Kyrgyz guide

Region, district, state: 
Chui Region
Scheme how to get to the base
Transfer from the place of arrival: No
Company information
Accomodation and Catering

Kind of accommodation 

  • Hotel
  • Guest houses
  • Residence Cost for 1 person / 1 day: 
    from 80 to 200 US $
    Additional information

    Hunting with hunting birds

    This type of hunting is considered to be the most widespread type of pastime for nomadic people of Kyrgyzstan and today it is a part of their local culture. If you want to become a participant or just to watch the process of such a hunting, we ask you to learn it's traditions. Demonstrative and real hunting with hawk, saker falcon hunt for hare,pheasants, hens and pigeons, with golden eagle for fox and hare.

    Hunting with Kirghizс wolfhounds

    Hunt for wolves, jackals and foxes.

    Hunting of any fowl, cloven-hoofed animals or predators.

    Organizing hunting tours we suggest the following services:
    • meeting/seeing at the airport in Bishkek city
    • accomodation at the hotel and in the camp
    • entry permit in the zone of hunting
    • temporary registration at The Viza and Registration Department
    • transport
    • horses and necessary equipment
    • translators
    • guides
    • catering, including dishes of European and national cooking
    • primary treatment and preparation of trophy by taxidermist

    We provide with the following documents which will be prepare beferohand:
    • veterinary health certificate
    • the report of hunting
    • arm carry permission
    • animal shooting licenсe
    • trophy import permission

    Guide services: 

    Since : 
    15 th of August
    15 th of November

    Species for hunting: 

  • Roe deer
  • Since : 
    1 st of July
    31 st of October

    Brand and caliber of guns:  

  • Blaser R 93 LRS 2 caliber 300 Win-mag, Nosler standard ammo, weight 11.7
  • Cost for a day: : 
    Rental 400 $ for all period
    Service of taxidermy: 
    Field preparation and packaging of trophy: 
    Additional documents
    Help with CITES Certificate: 
    Program of a tour

    Hunting tour. Marco Polo Argali hunting tour

    Hunting season - 15 th of August -15 th of November, 15 th of December - 15 th of February.
    Tour price includes:

    Meeting/seeing at the airport "Manas" in Bishkek city
    Airtickets and hotels booking
    Crossings at airports to the hotel by car, from Bishkek to the hunting ground and back, from the hotel at the airport
    All crossings during a hunt by car and on horses
    Accomodation and catering in the hunting camp
    Huntsmen, cook, translator and attendants services in the hunting camp
    All documents and licenses of hunting
    Shooting of one trophy irrespective of it's size
    Primary treatment and packing of the trophy

    The prices do not include cost of travel to Bishkek from the hunter's arrival country

    You may carry all gotten tropheys at once. Upon the completion of hunting, hunters are to be provided with all necessary documents for transportation of trophy

    Tour duration - 10 days
    Hunting ground - The mountains of Tian Shan , the south coast of Issyk-Kul lake,the height above sea level is 3500-4500 m (each hunter should have warm clothes,sleeping bag, rain jacket to realize hunting tour)

    Accomodation - hotel, camp (detached house, hot and cold water, bathhouse, phone (paid separately), air-conditioner, satellite TV, cuisine, wine cellars and many others! Wildfowl, made as You like, clinical nutrition is possible

    Group composition - 1 - 4 hunters, people who are not interested in hunting, also may take a part. Professionals and huntsmen organize and attend to hunting,whose experience in this sphere is from 5 to 19 years. Obtaining of trophies by coming up or with the help of bring-to-bay method from personal weapon or from the huntsman's weapon (as the customer likes).
    Hunting schedule:
    1 st day - Arrival in Bishkek city, meeting at the airport, transfer to Bishkek city. Checking into hotel. Taking an excursion into Bishkek city and visiting interesting sights of the city.
    2 nd day день - Departure to the camp, to the mountains by cars, the beginning of hunting.
    3 d-8 th days - Hunting for the chosen trophy and other animals.
    9 th day - Transfer to Bishkek, overnight stay at the hotel.
    10 th day - A present from the club, seeing at the airport,flying out of Bishkek.

    Hunting schedule may be changed following with the client. If You want to shoot really big trophey or You are not sure in Your shape, we would recommend to increase the number of hunting days.

    Additional payments:
    Collective charge per 1 hunter (viza* and arm and ammunition import permission to Kyrgyzstan**) - 100$
    Hotel Bishkek one night per one hunter - 80-200$
    Extra day per one hunter - 150$

    Making up of permitting documents of arm import for foreigh citizens, coming with their own arms.

    It is necessary to provide the following data 30 days before arrival:

    name,surname, nationality of clients
    date of birth
    arrival country
    passport number
    arm sort
    arm number
    number of cartridges

    Providing of visa support for foreign citizens. The following information should be provided:

    photocopy of foreign passport
    adress and phone of employment place
    work status
    place of viza arrangement
    stay time on the territory of Kyrgyzstan

    Total price

    per hunter - 17 ph US $, per attendant for a day - 250 US $.


    Kyrgyzstan is a country of high mountains and a great number of slopes. Over 85% of the territory of the country is at a height of 1000 m above sea level and 40% is at a height of 3000 m above sea level. The greater part of the country is occupied with the Tien-Shan mountain system and a part of the Pamirs. Three peaks in Kyrgyzstan are over 7000 m high, they are Pobeda Peak (7439 m), Khan-Tengri at Tien-Shan (6995 m), and Lenin Peak at the Pamirs (7134 m). There are eight districts which can interest mountain climbers. Five of them are at the Tien-Shan and three of them are at the Pamirs.

    The Tien-Shan:
    1. The Central Tien-Shan
    2. Terskei Ala-Too
    3. The Kyrgyz Range
    4. The Western Kokshaal Too
    5. Akshiyrak and Kuylyu

    The Pamirs:
    1. Zaalai Range, Achik-Tash
    2. Turkestan Range
    3. Alai Range

    Kyrgyzstan is an opportunity for hiking for both beginners and professionals. Altitude difference of the relief range from 401 m (the Kulunda Depression) to 7439 m (Pobeda Peak). The country relief is very diverse: the Tien-Shan mountain range separated by intermountain depressions, highly raised surfaces – szyrts, glaciers (total area – 7.3 th sq km), rivers full of rapids, mountain steppes and semideserts, alpine and subalpine meadows. The greater glacier is the Southern Inylchek (60.5 km long) located at Pobeda Peak; the largest river is Naryn (535 m long); the largest lakes except the Issyk-Kul are Son-Kul, Chatyr-Kul, Sary-Chelek.

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