Secret Dalmatia

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Zadar County
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Transfer from the place of arrival: Yes
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  • Bicycle tours
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    Secret Dalmatia
    We at Secret Dalmatia are a group of enthusiastic and passionate professionals focused on introducing the incredible hidden heritage of our country to the world. In our tours and programs, we try to offer as much as Croatia can give. Our objective is to satisfy your curiosity by custom-designing a uniquely creative vacation. Our goal is to provide first-class service whether it's finding the perfect guide or the perfect villa... We work exclusively with the finest hotels and restaurants in the country, charters and car rentals, and the most experienced and knowledgeable travel professionals here to ensure the highest level of service is maintained regardless of the holiday package you choose. We'll take you to fabulous places, both well-known and secluded, far from the public eye. We will show you this unique country the way it should be seen.
    We are here to ensure that your holiday - whether a peaceful getaway or an adrenaline-charged adventure - is a unique, unforgettable experience of Croatia!
    Secret Dalmatia - Travel in Croatia - started from our pure passion for discovering and preserving Croatia's rich cultural and natural heritage. Intended for well traveled, educated travelers who want more from a destination than just to mark another spot on their world map, Secret Dalmatia is about experiencing and traveling in Croatia at its finest: locals proud of what they do and the land they belong to, most charming properties, best guides and services! Our custom Croatia tours and small group travel in Croatia programs focus on the art of traveling well, great national culinary experiences, behind the closed door sights... Most of the tours and experiences we provide, cannot be booked or organized through any other agency in Croatia!
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    Zadar and Sibenik

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    Zagreb and Istria

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