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Climbing Grades

Climbing grade: Beginners
This mountaineering level requires basic wilderness experience such as camping, backpacking and basic rock scrambling, where ropes are not usually required. Previous climbing experience is not essential apart of basic outdoor skills for safe and enjoyable passages where open mind provides personal satisfaction. A cardio-vascular fitness which for most people requires training, by running, hiking, cycling, swimming and climbing stairs which are popular aerobic exercises. Physical fitness is the key for a good performace amongst beginners to advanced mountaineers. Ropes are used principally for glacier travel and low angle snow or ice slopes. No climbing experience is required.

Climbing Grade: Intermediate
For this next mountaineering level we should have basic snow and ice-climbing skills and should be comfortable with glacier travel up to 40- 45 degree slopes , moving in a rope team, self arrest, practising crampons and ice axe techniques for traversing and diagonal ascents. Short, steep sections of snow or ice up to about 45 degrees. Previous snow and ice climbing experience is recommended. Good fitness level required for up to 10 hour climbs in high altitude. Our Avenue of the Volcanoes Expedition will give you the experience to practice these skills and learn new techniques.

Climbing Grade: Advanced
This advanced level climbers should be comfortable climbing up to 60 degree slopes on snow travel and ice climbing with exposure involved ; where skills like routefinding ,self rescue, belaying, basic anchor set up systems and crevasse rescue are recommended. Climbs of this grade are exceptionally physically demanding and basic technical skills are required. You should have a past history of climbing experience on smaller peaks.

Climbing Grade: Advanced / Experienced
Climbers should be comfortable climbing on exposed ridges aboove 60 degree slopes and/or 5.8 rock and have a well-rounded past history of climbing experience. Climbing resume required. Vertical ice walls and rock suitable for competent mountaineers who have climbed consistently at these standards. Hard physical effort at extreme altitude which requires thorough preparation based only on your experience of previous expeditions. Our programs are focused for beginners and intermediate mountaineers based on a careful set of guidelines to help develop skills and abilities to deal with long climbs, adverse weather and exposure to altitude as we endure our knowledge to minimize the risks of outdoor activities.


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Additional information

Mountain Legends Inc is a well established local mountain climbing company with 15 years of climbing experience in South America as well as customizing expeditions to your needs.
Our knowledgeable and well experienced guides will provide the best with quality service to achieve each individual personal goal safely and responsable. It is our responsability that our staff being an essential element must have the highest standards of leadership, discipline and instruction to act appropriately in case of any eventuality.
We maintain the vision of achieving serious, high quality guiding in wildnerness medical care and mountaineering instruction to assure you a successful expedition.
The UIAGM / IFMGA (Union Internacionale des Associations des Guides de Montagne) was developed to unify the different mountain guide associations around the world. It is the highest mountaineering qualification and the holder may instruct in all areas of mountaineering including ski mountaineering on and off piste, worldwide. An UIAGM/IFMGA guide is the only person that can guide or instruct professionally on glaciers or alpine climbs.
Accreditation provides a consistent and meaningful standard by which to judge the reliability and professionalism of a climbing service. It informs the general public and land managers that a program utilizes guides who are certified and that all guides in the program have received formal training appropriate to the terrain they guide.

The AMGA (American Mountain Guides Association) accreditation program was developed for guiding programs, schools and services to ensure the highest quality service available. AMGA which is a non-profit organization that seeks to represent the interests of American mountain guides by providing support, education, and standards. The AMGA accreditation program has been developed for guiding programs, schools and services. Certification in specific disciplines by the AMGA is the international standard for individual guides. The AMGA is the country´s only organization to offer a comprehensive training and certification program for mountain guides that is recognized by the International Federation of Mountain Guides Associations (IFMGA).

The SOLO Wilderness Medicine, Outdoor Leadership and Rescue course is the most widely recognized and most often required outdoor leader certification. The Wilderness First Responder course was first developed and taught by SOLO in the mid-1980's. Created to provide outdoor leaders, guides, and rangers with the knowledge needed to deal with crises in remote settings, this 80-hour certification course meets DOT National Standards for First Responder with additional protocols for extended-care situations. Like all SOLO programs, the emphasis of the WFR is on prevention and decision-making. The SOLO WFR addresses the issues of medicolegal concerns, bloodborne pathogens and infectious diseases. The Patient Assessment System, the foundation of the course, trains students to determine what is going on with backcountry patients. Other sessions provide instruction in traumatic situations as well as medical emergencies. Environmental issues such as hypothermia and heat injuries are dealt with in great detail. Practical simulations and labs provide practice in backcountry leadership and rescue skills.
We help you cultivate knowledge skills and good judgement to minimize the risks of objective hazzards in a mountain environment where our perfect safety record promotes your comfort and success while achieving personal rewards in all mountaineer activities. To maximize our potential of safe climbing we develop team work , judgment , skills with outdoor sports activities achieving a lifetime experience in the wilderness.

We are dedicated to protect the environment , the priviledge of enjoying the mountains bring responsabilities and fostering safe and conscientious outdoor recreation. Our objective is to create sensitivity to the mountains' vulnerability minimizing our impact in wilderness preservation . Our minimum charge for this priviledge is to leave no sign of our passing, therefore we support a leave no trace campaign such as permit systems that limit access to National Parks, Ecological Reserves and Environmental Projects.

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Volcanoes of Ecuador

Chimborazo 6310m/20800ft Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Cotopaxi 5897m /19400 ft Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Antisana 5758 m/ 18900ft Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Cayambe 5790m / 19000 ft. Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Iliniza South 5263m/17370ft Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Iliniza North 5126m/16817ft Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)


Our climbing program offers you a safe combination of high altitude experience and physical challenges offering mountaineering a year round pursuit of adventure for a personal balance involving mental and fitness goals.
To maximize our potential of safe climbing we gain experience, judgement, and develop team work with outdoor sports , achieving a lifetime experience in the wilderness.
This program is recommended for beginners and intermediate climbers who want an opportunity to truly develop your mountaineering skills minimizing the risks and exposure through high altitude ascents. Offering a complete acclimatization program where we will spend time on skills review including: glacier travel and crevasse rescue, route finding, rope technique, safe travel, snow climbing and advanced ice axe techniques.

Cotopaxi Special 7 Days Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Iliniza Norte - Cotopaxi - Chimborazo Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Ice School (New) Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Cotopaxi Antisana Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Avenue of the Volcanoes Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Cotopaxi Chimborazo Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Antisana Chimborazo Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

2 Day Ascents

Chimborazo 2 Days/ 1 Night Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Iliniza North 5120 m/ 16900 ft Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Iliniza Sur - 5248m / 17300 ft Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Antisana 5758m /18900 ft Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Cayambe 5790m / 19000 ft Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Cotopaxi 589m / 19400ft Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Chimborazo 6310m/20800ft Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Trip Extensions

Jungle Extensions Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

Galapagos Extensions Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

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