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Zanzibar Island
Vuga Area
Old Stone Town
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    There is a numbers of Fishing Club point and Centers in Zanzibar North Coast is highly recommended for big game fishing in Zanzibar. Monda Africa Tours & Safaris is here once again to relocate you with deep sea fishing grounds.The waters between Zanzibar and Pemba are home to excellent big game fishing and are famous world wide for the exciting opportunities they provide.Further South at Mafia Island and Latham Island there are fishing grounds which are almost untouched with only a few local fishermen there taking the fish. With large schools of barracuda, wahoo, king fish and giant travel in the area all year and seasonal visits from many other species,the fishing off Zanzibar is an experience you will never forget.

    Please join us for a day out Zanzibar Big Game Fishing in the waters of Zanzibarwe can arrange all your deep sea fishing thirst.


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