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We, Al-Hamed Tourism Agency , located at Socotra Island, a leading Yemeni Company specialized in providing highest quality tourism services in the island.

As the island is still a natural area and an idealist tourist place in all aspects and since it enjoys the complete security as there're no troubles and internal accidents. On the contrary, the tourist in the island can enjoy the contact with Socotra island people who live in a simple life. because we are the first host in Socotra Island.

We at Al-Hamed Tourism Agency ensuring our clients and customers our best services with most suitable and competitive prices as well.

We provide our customers with several nice services such as:
1. Make Tourism Programs
2. Organize Trips
3. Our Packages can include: Fishing - Diving - Hiking - Birds Watching - WindSurfing and Surfing - Parachuting as well as Boat Trips around Socotra Island.

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General Background

Yemen has a sea coast from midi in the red sea to Al Moakley on the Arab sea with more than 2500 km2 length. This expansion made Yemen have several island spread on booth saws length: Red and Arab Seas. Yemeni Islands are almost 182, with most importantly Socotra Island. It is one of the biggest Yemeni island. It looks like a pearl in Arab sea and contains the strangest and rarest plants and birds in the world.

It had several ancient names; incense island, oblibanum island, DAM AL AKHWIN island. Among names of social type is "NAEM island, BARAKA island and pearl island".

Historical reference indicate that Socotra island, since the first millennium before Christ, has represented one of the important centers to produce commodities used in worshiping rites for ancient old religion an it's called the holly commodities as the prevailing belief was that the earth which produces holy commodities at that time is in an earth which produces holy commodities at that time i an earth blessed by God; therefore, its presents in old Geographical Book.

Natural Life and Wide Biodiversity

Socotra island maintained during the past centuries its pure original environment which contains several wild and sea creatures, especially rare and unique birds and plants in the world.

It's today one of the rare botanic protectorate, if not the most important one. Since Socotra island is full of magic nature, climate and environment, it formed a harmonious life with its population.

As Socotra island is considered as a natural historical museum due to its rare biological diversity, it receives the government intention to make use from it is diverse reserve, natural characteristic and economical advantage which from unique elements for tourist attraction besides the international interest on the island by UNESCO organization and environmental international committees. This interest is mainly focused on preserving the island as a natural pearl as it's announced with its island as a natural protectorate to serve humanity.

Tourism Packages

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