Offer for rendering of informational services

Offer for rendering of informational service

1. General Provisions

1.1. This Offer is a formal proposition of “Hunters for luck” Ltd, hereinafter referred to as the Executor. This Offer concerns rendering of advertising services and proposes to sign a Contract for rendering of informational services on terms of this Offer.

1.2. In accordance with Item 2 Article 437 of Civil Code of Russian Federation this document is a public Offer. In case when an individual or a legal person accepts the following terms of the Contract and payment for services by “Hunters for luck” Ltd (makes an Acceptance of this Offer), this person is considered as a Customer (Item 3 Article 438 Сivil Code of Russian Federation).

2. Notions and Definitions.

2.1. Offer is a business proposal made by the person for one or several persons, which is definitely aimed at signing the Contract with the offeree, with the indicated necessary terms.
Acceptance is an absolute acceptance of terms of the Contract.

2.2. Site is a whole set of electronic documents (files), which an individual person or an organization possesses in the computer network. These documents are combined with one Internet address/domain name –

2.3. Information services are services rendered by the Executor, which are connected with putting the Customer's advertising materials in the Internet on the site

2.4. Rules- the conditions of putting the advertising and informational materials in the site by the Customer.

2.5. Customer is a person, who made the Acceptance of the Offer. This person is a Customer for the information services on the site with the signed Contract.

2.6. Materials are the advertising and informational materials, information about services, which the Customer performs. This information should not contradict the contents of the site. The materials are put in form of text, text and graphiс сells, fotos and banners.

2.7. Tourist is an Internet user, a person who performs a temporary trip to another country or to an area which is not considered as a permanent residence for the Tourist. The period of a trip can be from 24 hours to 6 months during a calendar year.

2.8. Tour is a rendering of service by the Customer in the field of hunting and fishing arrangement, visiting national parks and nature reserves, country- and ecotourism.

2.9. Commission is a payment for realization of the commercial operations and transactions. It is usually calculated in per cents from the amount of transaction.

3. Subject of the Contract.

3.1. The subject of this Offer is an onerous rendering of information services by the Executor for the Customer in compliance with terms of this Offer.

4. The Executor's duties.

4.1. The Executor puts the Customer's informational and advertising materials free in the Internet in the site

4.2. The Executor gives the possibility to the Customer to put and edit the materials in the site

4.3. The Rules of putting the information in the site
by the Customer.

4.3.1. All information, put by the Customer in the site, should be reliable and precise, it should include price for the rendered services.

4.3.2. The Customer must put the information, which corresponds only to the contents of the site.

4.3.3. The Customer puts the information concerning only hunting and fishing grounds, properties and estates, which are located within the territory of his country. The Customer should also indicate the routes of ecotourism. The Customer can put the materials concerning other countries only in case, if he possesses hunting and fishing grounds there or he has his own tour routes in ecotourism there.

4.3.4. It is prohibited to put on the site links with other information, which does not correspond to the contents of the site.

4.3.5. The Executor has a right to refuse the registration without explanation or to demand the documents from the Customer, which confirm his right to put the information in the site.

4.4. The Rules of formation/booking of the Tourist's trip.

4.4.1. The Executor gives a possibility to a Tourist to fill in the Application of booking in the site The Tourist should indicate his passport data, the period of hunting/fishing (the number of days), the desired catch (to indicate the species of animals or fish) and price of the tour/package tour.

4.4.2. The Executor sends this application to the Customer by e-mail, Skype or by fax in order to get the confirmation of tour booking.

4.4.3. The Customer informs the Executor at e-mail, Skype or fax about possibility of booking. The Customer indicates time of payment for the tour, presents the rules and conditions of hunting and fishing, informs about possible supplementary conditions, danger, insurance against accidents and transportation of trophies out of the country.

4.4.4. The Executor informs the Tourist about confirmation of the tour, methods of payment, rules and terms of making a trip.

4.4.5. The Tourist can pay for Customer’s services in the following way:

─ the Customer withdraws from the Tourist’s credit card the sum, necessary for booking of the tour, if he has corresponding authorities for such actions;

─ the Tourist himself pays to the Customer on the ground of account or another payment document, rendered by the Customer through the settlement account, bank transfer, credit cards, electronic payment systems as PayPal, Webmoney, QIWI and other convenient for the Customer systems;

─ If necessary the Tourist pays a deposit to the Customer within the terms defined by the Customer. The Tourist does the final payment prior or after his arrival. The method of payment is agreed with the Customer.

4.4.6. The Tourist transmits his money to the Customer's account and on arrival in the place signs necessary documents with the Customer.

4.4.7. After receipt of full amount of money, the Customer informs the Executor about this and pays him a Commission, which amounts to 10 % of the tour price. The tour price must include the Commission. Any tour price, put in the site, must coincide with the Customer's tour price.

4.4.8. In case if the Customer does not pay the Commission or breaks payment period, the Executor has a right to delete the Customer's informational materials on the site

4.4.9. The Executor has a right to hide the fields with the Customer's address, e-mail and telephone number. This information is given to the Tourist after filling in the application and booking of a tour.

4.5. To simplify use of the site, the Executor puts there a video instruction in Russian, English and German languages.

5. The Customer's duties.

5.1. The Customer must observe the rules of putting the informational materials in the site

5.2. The Customer must observe the rules of tour booking.

5.3. The Customer must pay in time the Commission to the Executor for his rendered services.

5.4. The Customer must inform the Executor at e-mail, Skype or fax, that he transferred the Commission to the Executor's account.

5.5. The Customer should send his wishes and comments concerning cooperation at e-mail info [at] , support [at]

6. The responsibility of Parties.

6.1. The Executor is not responsible for Customer's actions in relations with the Tourist. The signed Agreement between the Customer and the Tourist defines their relations.

6.2. In case if the Tourist rejects to use the Customer's service due to various circumstances after payment to the latter, the Executor does not return a Commission to the the Customer.

6.3. The Customer solves all problems and points at issue between him and the Tourist by himself.

6.4. The Customer is responsible for reliability of materials, put in site The Customer is responsible for conformity of his informational materials with the demands of Federal Law of Russian Federation «Advertising», for conformity of his informational materials with the Legislation of the countries, where the Customer carries out his commercial activity and renders the advertising services.

6.5. The Customer is responsible to third parties for the contents and kind of advertisement, for the rendered service.

6.6. The Customer guarantees, that at putting the materials the Customer does not infringe copy and allied rights of third parties, including ownership copy and allied rights, and also inalienable personal non-property rights.

6.7. In case if there are complaints concerning infringement of copyright by the Executor, the Customer adjusts the dispute by himself and for his own account.

6.8. In case if there are disputes concerning the relations, following from
this Contract, the parties must adjust the disputes by negotiations.

6.9. The Executor is not responsible for direct or indirect damage, caused to the Customer due to use or disuse of services and for damage, caused due to mistakes.

6.10. The Customer bears responsibility for his login and password, for damages, caused due to its unauthorized use.

7. Cost of services and procedure of payment.

7.1. All calculations concerning the Contract are made in Russian rubles (RUB), US dollars (USD) or euro (EUR), subject to the Customer's country location.

7.2. The Customer should pay the Commission during one month after the Tourist had paid completely for the tour.

7.3. The payment should be transferred to one of the Executor's settlement accounts, subject to the kind of currency or through the Payment Systems: PayPal, Webmoney, QIWI.

7.4. The Customer informs the Executor about the paid Commission at e-mail info [at] , support [at]

8. Acceptance of the Offer and signing the Contract.

8.1. The Customer makes Acceptance of the Offer by way of putting his informational materials in the website, in relation to which the Contract is signed during the period of Acceptance, taking into consideration terms of Item 7 of this Offer.

9. The period of Contract validity and alteration of the Contract.

9.1. This Offer comes into effect since the moment of its signing by the Customer (Item 8.1.) and functions with no fixed term.

9.2. The Executor has a right to alter terms of the Offer or to withdraw the Offer at any time his own way. In case if the Executor alters the Offer, these alterations come into effect since the moment of their publication, if other period of their coming into effect is not fixed at the publication.

10. Cancellation of the Contract.

10.1. The Contract can be early cancelled:

10.1.1. under the agreement of Parties at any time;

10.1.2. by the Customer unilaterally in case if the Customer does not accept a new version of the Contract. The Customer must inform the Executor about this 10 days before the date of Contract cancellation;

10.1.3. on the ground, provided by the Legislation of Russian Federation.

11. Other terms.

11.1. The Parties agree to consider the Contract signed in electronic form and to consider it legally operative, when it is certified with electronic and digital signature by both Parties, if the Customer has such signature.

11.2. The Parties must keep all information received from each other in a secret. The Parties must not disclose and lay open to the public such information. The Parties must not give the information to third persons without preliminary written authorization of the Party, which provides with the information.

11.3. In case if some Party changes its address or Essential Elements, it is necessary to inform another Party about this in written form during 3 days since the moment of changes.