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West New Britain Province
Port Moresby
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BAIA Sport Fishing Lodge is located in Papua New Guinea on the North Coast of West New Britain Province. The airport to access West New Britain is Hoskins approx. 1 hour flying time by F28 jet service from Port Moresby. Access to Port Moresby is by Air Niugini Jet service from Sydney, Brisbane or Cairns. The Lodge is on a small peninsula that makes up part of the Open Bay shoreline.
Upon arrival at Hoskins Airport in Kimbe, West New Britain, you will be met and transferred to the beautiful Liamo Reef Resort in Kimbe. After an overnights rest, we leave early the next morning by boat or by 4wd vehicle.

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PNG has become a place of attraction for all types of people and industry. It is a country that is experiencing a boom in the mineral and resources sector. With this growth sector has the country witnessed an influx in expatriate skilled workers and this has contributed to the growth of Sport Fishing PNG as a local service provider in the area of sport fishing, boat charter services and other recreational activities in the country. In contrast, PNG is still heavily influenced by its diverse cultural history which boasts over 800 indigenous languages, and experienced a century of german and british colonial rule. Only 30 years young, this country has had to transform itself from stoneage to computer age in less then 60 years but in doing so the country has managed to sustain its iconic melanesian culture and way of life. This is what makes PNG such as a special destination and to further attribute to this unique destination, is that it has some of the best sport fishing locations in the world for both Bluewater and river and estuary fisherman.

PNG is home to the PNG Black Bass and Niugini Spotted tail bass - a fish which is unique only to Papua New Guinea. It is a fish that is renowned worldwide as being the toughest fighting fish (pound for pound). Our rivers offer fantastic fishing for barramundi and saratoga and our bluewater fishing is abundant in all forms of pelagics and big game such as Marlin, sailfish, yellow fin tuna, Giant Trevally and Dog Tooth Tuna.
Sport Fishing PNG have developed a range of sport fishing products and boat charter services to cater for a variety of clientele who wish to chance their luck with a lure and line during their visit or stay in PNG.
These include:
Trekkers who have just completed Kokoda or another trek in PNG and have a few days to spare before or after for a bit of fishing.

Professionals transiting through PNG on business and have a day to spare or on a sporting tour. Fishing is a great way to entertain clients and build up your network with suppliers in the country.

School leavers on holidays and are interested in getting out of the house and on the water. Learn how to fish in our pee wee fishing tours aimed at catering for students between the ages of 7-17 years.

Die Hard Fisho’s who have heard about the world famous PNG Black Bass and want to try out their fishing skills and hook up to this amazing fighting fish. PNG’s strength is that there are also a wide variety of other fish to also catch if the black bass isn’t performing.

Luxury Boutique Cruising is now possible with through Sport Fishing PNG's available luxury motor yacht vessels that are available from Port Moresby. Refer to travel services page for more information.

If you are planning a trip to PNG then it is definitely worth your while to consider a fishing trip with SFPNG. It's a great way to cap of a holiday, network with colleagues or to simply entertain guests and friends.

Our first day will take us to the outer reef systems in Kimbe Bay or through the thick tropical rainforest as we work our way toward Baia Lodge.
The next four or more days you will be based at Baia Lodge and we will fish the several river systems that are within 15 minutes to an hour from the Lodge for Black and Spot Tail Bass, Mangrove Jack and other estuarine species. Access to these areas is via our purpose built sport fishing boats.
Inshore Blue Water fishing can be done off the lodge at any time from the lodge’s sport fishing boats however to target the bigger off shore species, our Steber 34 Game Boat “Break Free”, is available at a separate and additional charter cost of Aust $1200.00/day offshore or Aust $800.00/day inshore. The "Break Free" requires advanced bookings.
The Baia Village people are a friendly and welcoming and they are more than happy to show off their traditional lifestyle and provide a tour through their village. Excursions for bush walking and bird watching enthusiast can also be arranged with village guides.
Pristine coral reefs surround the bay for snorkeling and there are picturesque cool freshwater springs and mini waterfalls not far from the lodge for those who simply want to relax and enjoy a swim and a day’s picnic.

Also available now is our new Kombe camp package; 4 – 6 people per tour, the tours range from 4 – 7 days with all pricing for Kombe is as per the Baia tour.

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    Trekking Tours:
    Sport Fishing PNG & Boat Charters actively deal with an extensive network of trekking operators both in PNG and abroad. We are able to assist travellers with travel information on various treks around the country and identify whiich operator will best meet your travel requirement.

    If travellers are looking for local based guides and porter teams, we have a reliable and strong network of local guides and operators in PNG who can cater for small groups who are seeking a real PNG trekking experience.

    Treks in PNG that we are able to assist in facilitating include the Kokoda Track, Black cat Track, Bull Dog Track, Mount Wilhem and Lark Force Wilderness Track.

    Surfing Tours:
    Sport Fishing PNG & Boat Charters are able to assist travellers with surf tour packages to some of the best surf destinations in PNG. We presently work with a number of land based and liveaboard surf operators and are well versed in the surf products and services that are available.

    These include locations such as Kavieng, Central New Ireland and Namatanai which are all located in New Ireland Province.

    Diving Tours:
    Sport Fishing PNG & Boat Charters are able to assist travellers interested in diving tours to locations around PNG . These locations are generally land based lodges and operators who specialise in Scuba Diving. Locations include:
    Port Moresby

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