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The Eastern Cape
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    Welcome to John X Safaris! We’re a second generation Safari Outfit located in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. We specialize in Plains Game and Dangerous Game Hunting with an emphasis on quality.

    With over 30 years experience in the safari industry, we’d like to invite you along for an overview of our unique operation and look forward to taking you on a journey to our various concessions, accommodations and facilities.

    John X Safaris welcomes all hunters, no matter what your age, physical condition or hunting capabilities.

    Our family welcomes you to Africa and hopes to share the wonders and vibrant spirit that this great continent has to offer. With just over 30 years experience in the safari industry you can rest assured you are in safe hands when booking a hunt with John X Safaris.

    We pride ourselves on our high percentage of repeat clientele, a direct result of our dedicated team of professional hunters, trackers, skinners, camp staff and office personnel taking care of your every need.

    This is more than a business for us ... it's a way of life and you are invited to become a part of our John X Safaris family.The team looks forward to meeting your every expectation, whether it is your first trip to Africa, a hunt for the big five or the choice of forty different plains game species, we are here to ensure that you experience the safari of a lifetime.

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    The Eastern Cape boasts with three main regions and over forty different species available to our hunters.

    Starting on the coast, hunters can expect the habitat to consist of thick coastal bush with hunting often occurring adjacent to the Indian Ocean or just inland, depending on what species you may be after. Leaving the coast and heading towards the interior the countryside turns into a savannah wonderland with thorn trees dotting the plains and rolling hills. As one starts climbing the escarpment one reaches the watershed, leaving behind a lush belt while dropping over the edge onto the plains of the Great Karoo, with its large herds of game, big mesas and steep gorges, to the breathtaking mountains of the Stormberg range.

    Our hunters can expect to enjoy more than one area on the same safari, hunting species in their natural environment, where they’re naturally of a better quality. On your safari you can choose to hunt the lush coastal forests, the savannah, the open plains of the arid Karoo, or the breathtaking mountains of the north, ensuring we achieve the very best for every tailor made safari.

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