Early Bird Fishing Charters

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Roatan Island
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Sandy Bay
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  • Beachfront cabin
  • Beach Front cabin with A/C, hot water, mini-fridge, microwave, hot plate, coffee maker and toaster.


    English, Spanish

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    Early Bird Fishing Charters

    Roatan is the largest of the three islands off the coast of Honduras. Only 36 Miles in length and 5 miles wide. Collectively the three islands are called the Bay Islands. Roatan is connected to and surrounded by the worlds second largest barrier reef. We have over 1000' of water less than half a mile from shore, providing the right conditions for a fisherman's dream location.

    The Crew

    Captain Loren

    Captain Loren was born and raised on the Roatan island. His mother, Mary Monterroso, founded Island Properties the first real estate agency on the island. Loren’s father, Tino Monterroso, a well-known leader in the diving community, founded the marine reserve from Sandy Bay to Key Hole. He also contributed to making many of the dive attractions on Roatan and the surrounding islands.

    Capt. Monterroso was educated in the United States. Loren lived in Virginia where he attended Hargrave Military Academy High School and later attended Christopher Newport University. Having been raised on Roatan island he is fluent in English, Spanish and the local island dialect. Loren's knowledge of the island will make your fishing trip the best in the Western Carribbean.

    Crew Members

    Our knowledgeable crew provides you with excellent service and first hand fishing tips. This provides you with the best opportunity for your desired catch.

    The Boats

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  • Sea fishing
  • Fly fishing
  • Trolling
  • Power chumming or drifting with baits
  • Deep sea fishing
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    Program of a tour

    The advantage of fishing in the Bay Islands is that the reef system is only a couple hundred feet from shore, creating close fishing ground in deep water. Aside from deep sea we also offer flats fishing. Permit, bonefish, jacks and barracuda are found on our many exotic flats. Both ultra light casting and fly are available in our tackle.


    Roatan's barrier reef system gives the island the advantage of having deep water just a half mile from shore. Giving the angler the opportunity to see the beautiful island of Roatan from the water while fhising for Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi, Marlin, Sailfish, Barracuda, Shark and more. There are several different methods the Early Birds crew utilizes while fishing the deep blue water. Trolling, chumming and live bait are very productive methods in this area.

    Deep Sea Sport Fishing Tours:

    Half Day (4 hours):
    Drinks, snacks and fruit.

    Full Day (8 hours):
    Drinks, Snacks, Fruit and a Full lunch.

    Flats Fishing Tours:

    Half Day (4 hours):
    Drinks, Snacks and Fruit.


    Flats fishermen can tell you the trick to catching record Bonefish and Permit is not luck. Truth be told, stealth and precision casting with out spooking the fish is vital to your day on the flats. You will fish the most productive flats on the north Side of Roatan. Permit, Bonefish, Jacks and Barracuda are found on our many exotic flats. We also supply you with your choice of Light casting, Ultra light casting or for the more experienced flats angler, the Fly Rod. Both Fly and live bait are used, from a fully equipped 16' flats boat, with casting platform, and poling stand.

    Full Day (8 hours):
    Drinks, Snacks, Fruit and Full lunch.

    Average size for a bone fish in Roatan, is between 4-10 lbs. Permit average between 5lbs and 20 lbs. The large fish in the flats repeatedly call us back.


    Island Tours

    Mangrove Sight Seeing Tour

    4 Hour Tour:
    Drinks, Snacks, Fruit are included.


    We offer you the opportunity to visit and experience first hand, Roatan’s more remote locations, only accessible by boat. Relax and enjoy a beautiful boat ride through the mangroves on the North Side of Roatan.

    Man of War Key, is a nesting ground surrounded by mangroves and separated from the main island by a shallow channel through a sand bar flat. A perfect place for watching the all mighty fishing bird of the island at work.

    Sailors Ship Wreck, an old ship, laid to rest at night during a powerful storm. The ships remains are found on a beautiful section of our barrier reef for us all to see and wonder what went wrong.

    Palmetto Beach is a beautiful natural beach where we can stop and go a shore. Very nice for taking those relaxing island walks on the beach, or just kick back under a palm tree. This is just a part of what awaits you on your Mangrove Sight Seeing Tour.

    Utila Tour

    8 Hour Tour:
    Drinks, Snacks, Fruit and Lunch are included.


    A 17 mile adventure in open seas searching for the biggest fish in the world. On the way to Utila large schools of tuna are found feeding on krill, and in the mix of the tuna frenzy is the Whale Shark. Average size in the bay islands of Honduras is twenty feet, but several forty footers have been spotted.

    In Utila you will enjoy island style cooking for lunch and then a walk down Main Street to see all the homes that remain from the old fishing community. Utila still has alot of culture which makes for an exiting trip. Returning from Utila offers a great opportunity, as whale sharks tend to feed in the afternoon, which allows us a perfect opportunity to watch for them.

    Cayos Cochinos Dolphin Tour:

    8 Hour Tour:
    Drinks, Snacks and Lunch are included.


    Cayos Cochinos or “Hog Islands” is a secluded group of islands between the west end point of Roatan and the Main Land of Honduras. A beautiful cruise aboard a Grady White Explorer 24ft. Along the way to Cayos both Spinner Dolphins and Bottle Nose frequently come up to the boat and play in the wake. Dolphins are frequently feeding on flying fish along the Continental Shelf. The Continental Shelf runs parallel to Cayos Cochinos, providing both deep water and shallow. This shelf provides a perfect ambush spot for predators like Dolphins to feed.

    While in Cayos Lunch is provided on board the boat or a picnic and swimming on one of the secluded beaches. Relax in Cayos and then start back to Roatan after lunch.

    Deep Sea Trolling from Cayos to Roatan. 2 or 3 hours of fishing fun with Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, and Sail Fish all feeding along the Continental Shelf.

    Island Tour of Roatan

    Eight Hour Tour:
    Drinks, Snacks and Lunch are included.


    Starting on the North Side and proceeding East, encounter the Island towns, beaches and an over all better look of the beautiful Roatan Island! West End, Sandy Bay, Palmeto Point, Punta Gorda, Camp Bay Beach and a beautiful canal are all on the north Side. The canal through the mangroves actually divides the Island at its Eastern most tip. Alligators and many species of fish, shrimp, lobster, turtles and Rays use the mangroves system as a sanctuary for their young.

    The South Side, Starting with Port Royal and moving west. Port Royal was used as a Pirates base in the 1700, and then for British battle Ships from 1796 up to the 1850’s. Calabash bight, Oak Ridge, Half Moon Bay, French Harbor, Coxen Hole, and Flowers Bay are other stops along the way back to the North Side of the Island. Roatans Island tour is a beautiful, educational and relaxing day of adventure and peace with nature.

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