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We are located in the southern region of Extremadura, a small village named "Castuera" in the province of Badajoz. We are easily accessible from Madrid, following the dual carriageway "NV" in the direction of Badajoz.

We have the most beautiful private reserves in the area approximately 19,000 hectares of land rich in olive groves surrounded by immense forests, fields of sunflowers and extension of huge oaks.

The hunting grounds are located about 20-30 km from the town and you can easily getting them in 15-20 minutes by any vehicle.

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  • Hotel
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    We're specializing in hunting migratory game. Let's start with the beginning of hunting season opening in August hunting turtle doves and African pigeon.

    in Extremadura in our private reserves we have large crops of sunflowers and corn, meticulously cultivated by local farmers. Since the end of April until late May, as every year, the doves from Africa reach our country to spend the winter.

    Given the morphological conformation of the land of our Iberian Peninsula, the doves from the African continent can quickly reach the coast of Andalusia, along the banks of the Guadalquivir River, reaching areas of the pastures in Extremadura.

    From the first days of June, we organize this hunt looking for more reserves attended by many doves and pigeons and now settled in our country.

    Opening the middle of August, we can offer our customers good days of hunting very satisfactory. There are many shots fired in this type of hunting aspect. We recommend that our customers use of the semiautomatic rifle. Locally we can rent excellent rifles.

    Arrive quickly at the beginning of October, where the many thrushes reach the woods Extremadura. Here hunting thrush always opens the second Sunday of November. The animals then have time to acclimatise and find the best areas of pasture. The areas where we hunt the thrushes are enormous, with flat terrain, rich in olive groves, surrounded by oak.

    The carnieri in this type of hunting are excellent and we are sure and confident to say that you get only in our region of Extremadura.

    Our secret to always get a good result in this type of hunting is to hunt in some of our reserves in a non-constant, leaving the rest to other hunting areas for some time. In this way we have always under-exploited areas, where the thrush focus more.

    The assistance we offer in this type of hunting is serious and professional. The hunter, customer, friend, is seen as best as possible, so that you never forget the wonderful days spent hunting in Extremadura.

    We are the only organisation offering a quality hunt on 16 different zones, 25.000 ht of fields:

    • 10 in Monterrubio de la serena (BA);
    • 3 in Navalvillar de Pela "Canal de la Dehesa" (BA);
    • 1 in Villafranca de los barros(BA);
    • 2 in Logrosan(CC);

    Our job is to organize the best vacation of hunting for our customers.

    In this we provide all our experience gained over the years, trying in every way to satisfy all requirements.

    Our service is impeccable, beginning with arrival at the hunting zone, at the hotel and then continued until his departure for the return at home.

    Starting from opening of hunting season, our staff, looks after the hunting grounds, always looking for places attended by animals.

    Our guards are hunting humble, friendly, helpful and above all professional.

    Our main objective is to hunt migratory game starting from the opening game in August with the doves and pigeons hunted in natural sites (media veda) and then hunt in October, the aquating ones, the red grouse with pointing dog and from November until the end of February thrushes, with excellent drag their feet and fall evening unforgettable.

    On request we organize to beat hitters with red grouse (ojeo).

    For fans of big game hunters in search of trophies memorable, we can deliver within the month of August each year, the timetable and prices of the best mount in Extremadura.

    Availability of off-road transport hunters.

    In past years we have worked hard to build what we have now.

    Today we are proud to put ourselves at the service of people who believe in us and in our work.

    However watch our travels, and then choose the type of hunting you are most passionate about, and contact us ... we are always at your disposal for any clarification as they say in Spanish..."hasta pronto"...


    Species for hunting: 

  • Thrush
  • Since : 
    10 November
    24 February

    Species for hunting: 

  • Partridge
  • Since : 
    6 October
    24 February

    Species for hunting: 

  • Pigeon
  • Dove
  • Since : 
    15 August
    9 September

    Species for hunting: 

  • Tordi
  • Pigeon
  • Wild duck
  • Since : 
    13 November
    27 February

    Species for hunting: 

  • Monteria
  • Since : 
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