Destination: New Caledonia

  • Destination: New Caledonia
    Region, District, State: Isle of Pines

    Nautilus Tours offers a variety of all inclusive diving packages that cover all the diving regions of the country. A minimum number of divers is required for most package departures to be confirmed. PADI openwater certification or French diving levels are necessary.

    All packages presented include accommodation, full board where available, a chauffeured vehicle or rental car, and scuba dives. Packages can be combined, and doing so will allow you to discover different parts of the country as well as a whole variety of marine flora and fauna. They also organize these diving packages with car rentals if requested.

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  • Destination: New Caledonia
    Region, District, State: North Province
    Settlement, village: Poum village

    Discovering fauna and flora about dry forest and sea shore,
    bird watching,
    trekking (guided).

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