Sanglier Tunisia

Scheme how to get to the base
Transfer from the place of arrival: Yes
Information for entry in the country
Documents for entry into the country: 
Prohibited items for bringing into the country: 

* not allowed the 20-gauge shotguns, 16 and 12

* Each hunter is entitled to only one weapon by Tunisian law

* The carbines and rifles are prohibited

* No more than three rounds for shotguns to automatic reloading

* The shooting buckshot and steel balls are prohibited

* The importation of 50 rounds (ball or slug) is the number allowed per hunter

* Strictly prohibited the shooting of the woodcock, deer and deer

Company information
Accomodation and Catering

Kind of accommodation 

  • Hotel
  • Accommodation is provided in Dogga, hotel located in a small remote mountain village 90 km from the capital Tunis, a three star hotel known for its abundance of game, especially wild boar and the famous beaters.



    Additional information


    * Hold a valid passport during their stay

    * Reserve one month in advance to allow us to choose the territories and reserve rooms

    * Communicate when reserving the following information:

    * Hunters: name, date of birth, occupation, nationality, address, passport number and date of issue

    * Rifle: Brand, number, size and number of strokes


    -Each day, the hunting group with a different team of beaters.

    -All teams consist of beaters 20 beaters and a head puller.

    -Each team touts hunting in a different territory.

    -Departure of teams hunters every day between 6 am and 8 am depending on the hunting grounds.
    -Transport on the hunting grounds in offroad vehicle

    Guide services: 

    Species for hunting: 

  • Wild Boar
  • Thrush
  • Additional documents
    Help with CITES Certificate: 
    Program of a tour
    First day Arrival at the airport in Tunis, Djerba and Tozeur,
    Transfer to hotel.
    2nd to 6th day Hunting days (5 days hunting)
    Day 7 Free day or transfer
    Day 8 Transfer to airport
    Flights Tunis and Tozeur Djerba

    Service and Price
    Minimum 8 hunters, maximum 10 hunters.

    Rates depend on number of hunters, number of hunting days and the period.

    The costs include:

    * Hunting license
    * Hunting Insurance: Insurance for hunters and beaters
    * Transfer airport Hotel
    * Accommodation in a 3 * hotel full board
    * Support release of weapons in Tunisia
    * Hunting Guide
    * Beaters and dogs for hunting days
    * Transfers hunting in 4 * 4

    The fee does not include:

    * The tickets
    * Drinks and bar table
    * Tips
    * Taxes payable culling by the drawer (120 dinars per Boar , except increase the Tunisian Forest Service)

    A tax of 5 dinars a missed or wounded boar

    The extra 8 dinar per day for a single room at the hotel Dogga

    Drinks and extras are excluded from the package

    Telephone calls that are the subject of a direct payment to the hotel reception.

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