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Introduction to Uganda

Known as Switzerland of Africa due to its sheer physical beauty, Uganda covers 235,80, including National Parks abounding in wildlife and magnificent lake and mountain scenery. Kampala, the capital, is well connected by road and rail and is 35 km from Entebbe International Airport. Uganda, in the heart of East Africa, is full of the wonders of nature. With landscapes that range from snow capped peaks through broad savannah, rainforests to arid semi-desert, as well as wetlands of international importance.

The wildlife adventures to be seen in Uganda is sensational. The eco-friendly tourist industry and on-going conservation projects have ensured constantly increasing animal populations. Ornithologists come from around the world to view the more than 3000 species of birds. Anglers too can enjoy an abundance of fish in our many waters including the giant Nile Perch and the fighting Tiger Fish. Uganda currently hastens National Parks as well as many protected game and forest reserves. The following are the footnotes about Uganda's National Parks and additional areas including Virunga N. P. in neighbouring Congo where gorilla trekking is possible. Approximate distances to park headquarters and driving times from Kampala are listed for your information.

Located on the western side of the Great Rift Valley, Uganda benefits from Flora and Fauna species of both East and West Africa in addition to having a wide variety of indigenous species. In western Uganda, the mountain ranges of the Rwenzoris and Virungas extend into the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly Zaire. On the eastern border lies Mount Elgon, an ancient, extinct volcano. A third of Uganda is covered by water. The many lakes and rivers include Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa, and the River Nile from its legendary source. In contrast, northern Uganda is arid, giving rise to special types of Flora and Fauna not found elsewhere.

Uganda Cities and Towns, Travel in Uganda


This is the capital city with 750,000 inhabitants and the largest in Uganda. Situated on seven major hills, several areas command fantastic views of the surroundings, including Lake Victoria.

Kampala is the political and commercial hub of Uganda, and the people are friendly and communicative. It is easy to move about the city centre and, surprisingly, the visitor does not need to be overly concerned about security.
A guided tour will point out the highlights including Kasubi tombs, Makerere University and other areas of cultural interest. After a city tour, we recommend at least half a day for shopping and exploring on your own. This will let you meet the friendly indigenous people and get a true feeling of life in a large African city.


This city, best known for Uganda's International Airport in the movie "Raid on Entebbe' remains a sleepy town. Entebbe means seat in the local language, Luganda and indeed, was the seat of the colonial government prior to Independence in 1962.
The Botanical Gardens, located here, acted as the backdrop for several Tarzan movies. This reserve on the shores of Lake Victoria still has a tremendous variety of flora. Adjacent to the gardens is the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, where lost and wounded animals are rehabilitated.
It takes about 45 minutes to travel the 37kms from the airport to Kampala. The road winds near the lakeshore in several places and passes through many villages.


This city was previously the industrial capital of Uganda. It is best known for the source of the Nile at the now submerged Rippon Falls. Owen Falls Dam, located just downstream from the source of the Nile, provides power for Uganda and parts of Kenya. Nearby is Bujagali Falls, where several rapids are situated close together. From here enjoy the scenery or take a white water rafting trip on the mighty Nile.

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