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Transfer from the place of arrival: Yes
Information for entry in the country
Documents for entry into the country: 

-SAP 520 Form

Additional Requirements along with the SAP 520 are the following:

-Identity and Flight Details.
-Return Airline Ticket.
-Other Supporting Documentation.
-Proof of Ownership.
-Firearm licenses, documentary proof, etc. For USA Citizens, Customs Declaration Form 4457 (officially stamped) is acceptable.
-Proof of Export. Documentary proof of export from the country of origin.
-Motivation Letter from Client. This is a letter from the client stating that he is temporarily importing the referred to firearm/s for the purpose of hunting, to include that the firearm/s are required as he will be hunting (list the species to be hunted), etc.
-Invitation Letter from the Hunting Outfitter. This is supporting documentation from the Hunting Outfitter/company with whom the client will be hunting, to include full name of company, full contact details and address, dates and location where the client will be hunting and confirming that the applicant will be using the specific firearms being applied for.
-Any Other Supporting Documents

Firearms will be physically inspected to ensure the serial number(s) match those of the licenses (proof of ownership) and the application form. Ammunition will also be inspected.
For visitors clearing customs at the OR Tambo International Airport, please take note of the following procedure to be followed on arrival:
-Clear passport control in the Terminal where your flight arrives (generally SAA and its co-partners at Terminal 2 and all other airlines at Terminal 1).
-Proceed to baggage claim at the respective carousel. Pick up general baggage, then proceed to the respective Airline Help Desk to pick up firearm/s from the airline company and sign a receipt for the firearm/s. Ask the Airline Help Desk to direct you to the South African Police Firearm Office. Depending on the terminal where you arrive, they may need to escort you to the office.
-Proceed to the South African Police Firearm Office (do not at this point proceed to customs).
-On receipt of the temporary import permit at the SAPS Firearm Office, proceed to Customs, the Red Zone, where you declare the firearm/s and finish other custom clearance procedures.
For those visitors clearing customs at any of the other international points of entry, please take note of the relevant information made above which relates to documentation requirements, etc.
Please insure sufficient time is allowed to go through the temporary importation process and to clear customs. During the busy periods of the hunting season up to seventy clients may be needing permits at the same time. We would therefore recommend at least five (5) hours be set aside for this procedure and between connecting flights.

Company information


Guide services: 
Necessary documents for import of guns into the country: 

-Smallest calibre 7mm.
-Minimum energy (Eo - muzzle velocity): 1350 Joule for Springbuck, Duiker etc.
-2700 Joule for Hartebeest, Wildebeest, Kudu, Gemsbuck, Eland etc.
-5400 Joule for Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino etc.
-No solid point cartridge is allowed to be used on antelope or any other species. !! Handguns and automatic weapons are prohibited. !!

A Hunting Guide, Master Hunting Guide or Professional Hunter with additional qualifications for bowhunting must guide trophy hunters. Bowhunting for trophies may only take place on game farms and areas which are registered for this purpose with the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Hunting permits for various game species must be organized by the outfitter.
Bow energy is specified as follows:
-Small Game - 25 ft/lb
-Medium Game - 40 ft/lb
-Large Game - 65 ft/lb.

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Help in the transportation of tropheys: 
Service of taxidermy: 
Field preparation and packaging of trophy: 
Additional documents
Help with CITES Certificate: 
Program of a tour

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