Blue Sky Sport-Fishing

Region, district, state: 
Siargao Island
Settlement, village: 
General Luna
Scheme how to get to the base

While Siargao is remote enough to dissuade the frivolous and the rock’n’ roll booze-cruise travel set, it is by no means inaccessible without resorting to Bedouin camel treks or sherpa guides.
Easiest access is by way of flight from Cebu City. There are currently 3 flights a week on Monday,Wednesday & Friday, leaving Cebu at 10.40am, flight time approx 45 minutes. Weight restrictions are 15kg for checked luggage & 7kg for carry-ons. Transfer to our beach-front lodge takes 40 minutes which gets you there in time for lunch.

This from the Cebu Pacific site:
“Instead of taking bus and ferry rides from Surigao, passengers can avail of CEB’s one hour and ten minute Cebu-Siargao flight. The lowest one-way year round ‘Go Lite’ fare for this service starts from P1,188 all-in. Passengers with check-in bags will just add P200.
The airline is also offering a Manila-Siargao connection through Cebu. The lowest available ‘Go Lite’ through fare for this route starts from P2,188 all-in.”

Alternatively, for those who want a more leisurely pace and a bit more experience of real life here, one can take a boat to Surigao City and from there one of several two hour ferry rides to Dapa, Siargao. We’d be happy to provide more details.

Transfer from the place of arrival: No

Kind of transport: 

  • Flight from Cebu, local transfer
  • Cost: 
    Approx P8,000 round trip
    Information for entry in the country
    Documents for entry into the country: 

    -Visa on entry

    Ocean, sea: 
    Company information
    Accomodation and Catering

    Kind of accommodation 

  • Beachfront cabin
  • Capacity (number of persons): 
    Residence Cost for 1 person / 1 day: 
    Approx P1000 p/p

    Facilities, services, rent: 

  • Fishing gear
  • Bait
  • Snorkelling equipment
  • Additional information


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    Additional documents
    Help with CITES Certificate: 
  • Sea fishing
  • Fly fishing
  • Trolling
  • Jigging
  • Guide Services: 
    Program of a tour

    Premium Fishing at “Real People” Prices

    Blue Sky is not your typical Gulf Coast or West Coast operator because General Luna, Siargao is most definitely neither of those. We are remote by most standards – a good thing from the perspective of anyone looking for untapped waters holding the potential for afternoon long battles – so we do not cater to the daily flow of tourists and others that typical holiday destination operators do. People who make it here mean it and so do we, so flexibility and being able to accommodate the needs, time constraints and other considerations of our guests is foremost. In other words, we tailor our service to fit your needs and pocket book. Don’t look for signs on walls posting “Fares & Departure Schedule” because there isn’t one. We work with people, not masses. Below would be typical examples of what we can offer.

    We have a selection of boats from which to choose & fishing gear from 80lb class stand-up to light spinning & fly fishing tackle.

    Solo Package

    1 Person

    An ideal package for the guy with no money who loves fishing. All you need is the sun block, hat & water. You can’t beat it!

    6 days fishing,7 nights accommodation,with local fishing guide, fishing in local banca, proper rods & reels,etc

    Price: P35,000

    1 or 2 person package

    23ft centre consol with T top, 50hp Yamaha 4 stroke outboard

    All tackle, bait, ice, etc included

    Accommodation in beachfront cabin

    3 nights accommodation, 2 days fishing – Price P25,000

    4 nights accommodation, 3 days fishing – Price P35,000

    Boat only charters, with crew, fishing equipment.

    25ft Kevlacat Sportfisher, Bluesky, 4 persons fishing, P25,000/day
    23ft River/coastal boat, Snoopy, Apid Star, 1 or 2 persons, P10,000/day, P6,000/half day

    30ft local banca, 1 person, P3,500/4-5 hours


    -Whales and dolphin watching
    -Water Sports
    Needless to say, people here spend a lot of time in the warm, welcoming ocean. Aside from swimming, diving and snorkeling at any of the countless unspoiled, virgin reefs are favorites. And then there’s surfing. Numerous breaks of different varieties in different areas welcome surfers of every level of ability and lessons for beginners are available from a number of local operators. For the already-expert, of course, there is the challenging world famous “Cloud Nine” break at General Luna, site of an annual international competition attracting surfers from all over the globe.

    Naturalist Fun
    Siargao can be a delight for nature lovers. Hiking, hill climbing and just beach-combing and shell collecting or wildlife watching in the rain forests can all bring their own special surprises. For even more pristine, unspoiled nature several sparsely inhabited easy to reach nearby islands such as Casulian offer quietude and natural beauty unrivaled anywhere in the world.

    Just Hangin’
    Hangin’? Yes. Think back to when you were young. One of your favorite pastimes was just hanging with your friends; chit chatting over a soda or a brew and enjoying life for what it is. It is almost a lost art in this modern, breakneck speed cyber world. Well there is no better place to get back a taste of that simplest and most rewarding of pleasures than Siargao. Whether it’s on our property with us and your company or amongst the locals in their establishments or on their beaches you can expect to see that blood pressure reading take a plunge as the stress and pressure of the “real” world seem distant and foolish.

    Night Life
    Though you won’t find the wild-west, anything goes, atmosphere of Angeles or Pattaya on Siargao (thankfully!), there are enough clubs and discos about to keep you very inexpensively entertained and occupied and offering the opportunity to meet locals of all types.

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