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The Coral Diving Center is located at only 10 Minutes from the Airport, in the South East of Mauritius, which is perceived as the "Wild Coast" or the "Costa Brava" of Mauritius. Surrounded by a large lagoon and unique barrier reef it provides scuba diving in the most beautiful coral gardens for lovers of recreational diving and scenic colorful environment.

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Coral Diving Center Offers:

- CMAS, iantd, PADI diving courses for all levels
- Scuba diving introduction and discovery
- Diving excursions and Safari dive journeys
- Diving for children

And Exploration Dives Such as:

- Night dives
- Cave dives
- Canyon dives
- Wreck dives
- Shark dives
- Lagoon and coral garden dives
- Photo dives

Our preferred dive sites include Colorado, Lobster Cave, Sirius and variety of others great sites.

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Discover Scuba Diving Program

Introduction to Diving
You are eager to know what it`s like to stay underwater with a tank on your back and have a regulator in your mouth with air flowing in on demand. So to learn more of our introductory dives join our discover scuba diving program. This is a half-day program, where an instructor teaches you the basic theory with a proper briefing of the course conduct, practice in the pool and then takes you out for a proper dive, to give you a taste of diving and a chance to participate in the underwater world. It's safe, it's easy and it's a lot of fun!

Scuba Diver Course

The First Level of Certification
With three pool sessions and three academics from our open water manual and also with a view in our open water DVD and of course two sea dives you will get your certification after completing the three quizzes.
After this step defitively you will have more interest to know more in diving, so don't lose time join our Open Water Course. This consists of an academic component, where you learn more about the fascinating underwater world, followed by five confined water sessions where you master essential skills of scuba and then four open water dives.

At the successful completion of this course, you receive a certification card from PADI. As PADI is known worldwide it allows you to dive anywhere, so regardless of which option you choose, you get a high-quality course.

Typically, the Open Water course is of a minimum duration of three half days. However, we recognize that different people learn at different speeds – besides, you are on vacation and may want to spread out your training. So, the time to certification can be more or less. Two things are for sure: we will not rush you, and we will not compromise on your training.

As with our diving, we believe in small groups and personalized attention for training. With our professional staff, we always keep ensuring that you get all the personal attention that you need.


For certified divers, we offer a full range of PADI Continued-Education courses – Adventure Diver, Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver, Specialties and Master Scuba Diver.

PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Course Click here to read more

PADI Rescue Diver Course Click here to read more

PADI Divemaster

For those of you looking to join the leaders of the pack, look no further. Because Blue World IDC LTD. located in the South Coast of Mauritius can provide you with everything you need.
Looking to make the first step in your career in scuba diving? Your adventure into the professional levels of recreational scuba diving begins with the PADI Divemaster Course.
Working alongside our team of PADI Instructors, you’ll expand your dive knowledge and perfect your dive skills to the most professional level. PADI Divemaster training also develops your leadership abilities so that you can supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers. The PADI Divemaster Certification can lead to both the PADI Assistant Instructor and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Certifications.

What You Learn
During the PADI Divemaster Course, you learn dive leadership skills through classroom and independent study. You complete water skills and – everyone’s favourite - stamina exercises! You’ll be trained in organising and setting up dive sites and problem solving as well as helping other divers improve their own scuba diving skills.

What You Can Do
After becoming certified as a PADI Divemaster you’ll be able to:
- Supervise training and other dive activities by planning, organising and directing dives.
- Assist PADI Instructors during the training sessions for any PADI Diver course Conduct PADI Scuba Reviews.
- If qualified as a Discover Scuba Diving Leader, conduct PADI Discover Scuba Diving courses.
- Earn the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty Instructor rating to be able to teach the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty.
- Independently guide Open Water Diver course students on the tour portion of PADI Open Water Diver course Training Dives 2, 3 and 4.
- Accompany student divers during Adventure Dives or Specialty training dives under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor.
- Teach Emergency First Response courses after successfully completing an Emergency First Response Instructor course.

What You Need
The PADI Divemaster Crew Pack includes everything you’ll need to start the PADI Divemaster Course.

The complete set of materials includes: the Encyclopeadia of Recreational Diving, Divemaster slates, PADI Divemaster Manual and eRDP Multilevel calculator.

IDC Preparation

So you're struggling to explain the difference between hypocapnia and hypercapnia? Having trouble with how the partial pressure of oxygen at 30 metres is 0.84ppO2?
During the IDC & IE you will need to demonstrate top quality diving skills plus total competence in dive theory to an even higher level than what you gained in your Divemaster Course. That's why the IDC Preparation Course is the perfect way to get you feeling confident and ready for the 12 days ahead.

What You Learn
The IDC Preparation Course offers a thorough review of your knowledge of the five main areas of dive theory – Physics; Physiology; Dive Equipment; Recreational Dive Planner and General Skills & the Environment – as well as the 24 Basic Confined Water Skills. Although the course can be tailored to your needs and focus on areas you feel are not as strong as others, it is divided into two days :

Day 1 - Classroom work, in which you will have lectures on theory, take sample exams and review any doubts you might have with repeated practice.

Day 2 - Pool sessions, in which you will be assessed on your current skills with repeated practice. Also includes a Rescue Workshop.

What You Need
The PADI Divemaster Crew Pack plus the Diving Knowledge Workbook. All core PADI course manuals (Open Water Diver, Advanced and Rescue Diver) will be of great help too.

The Divemaster Pack of materials includes: The Encyclopeadia of Recreational Diving, Divemaster slates, PADI Divemaster Manual and eRDP Multilevel calculator.

PADI Assistant Instructor

As a PADI Assistant Instructor, you not only gain that all-important experience as a PADI professional scuba diver, but you also start properly getting to grips with the PADI System of how to teach. You can act as an Instructor’s assistant and even take on some teaching responsibilities yourself. It’s the best possible way to gain experience on your route to becoming a fully-fledged scuba instructor. The PADI AI course is actually the first portion of the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and when followed by the Open Water Scuba Instructor course (OWSI) and passing the Instructor Examination (IE) that follows, leads to certification as a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor.

The Cool Part
You get mentored while gaining hands-on experience actually teaching students!

What You Learn
You build upon your abilities to organise and supervise scuba diving activities, but at the same time start to concentrate on developing teaching skills. You learn through:
- Knowledge development such as self-study, quizzes, lectures and presentations;
- Confined water skill review and assessment, workshops and presentations;
- Open water workshops, rescue assessment and candidate presentations.

The PADI Assistant Instructor Course consists of the following sections:
Module 1: Academic Training
- PADI Discover Scuba Diving and Snorkelling Programmes
- Developing Knowledge Development Presentations
- Teaching Project AWARE and Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialties
- Teaching in Confined Water
- Conducting Open Water Training Presentations

Module 2: Independent Study
Knowledge Development

Module 3 : Practical Application
- Confined Water and Open Water Teaching Presentations
- Standards Exam
- Dive Rescue Skills Assessment

What You Can Do
In addition to the responsibilities and duties you already have as a PADI Divemaster, as a PADI Assistant Instructor you can:
- Teach academic presentations under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor;
- During confined water dives, present initial skills training under the direct supervision of a PADI Instructor;
- Evaluate Open Water Diver surface skills under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor;
- Teach and certify PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Divers under the direction of a PADI Instructor;
- Teach Project AWARE Specialty courses;
- Conduct PADI Discover Scuba Diving experiences in a pool or confined water;
- Conduct PADI Seal Team AquaMissions;
- Teach PADI Digital Underwater Photographer specialty courses under the direction of a PADI Instructor after earning the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty Instructor rating.
What You Need
The PADI OWSI Pack includes all the materials needed to prepare for a PADI Assistant Instructor or Open Water Scuba Instructor course.

The 30-item pack includes:
Instructor cue cards for PADI’s core courses (OW, AOW, Rescue and Divemaster), PADI’s Guide to Teaching and related reference materials, Lesson planning slates for confined and open water, Quiz and exam booklets for the core courses, Specialty outlines for Project AWARE and PADI Instructor Manual.

Your Next Step
Take the full Instructor Development Course to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor so you can teach and certify PADI Open Water Divers.

PADI EFR Instructor

There's no denying it. CPR and First Aid are potentially life-saving and important skills that are in huge demand. As an Emergency First Response Instructor, you can teach these skills to anyone.

The Cool Part
You can teach CPR and First Aid to others so they can be prepared for an emergency at the dive site, at work or at home.

What You Learn
Gain experience in how to structure learning, the requirements of performance-based training and your role as the Instructor in the learning environment for teaching CPR and First Aid. You also learn how to motivate students, evaluate student knowledge, present course content effectively, become proficient in developing students' hands-on skills practice sessions, and are taught how to present an effective scenario-based learning experience.

What You Can Do
Learn how to conduct the Emergency First Response Primary Care (CPR) and Emergency First Response Secondary Care (first aid) courses. You also learn to conduct the recommended Automated External Defibrillator (AED), emergency oxygen and conscious choking management skills.

What You Need
The EFR Instructor Pack includes a complete set of instructional materials for each of the EFR courses.

The pack includes:
Student manuals for Primary Secondary Care, Care for Children, and CPR/AED, PStudent DVDs, Instructor guides for Primary Secondary Care, Care for Children, and CPR/AED, Student exams for Primary Secondary Care and Care for Children, Bandage pack, Care-at-a-Glance Care and Red EFR bag.

The Instructor Development Course & Instructor Examination

So it's time to start your PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) here on the sunny Mauritius island, with Blue World IDC LTD. The IDC consists of two sections, the Assistant Instructor (AI) course and the Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) programme. This structure lets you divide the course into two blocks to suit your schedule if you need to. However, most prefer to complete the two portions together, going through the entire IDC in a minimum of seven days. The first part of the PADI IDC is the PADI Assistant Instructor course. This course provides you additional experience as a PADI Professional and teaches you the PADI System of Diver Education.

The Open Water Scuba Instructor programme portion of the PADI IDC further hones your leadership and teaching skills to prepare you for life as a PADI Instructor. After you complete your IDC, you demonstrate what you've learned in the Instructor Examination (IE). During the IE a PADI Instructor Examiner independently and objectively assesses your knowledge and skills, testing everything from dive theory to PADI training standards.

The Cool Part
PADI is the only certification organisation that requires an objective, independent examination to qualify as a professional instructor. This balanced and consistent evaluation process is one of the hallmarks that make PADI professionals the most demanded and respected instructors in the dive industry.

Instructor Examination Prerequisites:
Successful completion of PADI IDC.

What does it take to become a PADI Instructor?
- Dive theory and standards and procedures exams;
- Waterskills and diver rescue assessment;
- Teaching presentations in classroom, confined and open water.

What You Need
The PADI OWSI Pack includes all the materials needed for an Instructor Development Course.

The 30-item pack includes:
Instructor cue cards for PADI's core courses (OW, AOW, Rescue and Divemaster), PADI's Guide to Teaching and related reference materials, Lesson planning slates for confined and open water, Quiz and exam booklets for the core courses, Specialty outlines for Project AWARE, and PADI Instructor Manual.

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor

You've been diving for a few years and have clocked up an impressive number of dives, swam with some amazing marine creatures and met some great, like-minded people who have become lifelong friends. Even though life as an Instructor is not always as easy as swimming aside beautiful, colourful reefs pointing out fascinating fish, you've decided you'd like to turn the ocean into your office. The Open Water Scuba Instructor (OWSI) course is one of two parts of PADI's Instructor Development Course (IDC), the first portion being the Assistant Instructor course.

The Cool Part
The course will literally change your life forever. And will also reward you with the chance to change other people's lives too. During your instructor training here on the Costa del Sol, you'll get to interact with your fellow instructor trainees and will create friendships that often carry on long after the course concludes. Don't just take our word for it! You'll also begin networking with other diving professionals and start to explore the potential for PADI Pro dive jobs worldwide.

The Serious Part
The challenging part of this course is actually down to you. Your personal commitment to the training is the key to success. The course requires you to to be prepared every single day for your daily assignments and teaching presentations. Organisation and dedication are essential and are qualities expected of you as a working PADI Professional wherever in the world you may go.

What You Learn
During the Blue World IDC LTD. PADI IDC you'll learn how to use and follow the PADI System of Education by presenting at least:
- Two confined water teaching presentations;
- Two knowledge development presentations;
- One open water teaching presentation integrating two skills.

You will also take part in the following classroom presentations:
- Course Orientation
- Dive Industry Overview
- General Standards and Procedures
- The Role of Media and Prescriptive Teaching
- Legal Responsibility and Risk Management
- PADI Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver Course
- Adaptive Teaching
- The PADI Continuing Education Philosophy
- Business Principles for the Dive Instructor
- Adventures in Diving Program
- Specialty Diver Courses and Master Scuba Diver Program
- Rescue Diver Course
- Divemaster Course
- Diver Retention Programs

You must also demonstrate competence in:
- Dive theory by passing a five-part theory exam scoring 75% in each;
- All 24 dive skills listed on the Skill Evaluation;
- A nonstop 800 metre/yard swim using a mask, snorkel and fins.

What You Can Do
After becoming a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, you will be able to conduct the entire range of PADI courses from Discover Scuba Diving up to Divemaster. You may also choose to acquire specialty instructor ratings, such as Digital Underwater Photographer or Enriched Air Diver.
What You Need
The PADI OWSI Pack includes all the materials needed for an Instructor Development Course.

The 30-item pack includes:
Instructor cue cards for PADI's core courses (OW, AOW, Rescue and Divemaster), PADI's Guide to Teaching and related reference materials, Lesson planning slates for confined and open water, Quiz and exam booklets for the core courses, Specialty outlines for Project AWARE, and PADI Instructor Manual.

Your Next Step
You'll want to continue your professional training by completing courses that allow you to teach beyond the core courses. For example, specialty instructor courses boost your Open Water Scuba Instructor rating, add to your professional portfolio and make you more attractive to a prospective dive centre or employer.

PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer

The dive industry is like any other in terms of competitiveness for employment and newly certified Instructors often find the challenge, after passing their IE, is in securing the best dive jobs. The Master Scuba Diver Trainer rating sets you apart from other dive instructors by showing your commitment to continuing your dive training while being prepared to help others continue their training at the same time.

The Cool Part
As well as the entire range of PADI experience and diver courses, you get to teach specialty diver courses – which opens the door to more adventurous diving while working!

What You Learn
Just finished the IE? No problem. Already itching to broaden your horizon and teach more? Perfect! Sign up with Blue World IDC LTD. and get first hand PADI Specialty Instructor Training with our Course Director and the Master Scuba Diver Trainer Prep Course.

What You Can Do
As a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, you can:
- Teach the specialties you love to teach;
- Enjoy watching your student divers excel as you lead them from beginner to the highest level of recreational diver possible;
- Increase your income with multiple level training.

Your Next Step
Take the next step up to begin training the trainers as a PADI IDC Staff Instructor. You'll also have met one of the requirements to qualify as a PADI Master Instructor.

PADI Specialty Instructor

It's plain and simple: dive more and teach your favourite subjects. That's the working brief of a PADI Specialty Instructor. A Specialty Instructor Course provides valuable teaching tips for meeting the requirements of each individual specialty course. You can choose from any of the 25 specialty courses offered, from Deep diving to Enriched Air Nitrox. Having five specialty instructor ratings is a prerequisite for the Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT) rating.

The Cool Part
Whether it's taking your students deep, teaching them how to take great underwater digital photographs, or showing them how best to map a wreck, PADI Specialty Instructors are out there scuba diving and training. Join them and you'll also increase your marketability as a PADI Professional.

What You Learn
You have three ways to become a PADI Specialty Instructor:
- With Blue World IDC LTD. Course Director;
- Use your experience to apply directly to PADI after your IDC;
- Write your own outline.
Taking a Specialty Instructor Training course with Blue World IDC LTD. is highly recommended. These courses – scheduled as an addition to an IDC - provide valuable hands-on training, technique demonstrations, course marketing information, current PADI Standards information and Course Director-level open water training.

What You Can Do
Teach the PADI Specialties you like most!

What You Need
PADI's Specialty Instructor Manual includes the specialty instructor guides for all of PADI's standardized specialties. The outlines are also available digitally on the Specialty Instructor Manual CD-ROM.

Your Next Step
Take five Specialty Instructor ratings to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer so you can teach and certify PADI Master Scuba Divers.

PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Some of the most seasoned and knowledgeable PADI Instructors there are, IDC Staff Instructors have the wisdom and experience to share with other up-and-coming PADI Pros. As an IDC Staff Instructor, it's now also your job to help bring up the next generation of PADI Instructors, while gaining in-depth, instructor-trainer knowledge at the same time.

The Cool Part
Because IDC Staff Instructors are so vital to the PADI IDC, you'll be laying the groundwork for eventually moving on to PADI Course Director. You do this by presenting topics in the IDC and helping to shape PADI Divemasters and Assistant Instructors into PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors. You'll also find many dive centre management positions around the world require this level of Instructor experience and training as a minimum, making this an important step should be considering a career or if you want to open a dive shop or resort.

What You Learn
You become a master of instructor-level dive theory, knowledge development teaching presentations and confined water teaching presentations. You audit a complete IDC as a staff member rather than as a student

What You Can Do
In addition to all the courses you can teach as a PADI Instructor, you can also:
- Teach PADI Assistant Instructor courses
- Assist PADI Course Directors in conducting the PADI Instructor Development Course
- Assist PADI Course Directors in conducting instructor-level continuing education

What You Need
The IDC Staff Pack includes all the materials needed for the PADI IDC Staff Instructor.

The pack includes:
Course Director Manual, Open Water and Confined Water Teaching Evaluation slates, Skill Evaluation slates and PADI Pro bag.

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