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    Nature Galapagos & Ecuador Cia Ltda, is a Galapagos Tour operatorsand has been created to satisfy our clients with professionalism, efficiency and agility. Our company guarantees the quality of our services, working with honesty and insistence so that your visit to Ecuador, and other different destinations that this company offers, really is a one-time experience.

    Our enterprise is legally established as a Galapagos Travel Agency since 2005 and recognized by the authorities of Ecuador including the Ministry of Tourism and the Chamber of Tourism of Pichincha, official organizations that regulate tourist activities in our country.

    Our Mission
    We are committed to the protection of the environment, carrying out tourist activities with the least possible disruption to nature so that the experience of visiting Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands is truly unique and unforgettable.

    Our Vision
    Our business is dedicated to being one of the best tourism enterprises in Ecuador. With more than 13 years of experience, our professionals are highly knowledgeable about tourism and the area in which we travel. We offer confidence, quality and credible services to our clients without neglecting the conservation and preservation of our natural resources.

    Nature Galapagos & Ecuador is OWNER of SAN VICENTE GALAPAGOS HOTEL (Tourist Class) & LA LAGUNA GALAPAGOS HOTEL (Tourist Superior), this hotels are located in Isabela Island.

    Nature Galapagos & Ecuador has made a selection of programs that will fulfill your expectations of visiting Ecuador without fail. We invite you to discover the magic of Ecuador and all of its charms while navigating through our webpage.

    In the section, GALAPAGOS CRUISES we have selected yachts and sailing ships of the highest quality, security and comfort, so that your stay on these crafts is a memorable experience while visiting the marvelous Galapagos Islands. This section is divided into distinct categories to make your selection easier: First Class, Superior Tourist Class, and Tourist and Economy Class. Realize your dreams.

    In MAGIC OF ISABELA ISLAND (GALAPAGOS LAND TOURS) section, you can discover the delights of Isabela Island. On this island, many species have grouped themselves together, giving this place a special meaning, which is why we call it the Lost Paradise of the Galapagos Islands. We invite you to visit Isabela Island, Santa Cruz Island and San Cristobal,in a very different way. Enjoy reading about the distinct alternatives that this wonderful program has to offer.

    In the section ECUADORS JUNGLE we move to another sector of the country in order to enjoy the incredible experiences of the jungle. Together with the birds' singing, the diverse sounds from insects, owls, and nature's own melody in its pure state, our programs include visiting the Cuyabeno and Yasuni Reserves, where the nature will absolutely hypnotize you.

    The M/Y MONSERRAT TOURIST SUPERIOR CLASS will introduce you to the comfortable alternatives that will take you through one of the most impressive places of the natural world, visiting various islands like Española, Floreana, Bartolomé, Santa Fe, Plazas, and Rábida, each one with a grand variety of flora and fauna. This yacht is ideal for making friends and enjoying an unforgettable voyage. It becomes a part of you.

    Nature Galapagos & Ecuador hopes that our tour proposals entice you to visit.We are ready to plan your adventure in Ecuador with responsibility, professionalism and above all with great happiness so that your dreams of traveling through our country come true.

    "Realize your dreams where the nature becomes part of you"

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    Ecuador Jungle

    Travel deep into the jungle with our special Amazon Rainforest Tours to Cuyabeno and Yasuni National park in the Ecuador Rainforest. Our Amazon Rainforest tours will take you to the best Amazon lodges, such as the Cuyabeno River Lodge, La Selva Jungle Lodge, and Tapir Lodge, which are located in some of the most diverse and incredible areas of the Ecuadorian Rainforest.
    Our Amazon Rainforest Tours, ranging from 4, 5 and 7 days, are truly amazing experiences and have something for everyone to enjoy and do while you are our guest. The only dilemma you may have is once you are in the Amazon Rainforest and surrounded by its peaceful and beautiful environment you just may want to stay a little bit longer.
    So if you are looking for an authentic Amazon Rainforest adventure, look no further. We invite you to come and visit our Amazon Lodges where the world slows to a crawl and the Earth reveals its marvels.
    During the excursions, guests will be escorted at all times by a multilingual and naturalist guide, licensed by the Ecuadorian government allowing them to guide guests within and throughout the Cuyabeno Reserve. Guests will be informed daily about the following day’s activities by their guide on the night before following dinner. The guide may adjust the itinerary due to weather conditions or guest requirements. On the first day of all our programs, guests will be assigned life vests and rain ponchos; rubber boots will be supplied on the following day. This gear will be the guest’s responsibility throughout their stay and must be returned to a representative on the last day of the program. Please bring this gear with you when required and or advised by the guide. Even though the Cuyabeno River is quite serene, we remind and request our guests to wear their life vests at all times during our canoe excursions. Rubber boots must be used during all treks and we recommend you keep your rain gear with you at all times.

    AMAZON JUNGLE TOURS 4 days / 3 nights

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    AMAZON JUNGLE TOURS 5 days / 4 nights

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    Camping Full Adventure Tour 6 days / 5 nights

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    4 Day Tour in Cuyabeno

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    Galapagos & Amazon Jungle Tour
    Galapagos, Quito and Cuyabeno Reserve 12 days/ 11 nights

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    Ecuador Tours: Mainland & Adventure

    Quito City & Surroundings
    Ecuador Tours will amaze all kind of travelers, from the classic Quito City Tour, with some neat bites of history and arts, to adventure and adrenaline filled mountain climbing. Not to mention you can delights yourself on Ecuadorian cuisine alongsinde the eternal Andean landscapes on the route.
    Take a look at this exciting daily tours and let us know what you want to do, we will arrange your ideal itinerary plus a suiting hotel option at Quito City. Make this the perfect combination to your Galapagos

    WITHIN THE CITY LIMITS Classic Quito City Line Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

    Teleferico Cable Car + Middle of the World Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

    FULL DAY QUILOTOA LAGOON Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

    FULL DAY PAPALLACTA SPRINGN POOL Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

    FULL DAY MINDO CLOUD FOREST Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

    Quito City By Night (3 hrs) Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

    FULL DAY COTOPAXI NATIONAL PARK Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

    FULL DAY OTAVALO MARKET & SURROUNDINGS Показать (To show more details)/Скрыть (Hide)

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