О нас (About us)

Dear Friends!

The idea of creating our website “huntersforluck.com" has occurred as the opportunity to provide the best and the most objective information for all hunters, anglers, and those who like active life.
Formerly, when tourists planned their trip, they had limited pieces of information about hunting and fishing areas which were enlarged by word of mouth. After scrupulous searching, analyzing, and gathering of information about Russian and international companies providing hunting and fishing, we have created our website "hunters forluck.com", which gives you the opportunity to get all necessary information and book a trip easily, at the outfitters’ price and under their terms. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all prices on our website "huntersforluck.com" are indicated directly by our partners and don’t include any fees and extra charges.
There is a special chat on our website «huntersforluck.com» which can help you to plan your trip. Imagine that you discuss your achievements in hunting and fishing with your friends thereby you help other people to plan their trip. Whatever kinds of hunting or fishing you are searching, our website, more than any others, suggests you a great deal of useful information, no matter if you are a beginner or a professional hunter or angler.
So, Good luck to you!
Sincerely Yours “Hunters for Luck”