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Hunza Adventures Tours is a full service tour operator. We can provide you tour services in the Hunza Valley and rest of Pakistan. Whether you arrive from China by road or arrive by air at a major ciity like Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi we can pick you up from the airport and take you to your desired hotel. We will arrange for transport, Guides and equipment for adventure activities like camps, sleeping bags, ropes, iceaxes ect.

Hunza Culture Tours:

From half day tours like Hunza Sunrise safari to full lenth tours including the tours in the Mountain kingdoms and exploration of culture flora and fauna of the indus valley. We provide transport, guides and accommodation all built in our packages.

Hotel Reservations in Pakistan:

We have contruacted rates with all hotels including the small guest houses home stays in the mountains and big 5 star hotels in cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar.

Car & Jeep Rentals in Hunza Valley & rest of Pakistan:

Whether you need to explore the Hunza valleys side or need to travel in Southern Pakistan we can rent you jeeps, cars and vans for 12-40 people capacity. Our transport is well kept is per the international standards.

Adventure Tours, Jeep Safaris to remote Villages & Valleys in the Mountains of Pakistan:

We design special packages for off road tours in the mountains of Pakistan and in the deserts we provide special jeeps equipped with camping equipment and kitchen.Tours are accompanied with experienced guides, cooks and drivers who know the areas very well.

Trekking in Hunza and Skardu ( Concordia):

We will take you to the places which are unique and absolutely untouched by the modern roads or buldibgs. Special trekking guides and porters will make your stay in the high mountains as comfortable as possible. The trekking routes we choose are unique and most spectacular.

Camel Safaris in the Cholistan & Thar Deserts:

Pakistans deserts are colourfull and very enchanting: You will explore the remote villages of the deserts on back of Camel and jeeps. We camp at houses of the locals to give you a close look into the life of the desert people.

Television and Film Crews

Hunza Adventure Pakistan has vast experience in organizing extra-ordinary logistics, finding short cuts to redcap, meeting deadlines, providing research and script support film and television crews from around the world. Z.D.F German television wanted lama helicopters at K-2 base camp, Japanese crew required 1000 camels in cholistan desert, the Korean broad casting system (K.B.S) wanted to live and shoat the sky Kailash follow the route of Alexander, the great. Then there were scores of others who came with impossible targets and went back high quality footage. What ever your need, hunza Adventures Pakistan will make it happen.

Sightseeing Tours:

Pakistan is rich of history and natural beauty. A large number of tours we organize are for general tourists, we offer self-design itineraries, which can be modified as per client's test and interest. Most particularly our programs run to the Northern Areas of Pakistan and in general to whole of Pakistan.This may include Sightseeing Tours, Jeep Safari, Hike and Bike tour, Sightseeing plus short Trekking and Tours.

Winter Tours:

Pakistan is rich of history and natural beauty. South Pakistan is full of culture history, In winter the temperature is excellent. In winter we run Indus boating trip add by watching of Blind Indus Dolphin, Sightseeing of trips to Karachi, Multan, Lahore. Trophy Hunting of Ibex, Markhor, Marco Polo Sheep, in North Pakistan and Wild Boar hunting in South. We also organize skiing our most popular selling trip is skiing from Shimshal to Biafo Hispar Snow Lake via Khordopin Pass, Skim La, Mustagh Pass into Baltoro Glacier.

Spring Tours:

Spring is welcome by most part of Pakistan with festival and celebrations, We follow these festival and celebration and draft an itinerary according to clients taste and requirements, Our most popular Spring trips are Hunza Valley Spring Tour, Kalash Valley Spring Festival, Kite Flying Festival in Lahore and Islamabad.

Climbing/ Mountaineering/ Winter Climbing

Since 2008 We are the first tour operators offering annual fixed departure for all 8000 m peaks in Pakistan publish on internet and on our website. No matter you are single climber or a small group our per person price are the right choice for you. We offer more then 1215 mountains including K2, Broad Peak, Gasherbrum I, Gasherbrum II and Nanga Parbat. We also offer climbing opportunity to some of the best known and technically hard mountains like Trango Tower, Shipton Spire, Latok group, Biantha Brakk, Lukpilla Brakk, Amin Brakk, Spantik and many more to mentioned.

Trekking/ Winter Trekking

We offer 33 trekking programmers in Karakorum, Himalaya and Hindu Kush Range. Mountaineering/Rock Climbing - Five 8000 meters peaks, more then one hundred 7000 meters peaks plus un-counted trekking peak below 6000 meters and hundred's of un-name peak - summit them and give your own name, it can be your town name or any name you wish .

Air Ticket Booking:

We deal in domestic air tickets, and we have best deal airfares for all airlines, just make a phone call or email and get a quote.
Hunza Adventure Tours are one of the leading tour operators in Pakistan, We are dealing in adventure tours, corporate tours, group tours, family holiday tours , school group tours, educational tours in Pakistan. Our tour packages include both pre-planned tour and customized holiday / vacation tour packages, and you can pick the tour which best suits your traveling taste & idea. We have picked the best places with best tour operation professionals in Pakistan to design your domestic & inbound tour / travel itineraries. Our travel & tour Pakistan packages include travel services, Adventure holiday packages, Cultural Holiday packages, Beach Holiday Packages, Hills tour packages, Wildlife Tour Packages , Rafting Tour, Trekking tours etc. Our tour packages are designed so, that you donot face any trouble during your tour in Pakistan. Our tour packages are focused on requirements of guests, We understand mood & sentiments of tourists with seasons & weather positions.


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About Us

Our Team:

All of us at "Hunza Adventure Tours" have realized a common dream, to explore the unspoiled and less traveled areas and to visit and learn from the diverse and wondrous culture of the world. We are a group of experienced young staff, speaking various foreign languages like English, Japanese, German, French and Spanish etc. We are dedicated to work as friends and guide to each traveler we assist. In the hope of enabling each of our friends to achieve a dream of their own.

Hunza Adventure Tours was founded in 2007 by a group of young's from Northern Areas of Pakistan; Hunza, Skardu, Gilgit, Astore, Chilas, Ishkoman, Yasin and Chitral with a vast experience in their profession. All of us have experience of working with different reputed tour Companies in Pakistan and abroad.

We are company of choice if you are looking for local experts and want to experience the diverse culture and hospitality in every corner of Pakistan.

Our Mission:

Adventure is our passion so we aim to exert all our efforts to provide memorable experience to our valued tourists during their stay with us, through our customized offerings, Unique tour packages with long time desire to delight our customers.

Why travel with Us?

We know the art of travel!

When you decide to visit the Pakistan. We are specialists in adventure travel. Our guides are experienced locals who will immerse you in the most incredible, inspiring adventures in Pakistan. We will create long lasting memories for your entire life.

10 Great Reasons to Choose Hunza Adventure Tours Trips:

1. Beautiful Hotels, Properties, and More:
We stay in some of finest properties, and where possible, we offer a choice of hotel and room categories. We carefully select prime locations that offer wonderful views, amenities, and proximity to attractions. In remote locales, we revel in knowing that we are enjoying the best accommodations available.
2. The Best Travel Experts:
Our legendary Travel Experts carefully watch over the smallest details to ensure that you have a wonderful time. They also draw upon years of established HATP relationships to ensure that your journey is seamlessly enjoyable and memorable.
3. Epicurean Choices Abound:
We believe travel is made better by experiencing culture you can taste. Our Dine-Around program provides you with the freedom to choose renowned restaurant, an inviting neighborhood eatery, or room service at your hotel—it’s all included. (Subject to Package)
4. Small Group Advantages:
Limited to just 10 guests—averaging around 7-8—our small group size sets the highest standard in personal service. Our journeys remain intimate and create camaraderie, yet allow for independence, flexibility and discovery. Along the way, we’re granted access to exclusive events and stay in one-of-a-kind accommodations not available to larger groups.
5. Experts Offer In-Depth Enrichment:
Expert local guides to share their experiences and insights about the cultures and places you explore.
6. The Best wonders:
We visit nook and corner of the country. We travel on aircraft, jeep, horse and legendary trains, whatever your choice, we likely have something to fit your sense of adventure.
7. Responsible Eco Tourism Policy:
Hunza Adventure Tours is committed to adopting a responsible attitude to the areas we visit. We are guests of the communities visited and with some thought and care we can ensure that everyone benefits from the experience. We have developed a Responsible Tourism policy which aims to ensure that HATP and its clients act in a way that is socially, environmentally and culturally sound. All areas of our operations are planned with responsible tourism in mind, and we require our business partners to support this vision.
8. Unforgettable Moments:
Part of what makes a Hunza Adventure Tours trips so special are the surprises and delights along the way. Unexpected doors open and lead to the kind of authentic cultural experiences that make unforgettable memories.
9. Guaranteed Departure Dates:
Plan with confidence knowing that once your deposit is accepted, your departure date is confirmed. Our journey dates are timed to take advantage of local flavors, special events, natural occurrences or simply the best weather.
10. Its All-Inclusive:
Besides the finest accommodations, all meals and sightseeing—your escorted Journey includes:

A professional travel Expert, dedicated and attentive to your needs throughout your journey.
Small group size that allows for personal enrichment, exclusive access and flexibility.
Our unique Dine-Around program.
Unique experiences that allow for a real cultural understanding.
Expert local guides, such as archeologists and professional naturalists.
All the extra comforts that make sightseeing a personal experience, like a guaranteed window seat and complimentary refreshments along the way.
Itinerary can be customized—build your exact dream trip.
Leaves any day you desire. Lengthen or shorten trip, if you like.
Best itinerary in terms of acclimatization, enjoyment and safety with options of extensions.
Lowest Price and best value for money --Save 40-50 % vs. comparable tours of this same quality.
Group discounts available.


Species for hunting: 

  • Ibex
  • Since : 
    15th November
    31st March
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    The Northern Areas of Pakistan comprises of the most rugged mountain terrain in the world.
    Situated at the meeting point of the three greatest mountain ranges in the world ( The Himalayas, the Hindu Kush and the Karakorams ) this region covers an area greater than the Austria and Switzerland together.
    Nestled between Afghanistan, China, Ladakh and India this is the remotest and most inaccessible mountain region in the world.
    With over 460 mountains higher than 6000m, and five of the world’s fourteen highest peaks this rugged region offers a sanctury to some of the rare and most prized species of wildlife. The list of species found in this great wilderness is very long.
    There are several species of ibex found all over this vast mountain region. With the strict control on hunting some of them reaching phenomenal sizes offering rewarding trophies to the daring hunters who venture in this great wilderness.
    Any hunting trip in this inaccessible area needs careful planning. A number of permits from the local and federal authorities, special import and re-export licenses for the firearms as well as permits to carry and use these inside the country are required. These often take several weeks to process and must be obtained before the arrival of hunting party in the country.

    Due to non availability of food and shelter as well as scarecity of fuel and strict control on logging everything needs to be acquired in advance and transported on difficult mountain trails by porters to the base camp. This makes professional planning of the hunting expedition a necessity.
    Special camping equipment, tents, mess tent, utencils, kitchen, food and fuel is carefully selected by professionals to withstand extreme climatic conditions and to last the duration of the hunting expedition.

    Experienced mountain guides, hunting scouts, cooks and bearers accompany the expedition to ensure a smooth and efficient operation as well as maximum comfort of the hunters even in the most remote locations.
    From the base camp hunting scouts and mountain guides assist the hunters in making hunting plans and to establish advance camps closer to the ibex habitat from where scouting and stalking of the trophy animals is done.
    Ibex hunting is a very demanding venture and due to the ruggedness of the terrain and remoteness of this region huters must be in top form. However in the event of an accident or illness helicopters can be acquired for evacuation of casuality.
    All this requires advance prepration. The hunt organizers must know that there altogather twenty hunting permits are issued each year for the entire Northern Pakistan. The organizers must contact us well in advance with details of their party so that the required number of permits could be acquired in advance.

    Ibex is found all over the Northern Areas of Pakistan in small scattered groups. The hunting of ibex is allowed only in the areas where community based trophy hunting projects have been based.

    The hunting is permitted only during the period between 15th November till 31st March.

    The permission for trophy hunting involves several fees and contribution towards the local community looking after the game reserve. The current costs for permission to hunt for ibex in the northern Pakistan include:

    Permit Cost:
    The current cost of obtaining hunting permits from the government is currently US$4000 for each ibex. This permit allowsone hunter to shoot one ibex during the winter hunting season starting from 15th November each year. This amount is deposited much before arrival of the hunter in the country so that all the paperwork could be completed in advance.
    This fee is neither refundable in case of no kill nor is it transferable.

    Local Community Fee:
    The local community in-charge of the area where hunt is conducted is authorized to charge a fee from US$4000 to US$6000 per hunter to allow access to their hunting grounds.

    Local Hunting Scouts:

    The local communities provide scouts who will guide the hunting party to the various animals in the region. They possess intimate knowledge of the area and the best hunting location at that time. These scouts are carefully selected by Adventure Travel considering their past performance. The hunter is expected to provide a full out door kit to each scout and guide or pay them an appropriate amount in lieu of the kit.

  • River fishing
  • Seasons

    Species of fish: 

  • Brown trout
  • Program of a tour

    If your idea of a dream vacation includes trout fishing in some of the most a picturesque surroundings in the world, PAKISTAN is the place for you. Northern land of Pakistan offers excellent trout fishing from May to September, against awesome backdrop of towering mountains, vast undulating valleys are dotted with scores of serenely placid lakes and cress-cross by turbulent rivers, fast flowing streams and whispering brooks. The trout (brown trout that is Salmo trutta) species was introduced in Gilgit from Europe by political officers in 1916. It has large scales, thickly spotted dark and red spots on the sides.

    Northern Areas includes the District of Gilgit, Baltistan and Diamir, which are as a whole forms an integrated part of the old Jammu and Kashmir state extending from the Kilik and Minteka Passes in the north and the Shandur Pass in the West. It occupies the inner Himalayan, Hindukush and Karakoram ranges traversed by numerous ridges which are parallel to each other forming valleys in between which are the centers of inhabitation -- the area as whole is very mountainous and rugged.
    You will visit places whose virgin beauty will hold you spellbound, Nature magnificence in its raw, unspoiled form and that includes the people inhabiting these regions, friendly and gentle but shy. These tours will give you opportunity to see the nature and culture of mountain people in the north of Pakistan.


    Day 1 ISLAMABAD Arrival to Islamabad airport and transfer to the hotel, evening sightseeing of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Overnight at hotel. 
    Day 2 ISLAMABAD - SKARDU Fly to Skardu, Spend rest of the day visiting various places in skardu,including forts.Overnight at hotel.
    Day 3

    SKARDU / SATPARA LAKE Satpara Lake, eight kilometer south of Skardu, is 20 minutes driver or 2-hrs steep walk. Fishing is done here whole day. Overnight at the camps. 

    Day 4

    SKARDU / SATPARA LAKE Full-day fishing.

    Day 5 SKARDU - DEOSAI Drive to Deosai Plateau about 25-km up from Satpara Lake. Overnight in the camps at the bank of Deosai Lake. 
    Day 6 DEOSAI Full-day fishing.
    Day 7

    DEOSAI - SKARDU Drive back to Skardu overnight at hotel.

    Day 8

    SKARDU / SHIGAR VALLEY Full-day excursion to Shigar Valley and back to Skardu for overnight at hotel.

    Day 9 SKARDU - HUNZA Departure for Hunza Valley 8-9hrs drives, overnight at hotel in Karimabad.  
    Day 10

    HUNZA / KARIMABAD Sightseeing in karimabad, visit to Baltit and Altit Forts, at the evening drive or walk to Duikar ,Overnight at hotel.

    Day 11

    HUNZA - PUNIAL Drive to Punial 5-6hrs/camp 

    Day 12

    PHANDER Continue to Phander 6-7hrs/camp 

    Day 13 PHUNDER Full-day fishing at Phunder Lake 
    Day 14 PHUNDER - CHITRAL Proceed to Chitral 7-8hrs via Shandur Pass 3800m.Overnight at hotel.
    Day 15 CHITRAL / LOTKUH RIVER Fishing at Lotkuh River 
    Day 16 CHITRAL / KELASH VALLEY Drive to Kalash valley, overnight at hotel or camp 
    Day 17 CHITRAL Drive back to Chitral/hotel 
    Day 18 CHITRAL - SWAT VALLEY Continue to Swat via Loweri Pass 3200m, which offers the excellent views of Dorsh Valley on a side and Dir on other side. Overnight at hotel
    Day 19 SWAT VALLEY - PESHAWAR Proceed to Peshawar via Taket-Bahi, overnight at hotel 
    Day 20 ISLAMABAD / TAXILA Continue to Islamabad 3-4hrs drive, en-route visit to Taxila. Overnight at hotel 
    Day 21 ISLAMABAD - DESTINATION Flight back to destination.  

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