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Transfer from the place of arrival: No
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Baits indicated:
For surface: Baits propellers, Zaras, jumping minnows, poppers, etc..
For midwater and bottom: jigs (very important), spoons, lures and dewlap short and long rattlins.
To fly: flies and various assorted colors.

To throw fishing:
Rods with 25/30 lb 5'6 "to 6'6" long.
Reels and reels with at least 90 feet of 50 lb braided line.
Snaps reinforced, surface lures and baits half water between 11 and 20 cm.

For large catfish:
Lines between 0.70 and 1.00 mm monofilament or 80-100 lbs braided
Circle hooks between 5/0 and 8/0, and draws steel 80/100 lbs, natural baits.
The hotel will provide the boat-sinkers.

Fly Fishing:
Sticks between 8 and 10.
Good quality reel-style baby tarpon, pompano.
Lines saltwater tropical floating, sinking and floating point totally sinking of various densities.

We provide the sinkers at market price

Important Remember:

- Repellent
- Polarized sunglasses (glasses reservations)
- Personal Remedies
- Yellow fever vaccine (take the dose up to 10 days before travel)
- Fishing license MPA ( If you do not have any requests here )
- Take little luggage due to internal flight (The Kalua has laundry service)
- Cap or hat with a brim to protect the ears and neck
- Shield and / or sunblock (30 to 50)

- Repellent type Off
- Light clothing (shirts in light colors)
- Raincoat
- Charger or battery reserves photographic machine
- Waterproof jacket to pack small belongings


English, French

Additional information

Come to the region of Barcelos fish in one of the most complete boats Amazon, explore the wildest rivers and untouched behind his big dream and enjoy a week with all comfort and experience that only the Kalua has to offer. All safety during your stay with us is guaranteed by our experienced guides, each with over 10 years experience in the role. Come fishing with someone who knows the Amazon.

We operate in regions of Barcelos, Santa Isabel do Rio Negro, Rio Branco and Nova Olinda, always in search of the best fishing spots as the water level and time of year.

Barcelos New Olinda

The Kalua has a maximum draft of 1.20 m, allowing access to several tributaries of this immense region. The exploitation of fisheries inaccessible (closed lakes and areas still unexplored) is guaranteed by our experienced guides, each with over 10 years experience in the role.

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    In regions that Kalua browse in your script, you will encounter several species of peacock bass, and of course the amazing and most coveted Tucunaré Acu, these may reach more than 12 kilos.

    The Amazon region is rich in variety of sport fish. Other examples that are present in the fishery are species like the Kalua Traira, Matrinchã, Puppy, Apapa, Arowana, Bicuda and ferocious Black Piranha.

    Besides the beautiful fish, you will come across the most beautiful images of the heart of the Amazon in rivers of dark waters that resemble Coke, alligators, macaws, monkeys, otters, porpoises and other animals from the region.


    Adventure and Comfort

    Come experience an unforgettable experience in one of the last wild places on the planet aboard the Kalua

    85 ft (26 mx 5.80 m) - 1.20 m Draught max
    08 air-conditioned suites with private bathroom
    Living room and Solarium
    Voadeiras 09 - 30 hp engine and electric
    Capacity for 16 fishermen
    Air conditioning in all dependencies

    Scania engine of 420 HP V8 and 02 generators
    TV and satellite phone, dvd, stereo, gps,
    Radar, sonar Furuno and 03 spotlight
    Our support boat for storing groceries, fuel and accommodate the crew.

    Fish Leather

    The demersal fishing in the rivers of the Amazon and strong throughout the year and the region is also well known for aggressive large b: Piraíba, Pirarara, Cachara, Jau, and Giant Stingrays ...

    We rely on the entire infrastructure and expert guides. And the boat is responsible for providing the sinkers at market price.

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