Azovskie Plavni

Region, district, state: 
Krasnodarsky Krai
Settlement, village: 
Cherny Yerik settlement, croft Stavki
Scheme how to get to the base

Drive along R-251 highway from Krasnodar to Slavyansk-na-Kubani, then though the settlements Petrovskaya, Chernoyerkovskaya, Prorvensky village, Cherny Yerik settlement to the croft Stavki.

Transfer from the place of arrival: Yes

Kind of transport: 

  • car from Krasnodar
  • Cost: 
    2500 rub per car

    Kind of transport: 

  • car from Slavyansk-na-Kubani
  • Cost: 
    1200 rub per car
    Ocean, sea: 
    Company information
    Accomodation and Catering

    Kind of accommodation 

  • Cottage
  • The base "Azovskie Plavni" is open all the year round. We accomodate our guests in comfortable cottages with maximum capacity up to 25 persons.
    The facilities include: gas, running water, electricity, WC, shower unit, hot and cold water.
    There is an air-conditioning unit, satellite TV, windows povided with a fly screen, a shower unit, a fridge, an electric kettle.
    Accomodation Prices 2012

    Description Weekdays




    Cottage 1 Two Rooms, 4 persons capacity, all facilities 4 000 rub 5 000 rub
    Cottage 2 Two-storeyed cottage with 3 rooms
    (3 double beds + 5 single beds)
    8 000 rub 9 000 rub
    Cottage 3 Wooden cottage with 3 persons capacity,
    one room (1 double bed
    + 2 single beds)
    4 000 rub 5 000 rub
    Cottage 4 (VIP) Two-storyed cottage with a kitchen,
    a dining-room, a sauna, 5 bedrooms,
    3 WC, 6 – 12 persons capacity.
    15 000 rub 15 000 rub

    If you book a tour for a week you will get special prices (upon request).


    We offer Russian home cuisine!
    We provide our guests with three- four-times a day Russian home cuisine including delicious fish, steamed meat, home bred chicken, turkey, goose, rabbit meat, eggs, home made pickles and compote. There is a young garden on the territory of the base. That's why we always have fresh friut and vegetables, newly drawn milk. Our chef will cook tasty dishes from your tropheys on your request.
    You will feel like if your Russian mother or granny cooks for you!
    Breakfast - 200 rub
    Lunch - 350 rub
    Dinner - 300 rub
    Servise - 150 rub


  • Three meals per day
  • Additional information

    We invite you to spend your vacation at a fishing-hunting base "Azovskie Plavni" situated in Slavyansky Region, Krasnidarsky Krai.

    You can combine fishing, diving, hunting and game viewing at costal lakes Shchuchy, Sladky, Gluboky, Krugly,Gorky and others, at the rivers Cherny Yerik, Protoka, at the Sea of Azov. In summer you can spend your vacation with all your family on isolated beaches of the Sea of Azov.

    You will watch wonderful plants and animals while boating along the Azov seaside. The trip will take about 20 minutes.
    You will relax from the fuss of the city and enjoy a country life with a comfortable accomodation and delicious home cuisine.

    Guide services: 
    Additional documents
    Help with CITES Certificate: 
    Program of a tour

    Hunting is a hobby of many people. Krasnodarsky Krai is a unique place which offers you wide oppotrunities for hunting. There are many spicies of birds here: ducks, geese, pheasants, queils, sandpipers. More than that, there are hares, wild boars, jackals, muskrats, minks, otters, martens, foxes. Wild ducks, geese, sandpipers fly right above the base's cottages. There are several lakes near the base inhabited by colonies of birds where you can see also swans, cranes, spoonbills and even pelicans.

    Our experienced huntsmen will tell you about the pequliarities of hunting in Krasnodarsky Krai/ They will show you the colonies of birds and the places where hunting is allowed. Owing to their experience, professionalism and their abilities to orientate at the place, you will always easily catch the trophey. We offer the service of taxidermy at our base.
    There is a special season for hunting. You should book this kind of tour in advance and must be accompanied by a huntsman.
    There is no time limit for game viewing! You don't need any special certificate for it. Game viewing is so romantic and beautiful.
    - a flat-bottomed boat and a keel-built boat with Yamaha and Mercury engines, 15-60 hpб accompanied by a huntsman
    - taxidermy

  • Sea fishing
  • River fishing
  • Lake, pond, reservoir fishing
  • Guide Services: 
    Program of a tour

    Fishing on Kuban is a popular and famous past time activity both among natives of Krasnodar and guests of our Krai. That's why we pay much attention to organization of professional and amateur fishing. There are many spicies of fish at the costal lakes Shchuchy, Sladky, Gluboky, Krugly,Gorky and others, and the rivers Cherny Yerik, Protoka, at the Sea of Azov, such as perch, pike, catfish and others.

    We can organise family fishing at the base as 200 metres of it are situated at the side of the river Cherny Yerik. There are 8 comfortable wooden platforms for fishing at the tiver side.
    Owing to a great experience of our guides, who are natives and real professional fishermen and have perfect knowledges of fishing, even amateur fishers can hook a big fish, let alone professional fishers. Our professional guides will help you to choose a place for fishing and advice you what kind of buzz to use. Our guides have great experience in working with fishing tackles and running a boat.

    - a flat-bottomed boat and a keel-built boat with Yamaha and Mercury engines, 15-60 hpб accompanied by a huntsman
    - taxidermy
    - rent of fishing tackles
    - selling of jigs and killers


    Ecological tourism or ecotourism is a travelling to the places of virgin nature aimed at getting acquainted with national and cultural peculiarities of the place. Ecotourism is very popular in Russia as you can travel with all your family and you don't need any special training. Ecotourism in Russia is a travelling for real romantics and nature lovers!
    Krasnodarsky Krai is famous for its picturesque Guamsky clove, table land Lago-naki, Azishsky Caves, mountain rivers and several hundreds of waterfalls.

    We offer you group and family tours (maximum 7 persons)from 2 days at any time in Apsheronsky District, Krasnodarsky Krai. Comfortable accomodation with all facilities in a wooden cottage consisting of three rooms, meals included.
    On the territory there are:
    - Russian bath with summer kitchen
    - Lake
    - Forest
    - Garden
    - hayloft with hay from the Alpine meadows
    - barbeque under the fence roof 20 m long, beegarden.
    You can also take part in feeding and taking care about rabbits, hens, domesticated wild animals,

    There is Guamsky clove, mountain river Kurdzhips 500 m, pools 25 m with thermal water from springs-wells whicj are situated in 2 km.
    We offer you the following tours:
    1. Walking tours to the mountains from 1 to 5 days. It includes a cross walk through Caucasus conservancy area to the seaside of the Black Sea, overnight stop and meals at the picturesque places of mountains.
    2. Car tours to the mountainson the specially equipped cars. We will go up to the altitude up to 2,500 m at the table land Lago-naki, at the foot of the mountains Fisht and Ashtein, in the valley of waterfalls.
    3. Group horse walks accompanied by the guides, 1-day long and several days long.

    Krasnodarsky Krai, Apsheronsky District, Nizhegorodskaya village

    Prices depend on the number of tourists and length of the tour, but they are very acceptable, especially taking into account newly drawn milk, honey from the beegarden, chicken noodles, home made wine, swimming in he river. Besides, there is no insects at all.


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    Family rest

    We offer you unforgettable rest at the Asov seaside for the whole family. Here you can enjoy quiet and peaceful rest. You will find there empty sand beaches, endless limans and plavni, warm and clean Azocv Sea. It is the ideal place for family rest, healing properties of which let
    strengthen your health, take a rest from the hustle and bustle of a big city and plunge into the world of calm and unique beauty. Azov seaside is inique with its mud volcanoes and also its medical salty and mud lakes. Fresh air, sun rays and sea water will give you unforgettable pleasure from spent rest! And you will return here again and again.

    Azov seaside will suit very well for children rest, because it is known for its sand beaches and shallow sea, where water warms up very fast and for long.

    Also we can offer you excursions to splendid towns (Yeysk, Anapa, Gelendzhik) and places of Krasnodarsky Krai (Guamskoe gorge, highland Lago-naki, Azizhskie caves, mountain rivers, waterfalls). You can make walks and horse trips in the mountains and picturesque places of Ashperomsky district.

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