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We are two " frenchies" living in Brazil, crazy for sport fishing in Amazonia. We want other fishermen to benefit of our long experience in those waters, including them in our future fishing trips in the heart of the largest rain forest of the world, in search of these fantastic adversaries whose names are peacock-bass, payaras, trahiras, arapaimas, bicudas and so on, to name the best known...
Our task consists to acompany, to assist, to advise you about tackle, techniques suited to each specie, and of course to serve you as intermediary and interprete with the organizations crews and guides along your travels, and also to answer to any question you would want to ask during your first contact with Amazonia.
We have selected the better guides, and best equiped house boats and lodges to provide to you an optimum service, and also the best value for money fishing market. Here, the non-brazilian fisherman is not considered like a " gringo"...

The Flymazon crew

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Amazonia generates a true excitement in the world of sport fishing. More an more north-american flyfishermen and more recently europeans come to Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, and andean countries. If flyfishing in subtropical America is still in its infancy, it appears that this modality knows a growing interest, and probably will become a great technique of the future. But for the time being, for lack of local mentors, the some flyfishing addicts are forced to draw largely their inspiration from the north american school. We dont't doubt that an independent amazonian school will soon emerge from these influences.
In Amazonia, when we speak about flyfishing, we are obliged to omit any mention of entomlogy, as opportunities to operate traditional dry fly fall within the exception, and are so rare that they cannot serve as basis directed by immuable and constant rules.
In the jungle, the nature is generous in all kinds of manifestations whether floral or animals. The insect kingdom is not forgotten, and these far countries of south America are a true paradise for the entomologist, and disciples of Frederic Halford. There are myriads of caddis, dipters, sialis, ephemeropters, and even at dusk, carpets of spents at the surface of rivers and lakes. Then, terrestrials, like grasshoppers, locusts, crickets, and to close this inventory, beetles, including the largest in the world. In a word, there is, in tropical America anything that, according to the norms of temperate countries, would do rise at the surface a whole aquatic world, which for obscure reasons that find answer in ethology comparative, seams to have an extremely limited propensity for insects. Only a few bait-fish whose size does not exceed that of a minnow, seems to rise really with regularity on hatches of littles ephemeras at nightfall.
We'll never pretend of course, that a big beetle accidently fallen into the water will not be caught by a predator, but the size o these insects is such that it's difficult to imagine an other lure than a sea popper to constitute an imitation or at least a possible figuration. So, except ignorance or lack of informations from our part, due to the wastness of a world where everything have to be discovered, It's obvious that the temperate countries flyfisherman freshly landed in Amazonia, should have the humility to leave aside almost its passed experience, and only keep a few basic elements as the cast, althought it is subject to circumstancial adjustments, or its few attemps with lure-flies, either on black-bass, pike or trouts in running and still water.
This site is consecrated, as its name suggest to original flyfishing in Amazonia. But under this generic, we mean rain-forest flyfishing in general, with extensions to mangroves that are also jungles in the same areas of the planet, that offer great possibilities of flyfishing too, against other interesting species of game fish of salt and brackish water.

Аmazonian game fishes

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Fishing spots

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The Suia-Miçu lodge

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Arapaima gigas fishing in Marajo Island ( Brazil)

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New for 2013/2014

An other house-boat, smaller with only 4 air conditionned double cabins, private showels and toilets, and the same comfort and attention of the crew than on the bigger one. With this smaller boat, we'll can reach to lower parts of the rivers, where neither other bigger boat can go.
The rates are proportionned to the smaller size of the boat, but not to the quality of the services of the crew and guides.


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Exclusivity Flymazon

Travel adventure, in the indigenous regional park of the Xingu in Brazil.

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