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  • Air Uganda, British Airways, SN Brussels, Kenya Airways, Air Tanzania, Ethiopian Airways, EgyptAir, Emirates and South African Airways
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    Our guided tours feature Mountain Gorillas and wildlife of Uganda, neighbouring Rwanda and Congo. When it comes to your personal safari, you can trust our personalised service and fine reputation for a remarkable African holiday adventure experience!

    Our well arranged itineraries and professional friendly guides enable you to maximise your stay, and your experience with the countries' wildlife, sceneries and people.

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    Uganda is an ideal fishing destination. With one third of the country covered by water, there is plenty of opportunity for sport fishing, for example on Lake Victoria and in Murchison Falls National Park. Fishing for Nile Perch on Lake Victoria in Uganda is an amazing experience: you can catch a 100kg Nile Perch anywhere on the lake or River Nile. Other fish you can catch include catfish of over 50kg, tilapia, tiger fish, Ngara (Genus Alestes), ferocious fighter and barbel.

    In Murchison Falls National Park, sport fishing can be done at the foot of the falls, either from the rocks on the bank of the river or slightly lower downstream in the pools, from the safety of a boat. Access to the fishing spots is either by boat from a point further downstream or by walking down the gorge to the river from the top of the falls.


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