Blaauwkrantz Safaris

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Eastern Cape Province
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    Rifle Information
    The most popular rifle calibers being: .270, .308. 7mm, .30-06, .300 win. Mags and wetherby's .338 and .375. Rifles can be hired from Blaauwkrantz at a nominal rate. If you will be hiring, practice shooting with a friend's rifle to get the feel of handling and shooting an unfamiliar rifle.

    If you will be bringing your own rifle, download the SAP 520 temporary rifle import permit and the trophy requirements document here.

    Please note to accompany your SAP520 form, you require:
    Copy of your passport
    Copy of your itinerary
    Proof of ownership of your rifle; form 4457 from your local customs office
    Proof of export (obtained at the airport upon departure of US)
    Letter of invitation from us, your hunting outfitter

    Bow Hunting Information

    We have traditionally been a rifle-hunting destination but in recent years, the bow-hunting trend has made its mark at Blaauwkrantz too. Each year bow hunters comprise ±5% of the total amount of hunters at Blaauwkrantz.

    Bow hunters have had the most success with the species that has made our ranch famous, i.e. the East Cape Kudu. This is largely due to the healthy Kudu population that Blaauwkrantz carries.

    Some success has been recorded with Impala and Bushbuck too. Warthog and the Brown Bush Duiker (Common Duiker) have also often featured in the bow hunters’ bags. It is important to note that these are all species that are relatively abundant on Blaauwkrantz, so no traveling is required to begin the hunt, enabling multiple attempts at these species with the bow during the entire safari. Various other species can provide hunters with surprise opportunities.

    Most of the hunting for these species is done from blinds over bait or water. Spot and stalk is also attempted to break the monotony of sitting blinds although spot and stalking does not yield much success on our 80 000 acres, where animals are wild and roam freely in a very dense habitat at best of times.

    If bow hunters are prepared to work really hard for their trophies, they will be rewarded with some special memories in addition to their hard earned trophies too.

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