Tucupita Expeditions C.A.

Region, district, state: 
Delta Amacuro State
Scheme how to get to the base

How to get to the Delta.

Unfortunately we have no scheduled flights to Tucupita Airport.
Only chartered planes arrive here.

If you are comming from Caracas or Margarita Island you can fly to Maturin or Puerto Ordaz.
From there you can reach one of our ports (Tucupita or Boca Uracoa) by Land transportations,
approximatly 02 hours.

You can take the bus, por puesto taxi, hire a privat taxi or ask our office to arrange your transportation.

Driving to the Delta is also on option from any destinations in Venezuela. Roads are good.


Avior, Central Call,
Sasca-Airline, Nueva Esparta, Porlamar,
Aeroejecutivos, Caracas
Aeropostal, Caracas,
Aerotuy (LTA), Caracas,
Laser, Caracas,
LAI, Caracas,
Rutaca, Nueva Esparta, Porlamar

Transfer from the place of arrival: Yes
Company information
Accomodation and Catering

Kind of accommodation 

  • Cabin
  • Included:

    • River transportation's
    • All excursions
    • All meals (3 meals per day)
    • Soft drinks on excursions
    • Accommodations
    • Guides
    • Towels
    • Long rubber boots for the jungle walk, (up to size 12/45).

    Not included:

    • Drinks at the bar
    • Tips
    Extra Information: 

    What to bring along:

    • Hat
    • Long trousers
    • Long-sleeve shirt
    • Shorts, rain jacket
    • Insect repellent
    • Camera
    • Swimming suit
    • Flashlight (very important)

    English, Spanish

    Additional information

    Tucupita Expeditions C.A.

    Is a family run operation specialized in nature and adventure travel in The Orinoco Delta Region in Venezuela with offices in Tucupita and Margarita Island.
    The idea of building the lodge was born in 1991 with the actual construction starting on September,12,1992. The camp (Orinoco Delta Lodge) grew from a couple of Warao Indian style houses, one for eating and one for sleeping with shared bathrooms to an attractive complex of 37 individual comfortable cabins with a huge dinning and bar area overlooking the river.
    The Orinoco Atlantic Lodge is the latest addition to our lodges and camps in the Orinoco Delta region. The Orinoco Delta Lodge and Simoina Camp have been operating since 1992 . The lodge is strategically situated for circuits between the 3 locations, sports fishing specially Tarpon, and a fantastic stop for sailing boats.

    During our 15 years in the area we managed to develop and maintain excellent relations with the Warao Indians by providing employment, medical assistance and educational support. Our mission is to maintain a low impact operation and work in harmony with nature in this beautiful but fragile part of the world, the Orinoco River Delta.
    We offer a wide range of excursions and expeditions in various areas; scientific, bird watching, film and documentaries production. Our record includes BBC, Belgium and German Television and a major French TV station CINETEVE.

    Our resources feature:

    37 cabins with beds and private bathroom.
    A rustic but comfortable deep jungle camp: Simoina Camp in Waranoco, for the adventure type 3, 4 and 5 nights expeditions.
    A fleet of canoes and strong powerful fast boats capable of transporting up to 120 passengers.
    Top of the line guides, both Warao Indians and local.
    Thank you for your support and Think Earth.

    Additional documents
    Help with CITES Certificate: 
  • Fly fishing
  • Guide Services: 

    Species of fish: 

  • Catfish
  • Tarpon
  • Piranha
  • Program of a tour

    The Orinoco Delta has a substantial tarpon population, and the recently opened Orinoco Delta Lodge is the first camp established in a prime location for excellent sports fishing. Our camp is located at the NE point of the delta, in the brackish waters of the Orinoco and Atlantic and is moments away from the Caribbean sea; Grid Reference: 09.57’N, 62.16’W.

    An hour from the camp by boat and we are inside the calmer waters of the delta, where we have locations for fly fishing and you can cast a line for small tarpon. If you wish to venture into deeper waters, then we have opportunities for offshore fishing; where you can find the tarpon (Megalops atlanticus).

    The Silver king tarpon is considered one of the great saltwater game fishes, not only because of its colossal size, but because of its fighting spirit when hooked; it is very strong, making spectacular leaps into the air and a real challenge for the sports fisherman.

    The OAL exists to provide accommodation, food and refreshments, English and French speaking guides and the means of transportation necessary for the excursion. We can provide kit for the more simple fishing experience however, we suggest that you bring your own fishing gear. We can arrange excursions for a single day fishing or we can organize a more varied expedition that stretches over several day’s.


    Near by Expeditions, 1-2 Nights

    Delta Express: 1 Night
    One night and two days offered by major tour operators in Venezuela mostly from Margarita Island as part of an 8-10 days circuit. The circuits include Orinoco Delta, Gran Sabana, Caripe (Guacharo Cave) and Canaima (Angel Falls).
    Most of these trips are booked in advance in Europe.

    Delta Short Break: 3 Days & 2 Nights

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    Far out Expeditions, 3-5 Nights

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    Expedition Atlantic: 4 Nights

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    Useful Information
    Build your own Trip:
    You can custom build your trip, the following options are available:
    Orinoco Delta Lodge, Jakara Camp, Orinoco Atlantic Lodge & Orinoco Delta Lodge - 4 nights excursion. Orinoco Delta Lodge, Orinoco Atlantic Lodge & Orinoco Delta Lodge - 3 nights excursion.

    Essential Information:

    • Life jackets on boats are required by law.
    • No smoking on moving boats. However there are some stops where you can smoke. Check with your guide. Cigarettes butts stays on board.
    • Caution walking on floors and walkways when wet, or dry.
    • To prevent Mosquitoes from entering your cabin, open and close the door fast.
    • Never leave the door open.
    • Electricity is available in your cabin from 6:00 AM until 11:00 PM.
    • Candles are available in your cabin. To avoid accidents it is best to place them on the bathroom floor.
    • Do not put any objects in toilet including toilet paper. Please dispose in garbage bin.
    • Check and shake your shoes and clothes for foreign objects.

    Our experienced staff will be more than happy to help you with any questions so please enjoy your nice stay.

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