Iran Jasmin Safari

Scheme how to get to the base

sads National Parks
sads Wildlife Refuges
sadas Protected Areas
sad National Natural Monuments

Upon your arrival, you will be met by a member of our Safaris Staff and according to your program you will be driven to hotel or the game reserve where your hunt will commence.

Transfer from the place of arrival: Yes
Information for entry in the country
Documents for entry into the country: 

After arrival
We will arrange for you to obtain your visa, before departing for Iran. We could also obtain a temporary fire arm permit for your guns and ammo, prior to your arrival.
Any safari activity is potentially hazardous. It is essential that all lawful directions and advice of the professional hunters be followed at all time. Iran Jasmin or their agents, accept No responsibility for any illness, accident or loss whatsoever incurred in the course of the safari, or from any expenses arising from such illness, accident or loss.
We suggest that personal insurance be taken out against illness or accident before you leave home. We will of course do everything we can to help in any unforeseen situation.
Insurance is essential. Please check that your policy covers safari/ adventure activities and travel to foreign destinations. (It is advisable to bring a copy of your policy with you.) Please ensure that you bring enough personal medication to last the entire trip.

Prohibited items for bringing into the country: 


Company information
Accomodation and Catering

Kind of accommodation 

  • 3 star Hotel
  • Hunting Camp
  • Camps:
    Our camps range from simple guest houses that exist in our game reserves, with electricity, hot shower, clean comfortable camp beds down to local hotels or rustic brick houses and delicious Iranian cuisine.
    Food and Drink:
    All meals are supplied including packed lunches for daily hunting trips. Our trained cooks will prepare delicious meals of game taken on the hunt, as well as beef, mutton and chicken dishes.
    Please notify us well ahead of time if you require a special diet so that this can be arranged for you.
    We supply all local soft drinks, Please don't bring any imported liquors.


  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Three meals per day
  • Facilities, services, rent: 

  • services of Spotters trackers
  • field and camp assistant
  • cooks
  • Kinds of connection 

  • Mobile connection
  • Language


    Additional information


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    Guide services: 
    Necessary documents for import of guns into the country: 

    Rifle and Ammo Requirements:
    The best rifle is one you are comfortable with. The .243 is the minimum legal caliber for Iranian game. 30-06,.270, and .308 are common calibers with local hunters. If very high velocity rifles are to be used, we recommend that the medium weight partition bullets be used. The 264 Winchester mag, 270 weather by mag, 7MM rem mag,7 mm weather by mag, 8 MM-x 68S and similar high velocity flat shooting calibers are highly recommended.

    Help in the transportation of tropheys: 
    Service of taxidermy: 
    Field preparation and packaging of trophy: 
    Additional documents
    Help with CITES Certificate: 
    Help with Invitation for foreigners: 

    Various Type of Safaris

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