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    Due to the island’s remoteness and lack of pollution we have crystal clear water allowing excellent visibility so that you can see our magnificent marine life or the wreck of the SS Cornwallis and the world famous HMS Bounty.
    We ask please that you enjoy what you see and do not collect samples to take home so that others too may enjoy the experience after you have gone.

    Fishing - boat or rock
    Weather permitting you may like to spend a day fishing whilst at Pitcairn. Our waters have not been overfished so you will catch fish. From the rocks you are likely to catch locally named Nanwee, O’papa, a thick lep or “puove” . You may even find a crayfish in a rock pool. A boat fishing catch may consist of Nanwee, “Farfarya” red snapper, wahoo or yellow fin and dog tooth tuna or a successful lobster trap full of “Moreton Bay bugs” or lobsters.

    Whale Watching
    During the months of June to October you may also sight humpback whales on their migration south. As these are wild creatures we can not guarantee sightings but these are some of the viewings that have occurred recently. For a relaxing time, you might like to sit back with a book and scan the crystal clear ocean and take your own photo.

    Self guided tours
    There are a variety of walks that can you can safely do at your own pace following the road signs along the way. You might like to take a walk to our highest point, “Palwa Walley”, at 1100 feet or to “Ships Landing Point” and spend the day there with a packed lunch, a book and enjoy the tranquillity or take a leisurely meander along the Eco Trail. Our resident Galapagos Tortoise “Ms T” lives free range at Tedside and loves a visit with fresh fruit that you hand feed her if you would like to take a walk down there.

    Guided Tours
    Hiking/Climbing is also an option for the fit and able however we recommend attempting these activities only with a local guide. You may like to scale the cliff up to Christian’s Cave and sit where Fletcher Christian sat and pondered his rebellious actions, see the Stone Age quarry at “Tautama” or the petro glyphs at “Down Rope”, scramble along Gannets Ridge or Long Ridge just to enjoy the breathtaking view.
    There are many well maintained public toilets, called “duncans”, along the main roads for your convenience along the way.

    You may want a swim in the beautiful natural rock pool at “St. Paul’s” or snorkel to see the baby fish but once again, check the conditions or go with a local.

    Quad Tours
    There are three quad tour options on offer. “The Historical”, “The Scenic” or a “The Complete” which is a combination of both. Prices range from $15 USD to $40 USD per person. We recommend taking one as soon as you can after arriving as this is a great way to get an overview of the beauty of Pitcairn and seeing where you might like to spend more time during your stay.

    Other Tours
    Pitcairn boasts the purest honey in the world. Maybe you would like to arrange a bee tour with one of our apiarists to see how the honey is made.

    Handicraft making/Culture
    Handicrafts and souvenirs are the main source of income for Pitcairners. Each family have their specialties for sale or you might like to purchase lessons and learn how to weave a Pitcairn basket or make a wooden curio from beautiful local timber during your stay and take home your own handmade souvenir.

    Bird watching
    Pitcairn has one endemic species, the Pitcairn Reed-warbler (Acrocephalus vaughani), along with a number of sea birds. A Pitcairn and Henderson trip allows the opportunity for you to view all of the endemic species that the Pitcairn Islands has to offer.
    Henderson has four endemic birds, Henderson Crake (Porzana atra), Henderson Fruit-dove (Ptilinopus inslaris), Henderson Lorikeet (Vini stepheni), Henderson Reed-warbler (Acrocephalus taiti). There are also fifteen non-endemic seabirds. Other endemic species include nine plants (of the sixty-three species on island), four land snails (of sixteen species), and one butterfly. Although Henderson is virtually uninhabitable, archaeological evidence suggests that it was inhabited by a small Polynesian permanent colony between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries until this group disappeared.


    There are many more things to do on this little island.

    You might like a pampering session at Jacq’s Place where Jacqui Christian provides a professional Polynesian Lomi Lomi or Pohaku hot stone Massage or a pedicure and hair dressing services Michele’s Salon.
    Have a meal out at Christian’s Cafй and Bar or a coffee and snack at Flatchers Cafe. Meal times can be arranged to suit you.
    Andy’s nightclub offers the latest music videos, smoke machine, disco lights, dance music and bar service.
    Darts at Pirate Pawls may be your preferred evening entertainment or just a quiet DVD at your homestay.
    If you are visiting and it is a local’s birthday, you may be invited to a public dinner where we all celebrate with the birthday boy or girl of any age.

    We are sure you will not be bored whilst on Pitcairn!

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