Destination: Curacao

  • Destination: Curacao
    Region, District, State: Jan Sofat

    Our fleet

    The Miss Ann
    'Miss Ann' is an old shrimp boat, originally from Florida. Arrived in Curacao, she is gradually transformed into what it is today.

    Boat Type: Motor Yacht
    Capacity: 80 pers.
    Length: 76 feet / 23 meters
    Engines: 2x 350hp Detroit Diesels (2X8V-71NA)
    Speed: 12 knots
    Cruising speed: 10 knots
    The Miss Ann is great for parties on board.

    Miss Justine
    "Miss Justine" is named after the owner of the company and is Miss Ann boat trips since 2001. Originally this Bertram from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. After a complete overhaul and renovation since 2005 it has been in use for boat trips.

    Boat type: Motor yacht, Bertram
    Capacity: 55 pers.
    Length: 80 feet / 24 meters
    Engines: 2x 700hp Detroit Diesels (2 X 12V 71T.I.)
    Speed: 20 knots
    Cruising speed: 14 knots
    Miss Justine has a rooftop since 2010 and received a full paint job.