Sydkust Stugor

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Blekinge County
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Scheme how to get to the base
Transfer from the place of arrival: No
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Company information
Accomodation and Catering

Kind of accommodation 

  • Holiday Houses
  • Cottage
  • Capacity (number of persons): 
    4 or 6 people

    Where to stay.
    You can stay in Svalemåla holiday village or in holiday house no11 in Svalemåla or no12 in Kulleryd, no17 in Väbynäs.

    Svalemåla holiday village lies 300 meters of the sea with sea view over the old fishing village Gyön

    Holiday houses for 6 persons 45 square meters
    The house has two floors and six beds.
    Double beds in the bedroom and double beds in the roof space.
    In the bathrooms into all houses there is WC, shower and wash basin.
    In the kitchen there is cooler and fridge, stove with own.. Coffee machine. Equipped for 6 persons. All houses have also TV. (Everything is new.)

    Holiday houses for 4 persons 35 square meters
    The house has two floors and 4 beds.
    Bunk beds in the bedroom and double beds in the roof space.
    In the bathrooms into all houses there is WC, shower and wash basin.
    In the kitchen there is small kitchen with cooler and small fridge, stove . Coffee machine. Equipped for 4 persons. All houses have also TV. (Everything is new.)

    Parking places in front of all houses.
    Washing machine in the reception building.

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  • Boat
  • Extra Information: 

    You can rent boats in Svalemåla holiday village.

    We have boats of 4.2 -4.5 meters.
    The boats are equipped with 4, 6, 8, 10 HP engine.

    The boat rent covers life jackets, anchors and cordage, as well as a sea chart.
    over the surroundings.

    Boat ramp is in Järnavik. There are boat bridges in Svalemåla and in Gyön
    in walking distance from the Holiday village

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    Swedish, English

    Additional information

    The history of SVALEMAALA

    Svalemaala farm the village lays is an old family farm own by the same family since at least year 1583 in 15 generations. People have lived there long before that which you can see from many typical stone graves from the Iron Age in the area.The small fishermen’s village Gyoen, which you can see from the houses started to be built at the beginning of the 19. Century.
    Many of the old houses are since 1920 vacation houses. Many famous persons like former foreign minister and author Christian Günter and author Harry Martinsson spent there summers at Gyoen.
    The last fisherman are now pensioned since 5 years and the epoch when there were 10 fiching families a Gyoen is over.
    Today are many houses vacation houses but new families has also taken over old houses but all of them work in the city

    Additional documents
    Help with CITES Certificate: 
  • Sea fishing
  • River fishing
  • Seasons

    1st May
    Program of a tour

    Welcome to the Archipelago of Järnavik at the Swedish south coast between Ronneby and Karlshamn in Blekinge. If sport fishing is what you prefer we will be happy to make an offer for you.

    Sport fishing

    The best fishing rod place for pike and lax in Blekinge and perhaps in the whole Sweden?

    Into the Archipelago of Järnavik you will find very interesting fishing for Pikes.
    With a boat you will they simply come to the best fishing rod within 10 minutes.

    There is flat bays and small islands with deep rock.
    The other side the bay lays Eriksberg which has bee described in a fishing film which has been shown in Germany TV.
    Into the outlet of Bräkneå stream is the bay Sonekullaviken with a deep of 1-2 meters, where it guaranteed gives a 10 kg pike in the spring.
    You can fish for sea trout and salmon in the Bräkneå, ( 2 km with car). Fishing permit can be bought in Svalemåla holiday village.
    The fishing begin 1 March each year
    Outside Järnavik bay you can catch cod at 30 meter deep.
    You can also catch sea trout and salmon there in April to May and September to October.
    You can find barch by the steep rocks.
    Fishing of herring is a popular folk pleasure in one or two weeks in May when the herrings plays. Completely by the beach or a pier

    Fish season

    Pike whole year however best in April, May and September, Octobers.
    Barch can you find in the summer, however the best time is September.
    Trolling for salmon and sea trout are best in April to 15 June.

    The fishing in the Baltic sea is free and you do not need any permit for driving our boats.


    Welcome to Svalemåla Holiday and Fishing Camp “Svalemåla Stugby”!

    You may live in new fresh vacation houses for 4 or 6 persons with all facilities; see view over the beautiful Svalemåla bay by the small fishermen’s village Gyön in the middle of the garden of Sweden in Blekinge. The houses lays 300 meters from the Baltic See, embedded among beeches at the old farm Svalemåla.

    Swim, bike, walk sail or just relax in Svalemåla!
    The Svalemåla Holliday village is situated by the Järnavik bay in the Archipelago of Blekinge.
    You can hire a boat and go fiching for pike cod peach or salmon or just take a tour to explore the arcipelago
    We also have bikes one sailboat and kajaks to rent. The Bräkneleden( Bike road) passes the village

    Explore the exciting and relaxing enviroment close to the sea and the Järnavik archipelago or try activities like fishing, sailing or hiking. You are sure to find the cottage and the holiday you are looking for, right here.

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