Maliymas Mali

Scheme how to get to the base
Transfer from the place of arrival: Yes
Information for entry in the country
Documents for entry into the country: 

A legal passport with validity extending at least six months following your travel is required.
You must obtain a visa.

Company information
Accomodation and Catering

Kind of accommodation 

  • Hotels
  • Camping
  • Necessary things to bring with you 

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  • Language

    English, French, Spanish, Italian and several local languages

    Additional information

    About Maliymas

    Maliymas is a travel agency -tour operator- owned by a man from Mali with years of prestige and expertise as a tour guide. The office is located in Bamako, Mali’s capital city.
    The Maliymas staff has longtime experience organizing the best tours in West Africa. With a working team that provides services in French, English, Spanish, Italian and several local languages, you are assured of having a guide who can personally share his or her extensive knowledge of this part of Africa, its most intriguing places, its history, traditions, legends, and cultures.

    Experience tells us that all of our customers have been entirely satisfied with their journeys. From the first day to the last we carefully plan and supervise every aspect of the tour. We organize tours throughout Mali and neighboring countries, always offering a quality experience for the best price.

    Our pre-established tours will take you to the most famous places; however, if you need a custom made tour, do not hesitate to ask.

    Accommodations can be provided exclusively in hotels or in a combination of hotels and camping.

    By choosing to vacation in Mali, you help in the development of the country while creating unique memories that will last a lifetime.

    Additional documents
    Help with CITES Certificate: 

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