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Kampala district
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Passport, Visa, Travel/Medical Insurance, Yellow Fever Certificate

Visas can be bought at all Uganda missions abroad or at the airport or at any entry point, ie, the border if traveling by road. The visa is ranging from $50 for single entry or more depending with the customs while transit range from $20 minimumly. There are no pictures required.

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  • Hotels
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  • Camping

  • Accommodation in Uganda

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    English, Swahili

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    About Uganda

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    National Parks & Interesting Places of Uganda

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  • River fishing
  • Lake, pond, reservoir fishing
  • Seasons

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  • Nile perch
  • Tiger fish
  • Program of a tour

    Fishing in Uganda

    Fishing is daily done on the small islands of Uganda and this is done on the daily day trips from Entebbe but not for the largest catch! This is mainly for domestic and commercial unlike the Lake Victoria, the Nile Perch where up to 200 and above pounds in weight is caught, keeping the world record of the largest fresh water fish. The message behind is the best fishing skills and equipment. This can be arranged for is requested. Aboard are safety instruments like, Life jackets, GPS, drinks, flares and a communication device, which is very essential. The friendly staff will attend to your need whenever. If need for a full time expert attention its possible but at an extra cost. There are three dynamic regions of fishing in Uganda namely the Lake Victoria, at Ssese Islands, and the Murchison Falls. The fishing is a Big Catch at these regions and the out come is successful, with Nile Perch and the Fish Tiger at the Victoria Nile Delta and the nearby Lake Albert.

    Day 1: Depart your hotel after breakfast for a full day fishing at the Ssese islands on Lake Victoria. Dinner and overnight at the lake fishing campsite at Kalangala Island/Camps.
    Day 2 till day 3: Full days at the lake for a big catch, dinner, and overnight at the campsite.
    Day 4: Transfer to your hotel.
    Note: 1, 2, and 3 days can be arranged on request.


    Tailor made programs are also organized at request which gives the clients the will to choose their Parks of interest at a given time. We organize both camping and lodge safaris and the itineraries depends, there are safaris for 4 days, 6 days 8 days till 14 days trip which takes you all the way into viewing all Uganda special parks. A day or two can also be arranged on request. A combination of both camping and lodge is also applicable and which is also most recommended for the old age who wish to try camping.

    In the event of Gorilla viewing, the permits should be arranged or and obtained in advance to avoid congestion since they are subject to availability, with a great number purchasing one or two yrs before, and only a maximum of 12 people per day are allowed! This is the Mountain Gorillas at Bwindi. It is also a difficult route to Bwindi due to scares of Transport unless private hired means, so advance arrangements are highly recommended here! Unlike Mgahinga which allows only 6 person per day to view the gorillas and the permit is at a shorter notice but it is not guarantee to see the gorillas here since they sometimes immigrate to Rwanda where it is guaranteed and with the best option of viewing otherwise. We have the power and skills to make your holiday dream, and inspiration given a chance!


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