„Hunters for luck“ Company offers cooperation to promote the brand of “Hunters for luck” on terms of this Partnership Agreement. We invite travel agencies and legal persons, which have an experience in the sphere of hunting, fishing and ecotourism to cooperate with us, that is to book tours on the basis of this Partnership Agreement and to build sales network in their region. On our website www.huntersforluck.com we have tour packages of more than 1000 outfitters and tour operators from every corner of the globe. There are more than 140 countries and more than 300 thousands tours placed in hunting, fishing and ecotourism sections on this website.
Please, look through this Partnership Agreement attentively.

Registration and signing this Partnership Agreement with „Hunters for Luck.com” means the acceptance of conditions in this Partnership Agreement.
1. Definitions
Company is a legal person „Hunters for luck Ltd.”, possessing an international online-booking system in the sphere of hunting, fishing and ecotourism.

Partner is a legal or an individual person registered on the website www.huntersforluck.com, who accepts conditions of this Partnership Agreement and has its own Identification Number on this website.

New Partner is a participant involved by the Partner to the Partnership Agreement and registered on the Company’s website.

Tourist is person, who temporarily travels abroad or within the bounds of his country for a period from 24 hours up to 6 months during 1 calendar year.

Tour is a travel package, offered to Tourists.

Tour Organizer is a tour operator or an outfitter, who professionally arranges and forms hunting, fishing or other tours.

Partner’s Royalty is a part of income, which the Company pays to the Partner on the basis of this Partnership Agreement (Chapter 5).

2. Main Terms and Conditions
2.1. According to this Agreement the Partner is obliged to promote and to book travel packages, placed on the website www.huntersforluck.com
2.2. According to conditions of this Agreement the Company gives a non-exclusive Distributor’s right to the Partner. The Company has a right to sign Contracts with other Partners with the purpose to attract more Tourists.
2.3. The Company gives a personal Identification Number to the Partner and creates his personal online- account. The Partner’s contact information can be found in “Partnership” section on the website.

3. Rights and Responsibilities of the Company.
3.1. The Company has a right to change any conditions in Partnership Agreement. The Company sends a notification about it to the Partner by email, post or by notice on the Company’s website www.huntersforluck.com
3.2. The Company has a right to change the parameters of paying Royalties to the Partner, in case of failure to comply with the demands of this Agreement.
3.3. The Company has a right to request a detailed report from Partner about discharge of obligations within Partnership Agreement and to appoint an independent accountant, if it is necessary.

4. Rights and Responsibilities of the Partner.

4.1. Tourist is considered to be found by the Partner in case, if Partner’s account (Identification Number) is indicated in the Booking Form for tourists on the Company’s website or if the headline of the Inquiry contains Partner’s website, which is necessary for storing in cookie-files of the browser.
4.2. The Partner is obliged to inform the Company about all facts and circumstances, which can cause negative consequences for the Company.
4.3. The Partner is obliged not to be somehow connected with Tour Organizers registered on the Company’s website and not to sign any contracts directly or indirectly with them regarding booking tours.
4.4. The Partner does not have a right to organize money relationships with Tourists, namely the receipt of money, charge and banking cards, etc.
4.5. The Partner can not use trade marks and trade names, the results of intellectual activities without written allowance of the Company, because the Company has an exclusive right for them.
4.6. The Partner is fully responsible for keeping his login and password given at registration on the website in the beginning of Partnership Agreement.
4.7. The Partner should not make any total copies or any part of the Company’s website on his own server.
4.8. The Partner can not attract Tourists by any inadmissible advertising methods, such as:
- letters and messages, containing insulting and rude phrases;
- advertising on immoral websites, including websites with violence and pornography;
- advertising with deliberately corrupted information about the Company’s services.
The Partner can distribute the information about tours only on Recipient’s initiative.
4.9. The Partner is responsible for advertising services and goods. The Partner should keep in mind, that definite kinds of services, for example hunting, are prohibited in some countries.
4.10. The Partner is responsible for credibility of registration data at signing the Partnership Agreement.
4.11. The Partner can build his affiliate network, involving new reliable Partners for cooperation.

5. Royalty Payment.

5.1. The Company pays Royalty to the Partner for every completed transaction, accomplished by found by him Tourists.
5.2. Partner’s Royalty scale depends on the number of deals per month, accomplished by the Partner.
5.3. The Partner can get an additional Royalty from the Partnership Agreement due to new involved Partners. The additional Royalty is calculated on the basis of number of deals per month, accomplished by the New Partner and amounts from 3 % to 5 %.
5.4. Calculation of Partner’s Royalty.

The number of deals per month (sold tours) Partner’s Income
(% from income according to Partnership Agreement.)
Additional Partner’s income (% from the Partnership Agreement), depending on the number of deals accomplished by the New Partner
1 to 100 35% 3%
101 to 250 40% 4%
250 45% 5%

5.5. The Additional Royalty amounts from 3 % to 5 % of income of the Partnership Agreement and is credited to the Partner depending on the number of accomplished deals in previous month by the New Partner.
5.6. Example:
A Tourist has booked a tour through the New Partner. By results of his work in the previous month, his Royalty amounts to 45 % from income of the Partnership Agreement. The Partner, who involved this New Partner, gets an additional Royalty at the rate of 5 % from the deal accomplished by the New Partner from income of the Partnership Agreement.

5.7. The Additional Royalty is credited only after registration of the New Partner. The involved New Partner must indicate in his registration form the ID of the Partner who involved him into the Partnership Agreement.
5.8. The New Partner can also involve new participants to the Partnership Agreement by means of their registration on the Company’s website and the New Partner can also get an Additional Royalty from their deals.
5.9. An amount of money which the Partner gets for involving New Partners does not diminish their income. The Company pays it from its own income.
5.10. The Company pays a Royalty to the Partner monthly till 25 day of every month, following the reporting date at the condition if the Tourist completes his tour.
5.11. If the sum of Royalty to the Partner does not exceed 200 € or 250 $, the Company has a right to postpone the payment to next month, when the necessary sum is earned.
5.12. Royalty payment is made to Partner’s bank account, indicated at the registration.
5.13. Service payment for accomplishment of conversion and transaction is made at the expense of the Partner.
5.14. The Partner fulfills independently his tax and other liabilities in accordance with the current Legislation of the country.

6. Expiration date of the Partnership Agreement.

6.1. Partnership Agreement comes into effect from the date of signing it for indefinite period.
6.2. Every party can terminate this Partnership Agreement in any time, by any reason by means of written notification of another party or by email.
6.3. This Partnership Agreement can be terminated immediately by any party without a written notification of another party by the following reasons:
- any of the parties is on the stage of voluntary or forced liquidation;
- if an application is put in for bankrupcy procedure or acknowledgement of insolvency;
- considerable violation of terms of this Partnership Agreement by any of the parties.

6.4. In case of disputes regarding the Partnership Agreement, the parties take all necessary measures to solve these problems by means of peace negotiations.

7. Release from responsibility.

7.1. The Partner releases from responsibility all workers of the Company: directors, office workers, employees and representatives from different kinds of debts, losses, damages and expenses, being as a result of crude violation of terms of this Partnership Agreement.
7.2. By no means parties are responsible for complete or partial failure to meet the obligations in case of force majeure, flood, earthquake, fire or other natural disasters; military operations or other extraordinary circumstances, which are beyond control of the parties.

8. Denial of responsibility.

8.1. Any party can not give guarantees or make statements, if it is not specified in the Partnership Agreement in relation to functional capabilities regarding this Partnership Agreement.
8.2. Every party admits possible difficulties, which can appear at using the Internet, namely changing the Internet speed and network congestion, causing problems with an access to the website. In connection with it any party is not responsible for consequences of every break in working of the website.
8.3. By no means any party is responsible to another party for direct, indirect, special and subsequent damages, such as loss of income, a loss or an injury to business standing, punitive or accidental damages in connection with the signed Partnership Agreement.

9. Party Relations.
9.1. Both parties are independent persons, who do not have any joint enterprise, agency, association, franchise, representative office or “Employer-Employee” relations.

9.2. The Partner can not offer, accept offers or make statements on behalf of the Company.

10. Confidentiality.

10.1. The Parties accept, that at signing this Partnership Agreement every party has a direct or indirect access to confidential information of another Party. This information can contain information about tourists, financial and technical information, pricing policy, volume of transactions, business plans and statistics.
10.2. The Parties agree, that the party receiving a confidential information, does not have a right to use this information for personal purposes, except this Partnership Agreement.
10.3. The Parties accept, that only authorized personnel can have an access to confidential information. They do not have a right to copy, publish, distribute, reproduce, disclose and divulge any confidential information to third parties.
10.4. Confidential information can be disclosed to third parties in accordance with the Legislation in the course of investigation, by order of court or pubic authority.

11. Miscellaneous Items

11.1. Jurisdiction.
Conditions of this Partnership Agreement will be regulated only by laws of RF. Any disputes connected with this Partnership Agreement must be settled exclusively in accordance with the Legislation RF.

11.2. All notifications and messages within the Partnership Agreement should be sent to this email: info [at] huntersforluck.com.

12. Conclusion

12.1. The Partner confirms, that he became familiar with the document and he accepts all terms of this Partnership Agreement.