Smida Park

Settlement, village: 
Smida village
Scheme how to get to the base

The pension Smida Park Mountain Resort & Spa can be reached by car on the routes:
* Huedin -> Calata -> Margau -> Scrind -> Rachitele -> Doda-Pilii -> Smida
* Huedin -> Belis -> Poiana Horii -> Giurcuta -> Smida

Distance from Cluj-Napoca is about 90 km and from Huedin about 45 km.

Transfer from the place of arrival: No
Company information
Accomodation and Catering

Kind of accommodation 

  • Double rooms
  • Triple rooms
  • Adult in double or triple room


    (Sunday - Thursday)

    (Friday - Saturday)
    Bed and Breakfast Half board Full board* Bed and Breakfast Half board Full board*
    01 March - 31 May

    16 September - 30 November
    22 EUR 26 EUR 29 EUR 29 EUR 32 EUR 35 EUR
    01 June - 15 September

    01 December - 28 February
    27 EUR 30 EUR 33 EUR 33 EUR 37 EUR 40 EUR

    * Prices in euros are approximate and are paid in local currency at the official rate of The National Bank.
    - Single extra 14 EUR/day/person.
    - Adults in apartment extra 5 EUR/day/person. Minimum 2 adults.
    - Children 0-5 years free without extra bed.
    - Children 6-12 years 50% discount with extra bed and full board.
    - We recommend full board as there are no other dining options in the area.
    - Check in at 14.00 and check out at 12.00.

    The price includes

    * Full board - 2 different menu choices (see menu)
    * Free access to swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna
    * Free wireless internet access
    * Indoor and outdoor children's playground
    * Conference room with 30 seats and homecinema
    * access to the recreation room with tennis table, darts
    * fruits, snacks
    * parking places

    Services against payment

    * Specialized guide for hiking
    * Specialized guide for mountain biking
    * Specialized guide for motorcycling
    * Horse Drawn Sleigh Ride
    * Team-building
    * Traditional dances night
    * Bike rentals and protective equipment

    Extra Information: 

    Facilities of the guesthouse Smida Park

    2 and 3 bedded rooms with bathroom, one apartment with two rooms

    Indoor heated swimming pool with swimming against the current system and jacuzzi


    Outdoor playground for children

    Indoor playground for children

    Recreation room

    Free Wireless Internet

    Conference Room


    Lounge with bar and TV

    Parking Lot



    Additional information

    The guesthouse Smida Park**** - Mountain Resort & Spa, situated in a land forgotten by time in Transylvania, Apuseni Nature Park, far away from pollution, noise and stress, combines the benefit of forests ozone air with quality of comfort offered. Here you can escape the noise of the crowded cities to rest or to follow the mountain trails to caves carved in limestone or the mountains tops with breathtaking views, to relax after fishing, hunting or biking in the heated indoor pool equipped with system for swimming against the current or in sauna. For trekking and hiking enthusiasts, we offer specialized guide, maps, photographs and information about the tourist attractions nearby. Whatever the weather, children can consume their energy using our indoor and outdoor playgrounds. You can spend winter evenings around the warm fireplace enjoying a cup of tea or mulled wine and summer evenings around the campfire.

    The pension architecture contains specific elements of Apuseni Mountains that fits perfectly in mountain landscape, combines elements of massive stone & wood. Built in 2011, co-financed from European funds, the pension offers comfortable accommodation in 9 double rooms and one apartment, with a maximum capacity of 30 beds. On request we can install additional normal beds.

    Each room of the guesthouse have bathroom with shower, hair dryer and bathrobes, wood furniture, orthopedic mattresses with memory, cable TV. The cottage has central heating system, a restaurant, indoor pool, sauna, conference hall, indoor and outdoor playground for children, recreation room with tennis table and other games and offers free wireless internet.

    Nearby are many tourist attractions (Apuseni National Park, Padis, Bridal Veil Falls from Rachitele, Cetatile Ponor, caves, etc.). ...
    Guesthouse is open all year offering attractive packages and discounts for groups or for different events (birthdays, christenings, birthdays, team building, conferences, etc.).

    Additional documents
    Help with CITES Certificate: 
  • River fishing
  • Lake, pond, reservoir fishing
  • Fly fishing
  • Seasons
    Program of a tour

    Backcountry fly fishing, cork fishing, lead fishing: trout, grayling, whitefish, perch, huck, etc.

    Backcountry fly fishing enthusiasts can fish on Somesul Cald River, which passes near the guesthouse.
    This is one of the most exciting ways to fish, due to inaccessibility of land, landscape beauty and the difficulty in approaching fishing grounds.
    The cork or bottom fishing enthusiasts can fish on the Belis lake, whose tail stretches near guesthouse when the lake is high, the following species: perch, chub, trout indigenous brook trout, whitefish, grayling, huck.


    The Clothes color is the most important, should not be so harsh in order provide camouflage of the suspicious eye of the fish. Specific for backcountry fly fishing is waterproof overalls or trousers, in their absence, boots are required, due to displacement by cold water mountain river. Another important article is multifunctional vest with many pockets for various accessories and raincoat.

    The fishing rods that all spinner generally use are carbon sticks of 1.80 and 2.7 meters length.
    Spinnerbaits commonly used for fishing on Somes river are nickel, silver or copper made, size 0, 1 or 2, with weights between 2.5 grams and 5 grams.
    On Transylvania's rivers you can get good and very good fishing results with: spinnerbaits light and very light up to 7 cm long with weights up to 8 grams, minnows preferably light and very light, yellow or reddish with weight up to 6 grams, natural baits: worms, tadpole, minnows, live insects.

    The main species of fish that may fish in the area are:

    Trout - Salmo trutta fario
    Is a fish of the Salmonidae family, the most common on the rivers and lakes in Romania can reach 300-400 grams up to one kilogram.
    Grayling - Thymalus thymalus
    Thymalus Thymalus - so named because of the smell of thyme (thymalus mediteraneanus), that it releases on removal from the water and freshly prepared. He lives along with trout in the mountain rivers but it spread downstream by the chub area with whom he lives without problems. Achieve superior weight as trout, up to 1-1.5 kg.

    Chub - Leuciscus cephalus
    It's a fish that lives in hills and plains rivers and lakes, in recent years increasing the area of living up in the mountains. Can reach even 3-4 kg, but in general the fished exemplary are up to 500 grams. In rivers and lakes where the fish is well represented, more than one kilogram seizures are not rare.

    Whitefish - Coregonus lavareta
    A salmonid that was introduced in the dam lakes in the mountain area. Because is fearful, with small mouth and sensitive lips, it is difficult to catch and forces us to finesse fishing. In Romania catches reach 2-3 kg.
    Perch - Perca fluviatilis
    A excellent predator that attack almost anyhing moving, feeding even with their offspring. Is a prolific fish growing up to 250-300 grams. There are exemplary over 1 kg weight, but most perch fish are 100-200 grams.


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