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Moheli Island
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  • AB Aviation
  • Situated in the North of the Mozambique Channel, between Madagascar and the East African Coast, Moheli with with its 211km² is the smallest island of the Comoros Archipelago, also named the Archipelago of the Moon Islands. Its few inhabitants who live in harmony with nature have preserved it untouched until this day.

    Enjoy your stay here - in an environment where noise, pollution and stress are something unheard of. "Mwali, the one that quietly sleeps"


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    Visa is valid for 45 days and cost 30€ per adult (or child more than 16 years old). Visa can be obtained directly at the airport in Moroni and in Moheli (in case you fly in from Mayotte).

    Currently the prevalence of Malaria is relatively low in Moheli but prophylaxis (Malarone or Lariam) is advisable when travelling to the Comoros.

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  • Lodge
  • Moheli Laka Lodge is a holiday resort in the National Marine Park of Moheli in Nioumachoua. We have 15 rooms each with private terrace and ocean view, direct access to the beach and a private bathroom. Our beach villa has a two-room apartment as well as a separate large suite.
    All rooms are within steps of the beach (10m) and the restaurant.
    The "Whale (Bar" which sits on top of the peninsula gives great panoramic views of the lagoon and the isles and magnificent sunsets.

    Our kitchen offers you a fine cuisine of mainly local products and ingredients based on local and international recipes with many products that come straight from what the sea daily offers: fish, shrimps and wild camarons, mangrove crab and lobster, tropical oysters and calamari, fresh fruits and vegetables and accompanied with plantain bananas, manioc, bread fruit etc.

    Our bread, pizza and pastries are made locally.
    You can order the daily menu at noon or in the evening. The daily menu includes a starter, main dish and desert.
    We also offer fine seasonal food “à la carte”.

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    All visitors should pay the total cost estimate in advance by bank transfer (to our account in Slovakia). We do not have a credit card system in the Comoros and cannot accept bank cheques or other forms of payment.

    Guests will have to pay all remaining costs of their stay including excursions and bar/restaurant extras locally in cash. We accept euro as well as Comorian francs.


    French, English

    Additional information

    Friends of Laka Lodge get special rates. You automatically become a friend of Laka Lodge after your first stay! Please be so kind to remind us about your first stay when you come to visit us again. Special rates apply for groups of more than 4 adults or stays of more than 3 nights.

    We organise many other eco-tourism activities such as visits by boat to the lagoon and the Merimani waterfalls, snorkeling in the coral reef around different isles, traditional and troll fishing, visit to the Maki reserve, hiking in the tropical and rain forest, hike from Fomboni to Laka Lodge (4,5h), tour of Moheli. etc. At Laka Lodge you and your children can play also table tennis, beach volleyball, badminton, table soccer, etc.

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    For fishing enthusiasts Moheli offers great opportunities. The open sea waters around Moheli are teeming with Tuna, Sea Bream (Dorade), Merlin, Barracuda, Bonito, Sword Fish and many more. If you really want to have an unforgettable fishing experience, go fishing with the local fisher men in their Laka, the Comorian pirogue with a balancing beam.


    Ecotourism and sport

    Moheli is a 100% eco-tourism destination

    Moheli Laka Lodge will organise all your excursions.

    The entire area south of Moheli is a natural reserve, recognised since 1994 by the United Nations Environmental Programme as National Marine Park. The entire zone is now protected including the coral reefs, the giant sea turtles, the dugong, and you can come to swim in all safety with different kinds of dolphins, Manta Rays, Humpback Whales and snorkel the many coral reefs all around the isles.

    You may choose among different sport activities such as beach volley ball, ping pong, kayaking, badminton, etc.

    Have a quiet walk in the village of Nioumachoua. The villagers and children will kindly greet you and are very friendly. You may then buy locally produced sisal carpets, vanilla and other spices such as cloves, pepper, Muscat, etc.

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