Uruguay Natural Hunting

Region, district, state: 
Treinta y Tres
Treinta y Tres
Settlement, village: 
Isla Patrulla
Rinkon de los Matreros
Scheme how to get to the base

Airlines flying to the country 

  • American Airlines, Iberia, United Airlines, Aerolineas Argentinas, Tam airlines, Copa Airlines, Gol Aerolineas
  • Ruta 8 , take ruta 98 heading to Isla Patrulla, at the police station in Isla Patrulla go straight on the sand way, second street to the right, at the end of that street go to the right and follow until the entrance of Rincon de los Matreros.

    Transfer from the place of arrival: Yes

    Kind of transport: 

  • Car or Taxi
  • Cost: 
    Taxi 1 to 3 passengers U$S 540 / Taxi for 4 up to 6 passengers u$s 700
    Information for entry in the country
    Documents for entry into the country: 

    Passport, Visa

    Company information
    Accomodation and Catering

    Kind of accommodation 

  • Hunting lodge
  • Capacity (number of persons): 
    Up to 12
    Residence Cost for 1 person / 1 day: 
    non-hunter US$ 150 US$ 200


    The present facilities, were built on the remains of the old stone and wood structure that dates back to 1900. This was done with the intent of preserving the charm and history of the place. There are 6 suites available in a colonial style including stone, handcrafted bricks and wood, apart from the social area where you will find a large living room with a fireplace, a dining area, an indoor grill, and a wine cellar among other things. There are comfortable suites available, each with its own fireplace and dressing room. And most important of all,every room is in front of the panoramic dinning room, the huge terraces and the swimmingpool. It offers spectacular views of the hills surrounding the main house.
    The rusticity in the house is contrasted by certain modern touches like electric energy, digital telephony, connection to the internet and satellite television. In what regards gastronomy, you will have available a menu particularly elaborated by the preparation of game meats, combined with garden vegetables and other home – made accompaniments.
    Pasta, bread and preserves are all handcrafted at Rincón de los Matreros. And since a good meal calls for a good wine, you will be able to select it directly at the cellar, from a wide selection of top – level wines made in Uruguay.


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  • Dinner
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  • Internet connection
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  • Car at the airoport
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  • Mobile connection
  • Radio
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    Form of Payment

    We requires a 50% deposit to secure a reservation. The remaining balance is due no later than 60 days before the scheduled trip. Other payments can be made at the lodge with cash or personal checks.

    Cancellation Policy

    Until 60 days prior to the arrival of the passenger, 95% of the price paid will be credited on account of a future stay; 60 to 30 days prior to the arrival, the passenger will lose 25% of the total price and the rest will remain as a credit for a future stay; 30 to 10 days prior to the arrival, the passenger will lose 50% of the total price and the other 50% will remain as a credit for a future stay; less than 10 days in advance, the passenger will lose 95% of the price paid.


    Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French and Netherlands

    Translator service cost: 
    on request
    Additional information


    Uruguay is becoming a new, but amazing hunting destination,where you will find excellent trophies of a wide range of species.

    The Republic of Uruguay, with a total area of 176.000 square kilometers, is located on the southeast of South America, next to Brazil and Argentina.
    For Europeans to have an idea about the size, this country is only 1/3 of France or as big as Holland/Belgium/ Luxemburg and Switzerland together. There are only 3,5 million people living in this beautiful country.
    Its climate, quite pleasant all year through, can be well defined into four different seasons: summer (from December 21” to march 20”), autumn (from March 21” to June 20”), winter (from June 21” to September 20”), and spring (from September 21” to December 20”).
    The average temperature during the summer months is around 30° Celsius, and it drops down to an average of 6° Celsius during wintertime. There are no significant changes in temperature throughout the day, or during the night hours. As far as climate is concerned, the better months are February, March, April, May, September, October and November, when the average temperatures range from 20 to 25° Celsius and days are mainly sunny (not to hot, not to cold).
    Uruguay offers an outstanding degree of security for visitors, a fact that must be mentioned as one of its most remarkable advantages. Its characteristic friendly people are used to having visitors from abroad, something for which they are profoundly grateful. Lack of security is graded among the lowest in the world. It is a place where anyone can transit freely, even tourists, at any time of day and through any areas in the city.
    Uruguay is a stable country with a solid modern government. To express the safety of the country, it is called the Switzerland of South-America by its neighbour countries.


    - on horseback,
    - in a 4x4 vehicle,
    - or walking, during the day.

    In the early morning, evening/night hunt from the strategic placed blinds.


    In Uruguay you will find one of the worlds best locations for wing shooting.


    One of the most exciting fishing places in South America can be found in the waters of Uruguay River near the Salto Grande Dam. This is where the Dorado, also known as the "river tiger" due to its greatr voracity, is caught. Fly fishing or trolling with artificial lures is the way to catch them.
    Two fishermen per boat are recommended as trolling is more effective and comfortable with fewer fishermen aboard. The size of dorado that can be fished for in Salto Grande varies normally from 2 to 15 kg (4 to 33 pounds), but it is not unusual that some specimens weigh over 20 kg (44 pounds).
    Salto Grande is well-known as one of the sportfishing areas where the world's biggest dorado have been caught.

    Guide services: 

    Species for hunting: 

  • Red deer
  • Since : 

    Species for hunting: 

  • Fallow Deer
  • Since : 

    Species for hunting: 

  • Axis deer
  • Species for hunting: 

  • Moufflon
  • Species for hunting: 

  • Wild Boar
  • Species for hunting: 

  • Goat
  • Species for hunting: 

  • Partridge
  • Since : 
    1 May
    31 July

    Species for hunting: 

  • Pigeon
  • Since : 
    1 January
    31 August

    Species for hunting: 

  • Dove
  • Species for hunting: 

  • Duck
  • Since : 
    1 May
    15 September

    Species for hunting: 

  • Hare
  • Species for hunting: 

  • Fox
  • Guns

    Brand and caliber of guns:  

  • Ruger 25-06
  • Remington 308
  • Ruger 308
  • Weatherby 300
  • BRNO 243
  • Magnum 7x64
  • Ruger 243
  • Cost for a day: : 
    Necessary documents for import of guns into the country: 


    At present, entry of rifles into the national territory is allowed only upon an express authorization by the “Service of Weaponry and Supplies”. That takes some time.(SMA)

    The cost of each Firearm License is US$ 200 and such documents are to be requested 15 days in advance. The handling will be done at the airport by customers and will last 1 hour.

    However, we offer hunters a wide variety of fire arms. (Shot guns and rifles) So you really do not need to bring your own arms.

    Help in the transportation of tropheys: 
    Service of taxidermy: 
    Field preparation and packaging of trophy: 

    Price list

    Big Game Hunting

    Prices of trophees are:
    - WILD BOAR:
    up to 40 kg - US$ 100
    less than 14cm. trophy - US$ 300
    over 14cm. trophy - US$ 500

    - GOATS:
    Feral, Angora, Gabon - US$ 300
    4horn goat - US$ 500

    - AXIS DEER:
    trophy up to 70cm - US$ 1,300
    over 70cm -US$ 1,700

    - FALLOW DEER: US$ 1,300

    - MOUFLON: US$ 2,000

    - RED DEER:
    14 points or less US$ 4,000
    from 14 points on Price on demand


    Price on demand

    Our Prices for the Big Game Hunting Include the Following Service

    - Lodging in the mainhouse(double occupancy,if needed)
    - Meals and beverages (wine,beer,liquors&whiskey)
    - Laundry service
    - Horses
    - 4 wheel-drive vehicle
    - Professional hunting guides
    - Primary cleansing of trophies
    - Rifles (not Shotguns)
    - Ammunition(for big game,not wingshooting)
    - Activities other than hunting(horseback riding,photo safaris,swimmingpool,etc.)

    The groups should be of at least 2 hunters,with a maximum of 4 hunters.
    Prices per day,per hunter,expressed in US$,with all taxes included.

    Expenses Not Included

    - All transfers.
    - Fees and insurances of personal baggage.
    - Taxidermy services,exporting fees and shipping expenses to destination.
    - International phone calls.
    - Assistance at customs.
    - Gun permits at customs/airport (per gun US$ 120)
    - Hunting permits (per hunter US$ 120)
    - Some animals require a special permit.
    - Exportation permit for trophies (US$ 130)
    - Tips (between US$ 35 and 50 per day per hunter.
    - Purchases/Souvenirs.

    Additional documents
    Help with CITES Certificate: 
    Program of a tour

    Big Game Hunting

    For Big Game Hunting your starting point is Rincón de los Matreros.

    At Rincón de los Matreros you will find excellent trophies of Red Deer, Axis Deer, Fallow Deer, Moufflons, Wild Boars and Goats, all of which have a significant population in the area.
    Hunting can be done during day and night. You may choose to go out on foot, in four-wheel drive vehicles, or particularly on horseback, a way that is most reccomended as a unique experience. During the day, professional guides will accompany you individually, and take you to every corner of the ranch, where certainly you will find the long-expected trophy. You can also hunt during nightime, from comfortable refuges located on strategic places, sharing the night habits of an endless variety of species, which is really an amazing experience.
    Hunting season: In Uruguay it is possible to hunt most species throughout the whole year, for the climate and the applicable regulations allow for it. In the case of Red and Fallow Deer, due to the natural cycle of the species, the hunting then is only done from March to August.

    Wing Shooting

    Uruguay is a very well organized country for the quality of its wing shooting. In fact, many foreign hunters that visit this country every year can confirm that it is an excellent destiny in the world for game bird shooting.
    The different species of birds that are allowed to hunt, and the high population of each one of them, is the main reason why so many people choose to come to Uruguay.
    A combination of possibilities can be considered when organizing the hunting schedule, programs can start early in the morning with duck shooting, continuing later with partridge after pointing dogs or pigeon helped with decoys, or simply go after high volume dove shooting.

    Dove (Eared Dove) and Pigeon (Columba Picazuro)

    Dove and Pigeon season lasts all year, and there is no restrictions about the number of birds that can shot. The hunting takes place from movable blinds, positioned in strategic spots under the flyways the birds use. This usually happens early in the mornings, moment of the day when the birds go out seeking for crop, and in the evenings when they fly back to their roosts. Between 500 and 1000 cartridges can be used between a morning and an evening hunting journey, exceeding any hunter’s expectation.


    In Uruguay, many species of ducks can be found, they are: Rosy-Billed Pochard (Netta Peposaca); Brazilian Duck (Amazonetta Brasileinsis); Brown-Pintail (Netta Georgica); Speckled Teal (Anas Flavirostris); White-faced Whistling- duck (Dendrocygna Viduata); Ringed Tail (Callonetta Leucophrys).
    Duck season begins 1st of May, lasting until 15th September. In this case, the amount of birds that can be hunted is regulated and varies depending on the species shot.
    Duck hunting is always organized for the first lights of the day and the falling of the night, definitely the best moment for this purpose.


    Season runs from 1st of May until 31st July, the shortest of all and there are regulations about the numbers. Partridge hunting is done after pointing dogs, walking with them searching for the scent the Partridge leaves on the ground, usually against the wind. Shooting happens when the partridge takes its flight, after the dog pointed it for the hunting to get ready.
    The most appropriate time of the day for this hunting is middle of the morning, after duck shooting for example, and during the first half of the afternoon as well.

  • Sea fishing
  • River fishing
  • Trolling
  • Seasons

    Species of fish: 

  • Dorado
  • Program of a tour


    Uruguay as a destination for fishing offers different methods and species both in rivers and sea. Some of the most exciting fishing is done in the waters of Uruguay River near Salto Grande Dam, where the "dorado" (jaw characin), also known as the "river tiger" due to its great voracity, is caught. Dorado can be fished for all year round, its most abundant catch being in the warmer months (September through March). The most used method of fishing is trolling with artificial lures by a comfortable sports boat navigating on dorado shoal areas.
    Two fishermen per boat are recommended as trolling is more effective and comfortable with fewer fishermen aboard. The size of dorado that can be fished for in Salto Grande varies normally from 2 to 15 kg (4 to 33 pounds), but it is not unusual that some specimens weigh over 20 kg (44 pounds). Salto Grande is well-known as one of the sportfishing areas where the world's biggest dorado have been caught.

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