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XI region of Aysen
Scheme how to get to the base
Transfer from the place of arrival: Yes
Company information
Accomodation and Catering

Kind of accommodation 

  • Deluxe fishing lodge
  • Standart fishing lodge
  • Fishing cabin
  • Accommodation

    The two lodges are strategically sited in the two valleys where there is no access to the general public. Every day means a completely different fishing scenario.

    The first site in the Valdivian temperate rain forest is equipped with:

    - I wooden lodge:
    (There is a another lodge style building for guides and the rest of the support team)

    * Auxiliary camp with cooking facilities and tents
    * Purpose built shelter for the barbeque
    * Lounge and dining room with open fireplace
    * Hot tub
    * Landing stage/jetty
    * Different sized jetboats for transport and fishing. Cataraft used in the different fishing locations
    * Rooms:

    o 3 single rooms and 2 bathrooms
    o 1 double room with ensuite bathroom

    The second site is of the highest standard and is equipped with:

    * Deluxe lodge
    * Auxiliary cabin. Useful when fishing the more remote areas of the ranch
    * Horses and all the necessary equipment for excursions inside the ranch. Opportunity to spend the night under canvas out on the range.
    * Purpose built outdoor shelter for the barbeque
    * Combined lounge dining room with open fireplace
    * Catarafts to facilitate fishing
    * 6 ample double rooms with ensuite bathroom

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  • River fishing
  • Fly fishing
  • Seasons

    Program of a tour

    Steppe and Forest Tour

    Adventure and deluxe fishing for trout and salmon from two select lodges in the Valdivian temperate rain forest and the Patagonian steppe.


    This exciting trip enables the angler to enjoy the adventure of fishing in the most remote spots – way off the beaten track - but with all the creature comforts the lodges provide.

    The itinerary combines two locations in the same area with completely different climates and vegetation crossed by two valleys where access is strictly limited.

    - 1. Access to this location is only possible by jet boat. The location is in the Valdivian temperate rain forest, an area of lush vegetation and countless waterfalls as a result of the constant and characteristic rains.

    - 2. The other valley where access is strictly limited is inside an enormous sheep ranch of about 560 square miles (145 000 ha. – 360 000 acres). It is surrounded by steppe and hills. Although the climate is dry there are countless extensions of water.

    Trip details

    Where: XI region of Aysen, Chile
    Accommodation: Deluxe fishing lodge, standard fishing lodge and fishing cabin
    Capacity: 6 anglers
    International Airport: Santiago de Chile
    National Airport: Balmaceda (Coyhaique)
    Species: Brown trout, rainbow trout and king salmon
    When: November - April
    Best time: December - Feb – March
    Trip lasts: 13 days / 12 nights
    Fishing days: 9 complete fishing days


    Imagine lodges in the heart of virtually unexplored waters

    The heavily forested valley offers nature, pure nature. An extensive area of local forest featuring stands of cypresses and Magellan’s beech which will be the heart of a private park.

    Rivers, streams and stillwaters where large flies imitating terrestrials and dragon flies will tempt hefty brown trout and rainbows. Combine this fishing with half days at the lodgeside pools full of enormous king salmon.

    Dream of a ranch just for you. A ranch with hundreds of rivers, ponds and spring creeks full of trout just waiting to be caught!

    Just two hours drive away provides a completely different change of scenery: the impressive Patagonian steppe. This is an enormous playground full of streams, spring creeks, medium sized rivers and stillwaters with thriving populations of brown trout. Dry fly fishing! Towards the end of the fishing season king salmon swim upstream in one of the most beautiful fly fishing rivers of Chile.

    There are secluded rivers and stillwaters that are rarely or ever fished throughout the fishing season. Ivan Tarin of SALVELINUS has designed a program with the Head Guide of the ranch guides to access a selection of these trout waters, which are hardly ever fished. Access is via specific trips or stays in one of the supplementary cabins in the ranch.

    Price: 4900 €

    - Transfer: Balmaceda Airport - lodge in the forest
    - Transfer: Lodge in the forest – Lodge in the steppes
    - Transfer: Lodge in the steppe – Balmaceda Airport
    - 10 nights in double room with bathroom
    - Full board. Meals accompanied by fine wines.
    - Pre – dinner cocktails
    - 8,5 days fishing in different sectors
    - Fly fishing guide (1 guide for every 2 anglers)
    - Boats for fishing
    - Transfer to the fishing locations
    - Taxes

    Does not include:

    - International and domestic flights
    - Personal expenditure and telephone calls
    - Fishing equipment/tackle and accessories
    - Fishing permit (50 € approx.)
    - Tips and gratuities
    - Any other service not specifically referred to in “includes”


    Day 1 Night: Departure from the airport of your choice.
    International flight to Santiago de Chile

    Day 2 Morning: Arrival Santiago de Chile Airport.
    Domestic flight: Santiago de Chile – Balmaceda (Coyhaique ) (2,5 hours)
    Midday: Arrival Balmaceda Airport
    Transfer to the lodge in the Valdivian forest (3 hours)

    Days 3-6 4 complete days fishing. Each day a different location

    Day 7 Morning: transfer to the lodge on the steppe (2 hours)

    Half day fishing with guide in the main valley

    Days 8-11 4 complete days fishing in different locations

    Day 12 Morning: Transfer to Balmaceda Airport (3,5 hours)
    Domestic flight: Balmaceda–Santiago de Chile (2,5 hours)
    Evening: Arrival Santiago de Chile Airport
    Evening/night: Flight from Santiago de Chile to the airport of your choice

    Day 13 Morning: Arrival to your airport.


    * Time to relax, perhaps a stroll on the trails near the lodges
    * Tub of hot water – a complete relax
    * Bird watching
    * Observation of local flora and the woods
    * Horseback rides and excursions
    * Float trip down river and visits to waterfalls
    * Traditional gaucho party
    * Visit the ranch installations
    Hiking into virtually unexplored valleys

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