Estancia Aguila Blanca

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Aguila Blanca
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Estancia Aguila Blanca is situated 2 and half hours away from Montevideo and the same distance away from Punta Del Este.
How to get there from Montevideo:
At the 147,500km of rout number 7 there is, 3km after going by Cerro Colorado (or Alejandro Gallinal like it appears in some maps), there is an earth road that takes a right from Route 7. Coming from Montevideo you will see at the km number 147,500 a curve to the left and an earth road that continues straight. Look for a watch-tower for fires. Take this road and drive for 8km you will reach a junction, and you´ll see a small rural school on the corner. You must take the road on the left and drive for 11km where you will reach another junction, take the road to the left and drive for 5km. You will get to another junction and a sign that says A.BLANCA and an arrow to the left. Turn left, drive for 5km. Here you´ll see a sign that says AB and an arrow to the right. Go down this road 2km into the Estancia.
How to get there from Punta del Este:
The best way from Punta del Este is to get the route number 12 at Pan de Azucar drive until you get to Minas city. From Minas you must find the way out towards AREQUITA CAMPING, take this road. From Minas you must drive down this road, towards route 108, for about 33km, where the road joins the route 108 (earth road). Turn left on the 108 and drive for 16km, at this point you will see a sign with Polanco, and an arrow indicating straight ahead, and RUTA 7 with an arrow pointing left. You must take this turn and go down the road (towards ruta 7) for another 11km, there you will see two old houses on each side of the road, then a side road that goes left and 50 meters ahead another road that goes right. Here you will also see a sign that says A.BLANCA and an arrow pointing right. There you must turn right and drive for 5km until the next point where you will see a sign that says AB and an arrow pointing right. You must take this road and drive for 2 km. FROM PUNTA DEL ESTE: 2hs30min
Transfer from the place of arrival: No
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The citizens of the following countries do not need a tourist visa to enter Uruguay

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Accomodation and Catering

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  • Guest house
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    Residence Cost for 1 person / 1 day: 
    2300 pesos uruguayos/ $120

    Casco Principal

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  • Horse riding
  • Kayaking
  • Canoe hire
  • Bicycle Rental
  • Extra Information: 

    There is a great variety of activities such as horse-riding, working with cattle, fishing, bicycle rides, 4 by 4 excursions and more. Águila Blanca also receives, all year round, different group of visitors such as bird-watchers, sport dedicated, work and team building groups, and others, all in the incredible scenery of an authentic Estancia.

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  • Additional information

    Estancia Aguila Blanca is a 1000 hectare cattle ranch situated in the hilly district of Lavalleja, an authentic Uruguayan homely ranch. The Estancia Aguila Blanca opens its doors to those who seek a peaceful rest place, as well as those who seek new experiences and adventure. There is a wide variety of activities which make your stay always seem too short. Enjoy gaucho traditions, home-made food, and incredible experiences while visiting the Estancia. The estancia is open all year round and it´s guests are always received by the owners.
    Our aim is to reach a full home grown, made food, we raise our cattle and sheep, grow most of the vegetables, fruits, our own milk, make home-made marmalades and dulce de leche. We also make our butter, cheeses and bread.

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    Horse riding through the mountains of Lavalleja

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