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East Sepik Province
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PNG FRONTIER ADVENTURES is owned and operated from Wewak (capital of East Sepik Province) by Chris Karis, an indigenous Papua New Guinean from the Sepik River, supported by Susan Baker (English) who is the administrator manager .
Together they have formed a bi-cultural link to benefit and assist both the overseas visitor and the Sepik River people through sustainable eco-tourism.
With Chris originating from the Middle Sepik region and having been initiated himself, he has the wealth of understanding of his culture and his people.
Susan, a European who has been a long term resident in PNG has a background in journalism and travel. This combined with a passion for the people of the Sepik River makes the partnership a unique and complimentary duo in this eco-tourism venture.
PNG FRONTIER ADVENTURES has built up a reputation of personal/sensitive and caring services for visitors from around the world and has the full backing from the Sepik River people themselves. (See our References) . They have been highly recommended in the honely Planet Guide Book (2005 Edition).
Apart from sustainable eco-tourism, our main objective is for both the visitor and the villager to enjoy inter-reaction with each other in the village setting and thereby gain knowledge and understanding of each others cultures and belonging in the world.
We use four wheel drive vehicles, to meet with motorised dug-out canoes for transportation along the Sepik River to our guest houses or selected family houses with-in the villages.
Within our adventures we encourage our visitors to join with the local community by participating in every day village life (fishing, crocodile hunting, sago making etc) thereby gaining a true in-sight into the people’s lives rather than a voyeuristic approach.

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