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Tuamotu Bluewater Spearfishing is a professional fishermen team which offers guidance services to confirmed underwater hunters. The company is based in French Polynesia on the atoll of Fakarava, in the archipelago of Tuamotu.
Fakarava is located at 300 miles of Tahiti , 400 miles of Bora Bora and 120 miles of Rangiroa .
Hunting only pelagic fishes, "G" and Marco will accompany you in the Pacific Ocean blue waters which surround islands of Polynesia.
Exceptional catches and unforgettable memories will sure be there; do not hesitate to contact us to book your stay in the bluewater hunters paradise.

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Fakarava Superyacht Support is a leading Fakarava based superyacht agency that provides high-end personalised service to visiting superyachts.

Our company was exclusively set up to tailor spearfishing or fishing and snorkeling trips for clients aboard super and mega yachts. Our team of private live aboard spearfishing / fishing or snorkeling guides, through exclusive services, will allow the guests to experience very unique and unforgettable moments. Something that is far more memorable than a nice scuba diving in a beautiful part of the world.

Whatever the destination, a well defined itinerary is the key to a successful vacation on a superyacht. It has to take into account the length of the stay but above all, the guests’ interests. We make sure that we dive the right places at the right time in order to make the most of marine encounters. Timing of the seasons may also be an important factor to encounter and see the species of greatest interest. As an example, in French Polynesia Wahoos are seen between July and october.

Our company is based in Fakarava atoll French Polynesia, which is one of our favorite playgrounds and we also have an excellent knowledge of the country's 118 islands. The country covers an area as large as Western Europe and is primarily filled with the Pacific Ocean: 1% of land versus 99% of ocean. It offers some of the best freediving or fishing worldwide. However, our experience has also taken us to many other fishing destinations in the world over the years and we can assist with any fishing / spearfishing destination request for any yacht.

We are also supplying the yachts with fresh lobsters or lagoon / pelagic fishes .

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