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    Switzerland is one of the most amazing place in the world. If you are fond of tranquility,comfort and the beauty, it's the best place to go! You can feel inimitable atmosphere around. Many people, who have ever been in Switzerland, come back again and again.
    I love this country , where I have been living for many years and it's the style of my life in learning history, culture and traditions of Switzrerland. I would like to share my experience,emotions and feelings in to this country. Come to Switzrerland and feel its everlasting beauty!
    I guide the individual and group excursions. Besides, there is a possibility to custom your trip.

    Sincerly yours,
    Tatyana Chinyakova

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    Geneva sightseeing tour

    Welcome to Geneva! It is situated on splendid Lake Geneva. You can go for a ride on the antique paddle wheeler, walk along narrow streets of a medieval city, know more about its history, admire small squares with fountains and St. Peter Cathedral. Besides, you have an opportunity to meet Geneva from international side, see the famous Fountain and Flower Clock. You will know a lot of intresting facts about Geneva and fall in love with its.

    Swiss Riviera (from Lausanne to Montreux)

    You can visit one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland. It is vineyard Lavoux and taste Swiss wine. You have a chance to visit Lausanne, the Olympic capital, see its magnificent Gothic Cathedral and out-of-the-way underground, feel yourself a citizen of Lausanne while walking along the street ot the city.

    You can take a walk along the embankments Veve, the center of wine-making and the city of Charly Chaplin, admire Montreux, a pearl of Swiss Riviera, with unique microclimate, numerous of nice hotels around , in one of which V. Nabokov had used to live before,the place of famous jazz festival.
    "If you want to find peace in your heart and paradise on earth, come to Montreux"- the words of F.Mercury, the monument of which stands by the water.
    Chillion castle, famous due to Byron, will fascinate with its beauty and ancient history.


    A small 11th century picturesqye town with one street, chapel, fountain on top of the hill at the foot of a Gruyere castle. Excursion in the castle is the exciting journey deep into. Getting down from the hill, you can visit a cheese dairy and know a little more about the process of making famous cheese of Gruyere and tasete it.
    A sweet tooth can have fun if he will visit famous chocolate factory Cae, it's not far away from Gruyere. You will know about everything about chocolate and will please with the delightful taste.


    The main city of Switzerland. Bears bring luck, ancient clock has the exact time and the flowers turn into real paradise.The medivial city is located at peninsula, which created with the river Aare . It has the braoad direct avenues,arcades and splendid colourful fountins of 16th century, Prison and Clock Towers, squares, Palace of Federal Parlament and St. Vinsent Cathedral, a patron of the city.

    Nyons (Switzerland)

    Nyons is the picturusque, cosy, medivial town , situated on the bank of Geneva Lake. It's the former Rome colony, based by Julian Cesar in 45 BC year. Fairy castle of 13 th century rises above the town. From the embankment and from the observation desk one can see splendid view of the lake, Alpes de Savoie and snowy Mont Blanc.


    City tour Geneva from 150 Swiss franc

    Excursion from Geneva

    Swiss Riviera - from 450 Swiss franc
    Gruyere and Brock-from 450 Swiss franc
    Berne- from 450 Swiss franc
    Annecy-from 300 Swiss franc
    Nyons and Ivuar -from 300 Swiss franc

    City tour Lousanne from 300 Swiss franc

    There is a possibility to custom excursion.
    Transportation is to be booked separately.

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