Mark The Shark

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Necessary things to bring with you 

  • 1-Suntan oil NO.......sunscreen YES

    2-NO FLIP FLOPS...good for beach, but not around fish with teeth

    3-NO BLACK SOLE FOOTWEAR...sneakers are best

    4-NO BANANAS...century old superstition

    5- No personal fishing tackle..i.e., circle hooks, tag sticks, release gaffs etc

    6- No play station video games or the like

    7-No firearms

    8- No GREY GOOSE VODKA, PERRIER WATER, or any other FRENCH products

    9-NO Male SPEEDOS such as BANANA HAMMOCKS or GRAPE SMUGGLING type bathing suits

    10 - No Guy Harvey apparel

    11- BIKINIS AND THONGS WELCOMED ( girls only )

    12 - BRING a spare T shirt.....clothes that you wear have a tendency to get BLOODY

    13 - GOOD idea to bring a towel from your hotel to dry off....God knows you probably paid for it!!

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    Endlish, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French

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