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Greenshank Adventures is a perfect example of a small but fully loaded Tanzania safari outfit, the company was founded, directed and managed entirely by local Tanzanians with a wealth of hands on experience in tourism and the hospitality management industry in general.

All our Tanzania Safaris programs including Serengeti, Ngorongoro, mountain Kilimanjaro trekking and Zanzibar Excurision itineraries have been designed to allow you to enjoy the very best experience of each product that you decide to visit has to offer, as we do not “just scratch the surface” of the places we take you to, but rather we get you “involved” with the country, the people, heir cultures, traditions and norms; the wildlife and wild spaces. During your safari our team of professional and widely experienced safari guides will be at your beck and call.

Greenshank Adventures boasts of its modest size with a strong character and commitment to professionalism, thanks to its deeply engrained team spirit, obsession to detail and optimistic attitude of a result oriented and well motivated staff.

The corporate headquarters of Greenshank Adventures is in Arusha, the tourism capital of East Africa in the heartland of the Great Maasai tribesmen.

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………and think about this!
Your holiday is a precious moment involving a substantial financial undertaking, we commit to take you to a unique place, a serene point in he wilderness where phones and faxes do not ring, the e-mail does not flow, a place where a TV is not needed to view the incredible sights, and yet all these amenities can be made available to suite your convenience! And to an environment in which silence will replace the “stressful” noises that you have deliberately decided to set aside so that you can restore your body system to its natural “settings” at least for a while!.

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