Destination: Tonga

  • Destination: Tonga
    City: Nukuʻalofa

    -Whales. July — November, you can swim with humpback whales. Small groups, no queueing.

    -We can take you out for daytours or even a PADI course to become a full fledged PADI diver.

    -Soft and hard coral gardens teeming with vibrant marine life.

    -Pristime Tonga waters abound with all creatures large and small.

    -The cathedral of ʻEua. A breathtaking experience in Tonga's biggest single cave. With amazing light shows and access to neighbouring caves. Entrance on 21 m and a average depth of 18 m.

    -Tongatapu. The markets of Tongatapu are well worth visiting. Or take a tour to explore the rest of the island. An ideal restpoint between diving.

    -ʻEua. Only 40 kilometres away from the capital lies ʻEua, our untouched divers paradise. We are the only dive company with permission to dive around this beautiful island. But also on land there are many attractions to explore.

    -Duff Reef. A submerged reef for experienced divers. Gorgonian fans cover the area of a soccer field with amazing fish life. Hammerheads are regularily seen here. Average depth 20 m.

    -Swimming with the whales (24 sec, 2.8 MB)

    -Dolphins on the boat to ʻEua (12 sec, 6.8 MB)

  • Destination: Tonga
    Region, District, State: Vava'u Island Group (Northern Tonga)
    City: Neiafu


    The distinctive landscape of Vava'u has created a unique dive environment; with dramatic drop offs, caverns, chimneys and 'swim throughs' you will experience diving at its best. Vava'u has rich varieties of hard and soft corals, stunning sea fans, teeming with reef fish, nudibranchs, crustaceans, pipefish to name but a few things to be seen.

    Water temperatures in summer reach up to 29°C, the water is clear and provides a great breeding ground for many juvenile species. During winter the water temperature drops to 24°C, this is the time when we share our waters with humpback whales, and many of our dives are accompanied by whale songs.

    Our spacious dive boat is an ideal platform for a day out. We do not like to rush, we like to cruise, enjoy the beautiful view, take our time on our dives and get to know each other while sharing a light lunch.

    Dive with us next time you visit Vava'u and you will find out for yourself why our guest become friends and return year after year.

  • Destination: Tonga
    Region, District, State: Lifuka Island
    City: Pangai


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  • Destination: Tonga
    Region, District, State: Vavau Island
    City: Neiafu

    Whale Watching

    In the months of July to October, Pods of Humpback whales, Sperm whales, Pilot whales and dolphins come through Tongan waters. We will not have to go out of our way on an average days fishing to see these magnificent creatures up close.


    The Vava'u Islands provide a Mecca for scuba diving that includes caves, hard coral reefs, soft coral outcrops and an abundance of tropical fish. The visibility and clarity of the water is incredible and can exceed 40 metres!!

    There are three very reputable diving operators here in Vava'u Dolphin Dive, Beluga Dive and Dive Vava'u and if you would like to spend your day exploring the under water world, we are more than happy to arrange for you to spend the day in their professional hands.

    Day Tours of the Land

    For those who stay on land there are several ways for you to get out and about to see the sights. On foot you can stroll around the main town of Neiafu. The market is always a great place to start, with an array of fresh produce available. The locals are reknowned for their craftsmanship and handicrafts and you will understand why as you stroll around the market and see for yourself some of Vava'us best work on display.

  • Destination: Tonga
    Region, District, State: Vavau Islands
    City: Neiafu
    Settlement, village: Utungake

    Whale watching/swimming.
    The whale swimming is the biggest tourist attraction in Vava’u and 80% of the annual tourists will arrive between July and November especially for this. The rest of the year is a little hotter (25-29˚C) and more humid. Mango’s and pinapple are in season and can be found at the market for a very reasonable price.

    Diving is another great activity here. Between the 40 some islands we have here within our protected reefs there are hundreds of good dive spots. The most famous ones includes a cave with an airpocket inside, a wreck and a huge split rock.

    Sailing. The islands: Vava’u consists of more than 50 big and small islands. They are all within 11 nautical miles of the main island and all protected from the Easterly trades and swells by a massive outer reef. There some small resorts and small establishments on some of them but most are uninhabited or has a small local village. A day sail with a local company or a boat rental is highly recommended!

  • Destination: Tonga
    Region, District, State: Nuku'alofa

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  • Destination: Tonga
    Region, District, State: Vava'u

    Whale Watching and Swimming with Whales

    The majority of visitors to Vava’u during the months of July to October are here to see the hump back whales. The whales migrate here to give birth to their calves and breed for the coming year. Tonga is unique in sanctioning the experience of actually swimming with these incredible creatures. By booking with us and our boat, Lavinuella the encounter is limited to 4 people which means you will always be in the group if the opportunity to swim comes up.

    Because of the Beach House’s proximity to the humpback’s waters, we can be flexible on when to leave and come back and be mindful of weather conditions. Book with us for this experience of a lifetime.


    There is easy, safe snorkelling right off the beach where you can see a variety of tropical fish, stingray, eagle ray and even turtle. For beautiful coral, a slighter longer snorkel is possible across the fringing reef where the bigger fish can also be seen. Further afield, we can arrange day trips which can include a picnic at stunning Nuku Island incorporating beautiful snorkelling at the Rose Gardens; or purely snorkel trips to Swallows Cave and Mariners Cave.

    We can provide snorkelling gear (we ask for a refundable deposit of 100TOP per set) although we would recommend bringing your own.


    Karyn is a certified, Shiatsu therapist and holistic masseuse.

  • Destination: Tonga
    Region, District, State: Eua Island

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