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  • Indian Airlines, Jet Airways , JetLite and Kingfisher Airlines.
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  • Private car or Minibus
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    The Big Blues offers live aboard safari to the Andaman Islands in India from the end of January through beginning of April. Trips are suggested for a minimum of 5 days/4 nights and are recommended for max 4 persons.
    All the itineraries are then agreed together according to your preferences, length of the trip and of course to the weather and sea conditions at that time. It is a live aboard trip where of course you are going to sleep, eat on board; fishing time is non-stop and you can literally fish 24hrs until you do not fall apart.

    Midway between Thailand and India, the peaks of a submerged mountain range rise up out of the Andaman Sea. The hundreds of resulting islands constitute the Andaman and Nicobar islands chain, which consists of a 1,000km long arc (over 620 miles long) from Sumatra in the south extending northward to the Bay of Bengal. The 572 islands are part of the Indian territory (a part from the Coco Islands separated from the North Andaman Island by the 20 kilometres wide Coco Channel and politically administered by Burma) and are located approximately 450 NM west of Phuket.

    The Andaman Islands are made by more than 372 islands, extending over 750km north to south and many of them still unexplored today. There is more virgin beach here, all of it spectacular, than anyone could possibly enjoy in a lifetime. Marco Polo visited these Islands in the 13th century and in the 19th century the British took control of the islands to use them as a penal colony. While only 36 of these islands are inhabited, most of the population reside in Port Blair, the capital as well as the main port. There are even pockets of extremely primitive tribes on some of the islands like in North Sentinel: in here visitors are forbidden to go ashore as well as to get too close. Also the Nicobar Islands in the south are mostly not accessible to tourists and they are separated from the Andaman Islands by the Ten Degree Channel.
    So at the very end the Andaman Islands represent today one of "the last paradise left on earth" as once was quoted by Jacques Cousteau who visited the islands during one of his famous trips.
    Only in fact since 1993 India has allowed limited tourism development in the Andaman, opening up to sportfishing and scuba diving on a restricted basis.
    All the boats have to check in at Port Blair before going anywhere in the region and its small airport receives flights from Dehli, Chennai and Kolkatta in India.
    The long trip is worth it as the volcanic topography, sea mountains and canyons provide the best playground you can imagine for many Billfish and pelagic species.
    The Andaman Islands in fact are nicely positioned to receive a continuous current to the south/south west which brings with it plenty of bait fish as well as Black and Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo and all the Andaman game fish species. Among these GT, Dogtooth Tuna and Grouper are particularly abundant making this area one of the most famous and well known worldwide by the popping and jigging anglers' community.
    But most of all the total absence of commercial trawlers and long liners, banned by the Indian Government and enforced by the presence of the Coast Guard which continually patrols the area, guarantees an incredible experience to the adventurous angler.
    The area is so vast (8,249 sq. Km) that part of it is still unexplored while the potential is enormous which makes it one of the world's new hot spot for the Big Game as well as popping and jigging!
    During our safari you will have the opportunity to explore the most remote and secluded islands of the archipelago otherwise not reachable during a day trip where you'll be alone fishing most of the time!
    Over here anglers can pursue virtually every method of blue water fishing with exceptional results: deep blue water trolling on the 1000-2000 m drop-offs on the east and west coast of the islands for Black and Blue Marlin and all the other pelagic species, inshore popper fishing for Giant Trevally, Bluefin Trevally and Coral Trout, jigging for Dogtooth tuna, Albacore, Jobfish and Jacks, fly fishing for Sailfish and Yellowfin tuna, bottom fishing in the night time for massive Groupers as well as shark fishing.
    In order to reach the Andaman Islands you can either depart from Phuket with us and flying back to Thailand or wherever you want (the crossing takes about 2 days and 2 nights and offers a chance from time to time for very big Black and Blue Marlin) or better you can fly directly to Port Blair in the Andaman Islands and join us there for this incredible experience .
    So if you are really after "the big blues” and looking for non-stop fishing action, day and night, in one of the last pristine and most remote environment on earth, this is the right trip for you!

    As far as the Andaman Islands 2013 Expedition is concerned the price per day presently is 65000 THB for the whole boat on a private charter basis + 200 USD for each passenger (max 4) as one off for the clearing of all the custom and immigration formalities to get on board once in Port Blair on the Andaman Islands.
    The above price includes:
    - local taxes,
    -transfer to/from the hotel and airport in Port Blair,
    - all meals (our meals are normally a blend of western/Thai but if you have any dietary preferences or allergies please advise us) and soft drinks on board, coffee&tea, snacks, tropical fruit, baits&lures, the use of first class fishing gear and the assistance of our professional crew.
    Not included in the above price:
    -the accommodation in Port Blair (which we can provide on request and we strongly recommend especially at the arrival in Port Blair and before the departure),
    -beers or any other alcoholic drinks, gratuities and insurance.
    We do offer only private charter service meaning that the boat will be only for you during that trip.
    Pick-up location is Port Blair which is connected with Chennai and Kolkata in India by Indian Airlines, Jet Airways , JetLite and Kingfisher .

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