Destination: Cape Verde

  • Destination: Cape Verde
    Region, District, State: Sao Vicente

    Six Island Race


    To all those willing to get their share of adrenaline, test themselves on courage and endurance, we suggest participating in the race, named “Six islands race". After such a competition you may easily point to anyone including yourself, that you are strong in spirit and have fought the ocean, boasting of photos in the background of stormy Atlantic while seated on a PWC.

    The tree-day Race of six islands will by started at the most beautiful and still wildest beach of São Vicente island - the Praia Grande beach. The race includes overnight stay on an uninhabited island, visiting ever-green mountains and canyons of Santo Antão Island and long passage to São Nicolau Island.

    We can say in advance - it is not a kind of competition to detect a winner. It is a team-trip, where your performance depends on such traits as reliability, solidarity and teamwork capacity.


  • Destination: Cape Verde

    Boavista - Island of Dunes

    Similar to the islands of Sal and Maio, the climate and countryside of Boavista is also heavily marked by the dry, hot winds blowing from the Sahara.

    The countryside, dominated by sand dunes and plantations of coconut and date palms, is desert-like in the interior, whilst the white, sandy beaches that stretch for mile after mile make Boavista one of the islands with the highest tourist development potential.

    Sal Rei is the capital of the island and the life of the inhabitants is very simple and evolves essentially around the harbour.
    Once an island enjoying intensive fishing activity, Boavista struggles like the majority, compensated by the new salt-extraction techniques.New tourist class hotel units offer a high level of comfort, providing visitors with excellent views of vast, sandy beaches.

    Fogo - The Volcano Island

  • Destination: Cape Verde
    City: Praia


    This is dedicated to all adventurous kids! The bubblemaker program introduces children (minimum age 8 years old) to the fantastic underwater world. This course is about playing and having fun with diving equipment specifically designed for children and takes place in our own pool where participants where all activities are closely supervised by instructors.

  • Destination: Cape Verde
    Region, District, State: Sao Vicente

    São Vicente


    São Vicente is home to some of Cape Verde's greatest musicians, writers and thinkers. Generally considered the cultural hub of the island, Mindelo is proud of its rich tradition of music and art and has a vibrant nightlife with a lively buzz of music throughout the pubs, restaurants and nightclubs. If you're looking for culture and a traditional experience then São Vicente will not disappoint.

    Hiking and Music Tour in Cape Verde – 8D / 7N
    (Sao Vicente, Santa Antao)

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  • Destination: Cape Verde
    City: Santa Maria

    DIVESITES SANTA MARIA Click here to read more

  • Destination: Cape Verde
    Region, District, State: Maio

    Diving in Cape Verde


    Diving in Maio`s tropical clear waters is always a pleasure and with no crowds you will feel like you are the only divers in the ocean. Our PADI trained dive team will be able to advise you dive sites to get the most of your diving holiday whatever you level of diving.

    Scuba Tune Up

    If you have not dived for a time or just want to brush up on your skills this is the program for you. After a class room based Scuba knowledge review we move into the pool and have a session brushing up on your skills after which we head out for a dive to use your newly tuned up diving skills.

    Discover Scuba Diving


    If you have ever wondered what the world in like from under the sea, or have been envious of the divers returning with that buzz you get from a good dive, then this is for you.

    We start with a classroom presentation then a pool session the learn the basic skills to enable you to enjoy the really good part, your Dive.

    You go out to one of our sheltered bays or lagoons and enjoy a guided scubs safari to see all our abundent aquatic life for yourself then you can experience that Buzz for yourself.