Morgans Rock

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  • Hotel
  • Your Eco Accommodation
    Resting on a cliff overlooking your private beach just across a jungle suspension bridge

    Spend your days in a spacious bungalow made of precious wood and hand-carved stones. Our beach accommodations are designed by our English architect to experience peace, the power of nature and evoke unique emotions.

    ¨The haciendas, perched 100' above the beach, are set into the treetops below and with large verandas and three-sided screened in designs, the overall impression is that you are staying in a treehouse. Falling asleep at night with a light breeze moving through your hacienda and the sound of the surf rolling and gently crashing below your room is an extremely relaxing sensation. They are set in the jungle - we had a large sloth staying in a tree not far from our hacienda for a few days, howler monkeys can be seen occasionally and tropical birds and iguanas are common throughout the property. And yes, you may find the odd bug or even a harmless red land crab has made its way into your hacienda. The haciendas overlook an expansive curving beach on a private cove below.¨ - Guest comment, Trip Advisor, April 2012.

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    Package Vacations to Nicaragua on a Private Beach with horseback riding, fishing, hikes and monkeys and macaws at Morgan´s Rock. Family vacation packages, couples vacation packages and romantic Honeymoon vacation packages.

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    Immerse in the tropical rain forest on the shores of the Pacific Ocean

    In our eco lodge, you will stay in a luxurious bungalow open to the ocean. You´ll enjoy typical Nicaraguan food, excellent climate and experience the warmth of its people. You can also enjoy a visit to San Juan del Sur, its great bars, restaurants and small beach town feeling.

    Our jungle offers a variety of monkeys, wild birds, sloth, and other wild animals that are great for sight seeing. The private beach is great for relaxing, bathing and having fun in the white sand. You can experience this and many other tours with our local guides that will open your eyes to unusual experiences that makes you appreciate the great outdoors.

    We are sure you will enjoy your time in our tropical rainforest and beach so fill out your reservation form now and join in on the experience.

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    Program of a tour

    Fisherman for a day
    Group cap: 4 pax.
    Duration: 3-4 Hours
    Cost: $150 (2-4 people) or $100 (1 people)


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