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Bamako Capital District
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  • coach, bus, minibus, 4×4 off road vehicle, car
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    Passport, Visa, Travel/Medical Insurance

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    Discover Mali

    Discover the many treasures of this mystical ancient kingdom and enjoy the rhymic music traditional architecture and wonderful people of the Dogon. Mixing with the nomadic Touaregs and Fulanis walking the colourful markets of the legendary Timbuktu and venturing into the beautiful Sahara as part of a camel caravan on the ancient trade route.

    Centuries old traditional mud and stick mosques are scattered around this exceptional country, learn the history behind the Grande mosque of Djenne a UNESCO world heritage site and trek the natural formations of the hambori mountains. Join us at the annual celebration of touareg culture and music as we enjoy 3 days at the festival au Desert and immerse yourself into the feeling of festival on the Niger as we soak up culture, arts crafts, pottery and much more. The unique Dogon mask dancers, Touareg silversmiths, mud cloth dyers and weavers and a sunset sail on the beautiful Niger River fill you with memories lasting a lifetime.

    Classic Mali

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    Multi Country Tours

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    Festivals Of Mali

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