchmark supplier for most pharmaceutical firms
    • Philip Morris BTL services tender won, 3 year contract !
    • ABBOTT products representation tender won, open term contract !
    • EU GTZ TAIEX program open term contract for event planning won in 2007, extended in 2009.
    • The first company in the market specializing in MICE!
    • The first company in the market to offer services in organization of scientific events!
    • Pioneer in outsourcing business!
    • One of the few firms providing most creative events (parties, etc…)

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    Guide services: 

    Species for hunting: 

  • Quail
  • Since : 
    August 20
    October 31

    Species for hunting: 

  • Duck
  • Coot
  • Since : 
    November 1
    March 15

    Species for hunting: 

  • Chukar
  • Since : 
    November 1
    January 31
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    Help with CITES Certificate: 
    Program of a tour

    Big Game, Birds or Ducks, in Armenia, under the shadows of Mount Ararat

    In Armenia we use jump shooting and/or pointer dog hunting, for birds. The most popular game birds in Armenia are: Common Quail, Chucker, Duck, Eurasian Coot, and Great Snipe.

    By far the most active hunting is during harvest season – August/September when we hunt the common quail in the recently harvested wheat and barley fields. The shooting is fast and many birds are flushed. As Wayne West, a local expat from the USA, says, “Arthur’s guns, dogs, four wheel drives and hunting areas provide great quail hunting combined with superb local flavor.” Dogs are almost unnecessary during the early season, except for retrieving. Pointers are the preferred method in the later season during October.

    Duck hunting in the South is done in the usual manner of early morning and evening blinds, but the jump shooting can also be productive during the day.

    If you’re hardy and looking for the bigger game, Bezoar Ibex, Armenian Mouflon, Wild Boar, Armenian Bear, can be found all through our beautiful mountainous areas.

    Our hunting tours depend on the hunting season.

    We can arrange everything to make a hunting expedition a memorable event during your stay in Armenia.
    References are available upon request.

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