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Nairobi District
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Transfer from the place of arrival: Yes
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Passport, Visa, Travel/Medical Insurance, Yellow Fever Certificate

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  • Hotels
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  • Camping

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    English, Swahili

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    About Kenya

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    Safety Precautions While in Kenya

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    Kenya Parks

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    Jehome Tours & Safaris - General Organization

    Welcome Note: Our well trained hostess/representatives will meet you at the airport at arrival and with warm gesture will welcome you to the country with a brief introduction. Confirm all your luggages and if no other business will transfer and check you in hotel, give a short briefing on the do’s & don'ts and the general precautions around and also to confirmed with you the activities of the next day if not departing on safari, and if departing will then state the pick up time.

    Schedule: Our Safaris
    Our camping safaris start at 9:30 am Our safaris while our lodge safari starts a bit earlier at 08:30am because of the lunch at the lodge. At pick up, our hostess will introduce you to our driver guide, and after that if early enough our hostess will help you shop, to buy your drinks, e.g. mineral water etc., cookies and any other you may need, otherwise you can buy on the way, but we highly recommend to buy it before you leave at least for the first few days if going for more than 3 days. All your meals will be catered for either at the campsite by our cook or at the lodge depending on what you booked for Safaris from Mombasa.

    Driver guide/Minibuses
    Jehome Tours top open roof minibuses will give you a comfort of a kind especially when on the game viewing and the best site for photography, not leaving any catch! Our specie minibuses will give space enough to have a window seat each. The excellent skills of our driver guides will give you even a better knowledge of the animals and their history. We shall co-operate with the best transport communication to ensure your total satisfaction and comfortability.

    Game drives
    You would be entitled to a maximum of at least three game drives in a day if not two for a full day at the park. If a private safari then the bus will be at your disposal, meaning you even can choose to skip a game drive and may be do something else as long as you discuss it with the driver, and only if it does not affect the company by the same changes. Game drives is as per the trials according to the regulations of the park, and not to any particular catch if out of track otherwise a penalty is charged to any driver driving out of the trails, this applies to any tourist or driver feeding the animals. No litter to be thrown out the bus, keep your litters in until at the campsite or lodge to dispose them off.

    Car Hire
    24 hr Chapeau driven Car Hire services are available and ofa high recommendation. Take this opportunity and save yourself time no-matter what time your arrival is. Note: 4x4 WD can be arranged on request.

    Left Behind Luggages
    Jehome will ensure that any luggage that you might not need with you on safari will be kept for you at our office till your return from safari. This luggage will only be collected by the person handing it to our personnel (Manager) and its prior to an advance arrangements.

    We also offer an Internet communication at our office where you can ensure updates every time to your family back home as you please. This is all to make our clients more comfortable and feel secure at their stay as well be reachable at all times.

    Dos & Don'ts
    1. Don't provoke/cause noise to disrupt, or call for the attention of the animal, could charge on you, do not throw litter within the park.
    2. No wondering in the park or beyond your campsite .
    3. Don't feed the animals.
    4. Don't go way out of track to be close to the animal.
    5. Don't throw litter outside.
    6. Bring your own sun-lotions/sunglasses/binoculars/cameras.
    7. Bring your drinks.
    8. Bring your flush light/toiletries.
    9. Ask for assistance from the night guards in case you need to help yourself out at night
    10. Always appreciate where possible, if a certain service is rendered to you in the fulfilling manner, to make your counterpart/companions feel acknowledged, and to boost their spirits of working, tip the driver/cook for their good work if wish to appreciate it, but not a must!
    11. We shall ensure that at the end of the safari you are dropped back at your hotel/airport.

    2 Days Amboseli

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    3 Days Amboseli

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    4 Days Amboseli

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    4 Days Masai Mara/Lake Nakuru

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    Air Safaris

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    Special Safaris

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    New Programs

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    Nairobi City Excursions

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