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Albania: a new tourist frontier

Visit ancient sites
Visit historical cities
Visit museums & castles
Visit sandy & rocky beaches
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Albania is located along Mediterranian coastline, bordering Greece in South, Macedonia on Eastside, Kosovo North-East, Montenegro North and Italy by water on West side.
Albania is a small country, influenced over thousands of years by western and eastern cultures, due to its strategic geographical position, which has served as a bridge between East and West for centuries.

Anciet sites and artifacts show how Roman influence was present through castle designs, weapons and tools. Greek influence is noticed more on South Albania through clasic architecture of amphitheaters, churches, and tempulls.

During medival era many castels were built in Albania to protect cities of that time. Most of these castels stand as historical sites, open to visitors.
Modern history has been controversial for Albania. Development has been part of controversy.

Currently Albania is a country under construction, which makes it very dinamic. Visitors that have seen Albania 5 years before, will notice vast differences between than and now.
New roads, buildings, parks, reconstruction of museums, abstract designs, - paintings of older buildings, an exeptionally large number of coffe shops, bars, and reastaurants are all part of changes during recent years.
Albania has a large span of coastline, with many beaches to chose from. Choices can vsry from white sandy beaches with pine tree forests, to rocky, and clif side beaches.

In Albania you'll find a country that is constantly changing, mixed cultrue influenced by massive miggrations during early 1990s, traditional welcoming medeterranian culture, as well as fresh traditional cusine.

Albanian capital; Tirana
Biggest sea port; Durresi
Historical cities protected by UNSCO; Shkodra, Berat & Gjirokastra
Popular beaches; Durresi, Vlora, Saranda,
Important museums; National historical museum of Tirana. Museums of Kruja, Berat and Gjirokastra.
Casltes; Castle of Shkodra, Lezha, Kruja, Berat and Gjirokastra.
Ancient sites; Butrinti, Apollonia and Durres.


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